Saturday & Sunday Morning

Saturday Evening

I got back to the flat from the Covis-19 booster. With the delicious, kind, beautiful, highly-most desirable, tantalising, titillating, sex-pot, Gillian. Who still refuses to adopt me as a granddad. Tsk! Gillie put the things away in the kitchen, and I insisted she take some bottles of plonk and cans of spirits, in thanks, for her help.

Just look at thou that the gal had made for me…

She’s cooked six sausages for me. I can warm them in the microwave. I made some BBQ sliced potatoes and garden peas and added BBQ sauce. Gorgeous! Bless her cotton socks!

Getting off to sleep was a Challenge.

The Thought Storms raged a fair bit quixotically,
.Alto-Ego Inchie pestered me telepathically,
Terrible pains from Haemorrhoids Harold, posteriorly,
Wing, coughing all things somnambulistically…
Which came on after a marvellous Gillie day, sadly!
Of course, my angel had now gone away…
Still, no nodding off, and bled when I had a cough…

But it got worse when I moved to get comfortable,
When Little Inchie burst into a blood bubble!
Now, stopping that caused me pain and trouble…
The agony from medicating things was indescribable!
Later Sweet Morpheus arrived, highly satisfiable!


I woke, with the Booster Jab Arm in agony, too!
Saccades Sandra and me dizzy, it’s nothing new…
I planned this weekend, what am I to do?
Tomorrow Sainsbury’s food delivery, only a few…
Co-op order Monday, I’ve ordered some beef stew…

I woke, with the Booster Jab Arm in agony, too!
Saccades Sandra and me dizzy, it’s nothing new…
I planned this weekend, what am I to do?
Tomorrow Sainsbury’s food delivery, only a few…
Co-op order Monday, I’ve ordered some beef stew…

I took some photos of the foggy morning

Just misty, there was no storming…

Hello, is it thickening?

Clearer, on Chestnut Way, down below,
I’ll try a wide shot or two; I’ll give it go…
Didn’t come out very good, though!.

No deliveries today…
Ah, onto Facebooking to play, okay?
Mustn’t forget Josie’s nosh, with the chardonnay…
I think it beats any takeaway…
Then my plans had to be cast away…
Sainsbury delivery came today. What can I say!
No deliveries today?

No deliveries today?

I ordered five little bananas, but I got ten…
I’m not sure if they’ll all get eaten,
Asked for 100ml, got a 400ml… It suits this glutton!
Ordered two 60 spuds, got two 500’s, dumbstricken!

Back to Facebooking, but I extemporise…
Facebook went down; I tell no lies…
My plans did once again evaporise…
My spirits sank; they did wantonise!
I realised the Amazon Co-op food had arrived!
I think I ought to be sectionalised…
I’m losing it seriously; I don’t want to sensationalise,
Maybe going in an old folks home might yet be wise?
Cause my brain is refusing to synchronise!.

Got the Amazon bags into the kitchenette,
Did you notice the Metal Mickey stick?
I know it was there; it’s picturistic…
This is really quite worrying, and dramatic,
I think the word is mayhap pedagogic?
But I haven’t seen Mickey since? It defies logic!
I fear I have become recognised as pilgarlic?
Then as had to hobble for a wee-wee, nucleonic!…

I walked into the wet room door frame,
Only myself to flipping blame…
Oh, boy, the agony and pain…
I hit the booster shot arm again!
My emotions and hopes became disharmonic…
The uncomfortable pee made me feel apathetic,
When I got back into the kitchen, I couldn’t find the stick!

I got the Co-op crap put away, then…
My stupidity; it must remain unspoken…
More nosh in the fridge, crammed in and swollen,
The freezer’s the same; I feel crestfallen…
Getting dates and figures wrong, stupidity is my song…
In life, I just can’t seem to get along?

And now the pain from Booster arm,
It’d possibly be as bad as napalm. Not really,
I’m shaking more than ever, I must keep calm,
But in constant pain from the flipping arm…
It’s swollen too, and I’ve had moments of dwalm!
Still, I mustn’t set off the wristlet panic alarm!

Gotten Himmel, Josie’s  Meal to Do!

Gotten Himmel, Josie’s meal to do…
Fingers crossed, I’m making a sort of chilli stew,
With chestnuts, mushrooms, beans and leeks too!
Getting it made was a bit of a hullabaloo…
Cut the end off of my finger. It’s what knives do!
Looking decent, to her door, I took it to…

I made an extra meal for her on Monday,
Oh, I added some chips into it; I hope its okay,
Sweeties, Limoncello, Vodka… Hey Hoe!

Blogging Again

Got on with the blogging again,
Despite the terrible pain…
The slightest movement of the arm…
Only not moving it at all, was it calm…
I got a feeling of sheer self-disdain!

Unbelievably – Door Chime Again!

The door chime rang out once again, so…
I ventured up the hallway, it was the postman, Johnno,
Bills, forms to fill in, upwards the rent must go?
Marvellous news this time, at last something nice did flow,


A parcel from HRH Lisa and Billum, in the Americas. Something that Lisa has sent me for Christmas. Bless her, she is so caring and sweet! Tempted as I was, I did not open it… yet! I will enjoy doing that when I have my Christmas morning pork pie and open the cards.

HRH Lisa, Billum & Inchcock

Bless you, HRH Lisa. You’ve given me something to look forward to, on Christmas Day now, my petal. ♥♥♥

The arm is still swollen, and I am disgusted with myself for making the Whoopsiedangleplops over the delivery dates of the food.

I’ll get better, I hope. Hehehe!

TTFNski all and each!

9 thoughts on “Saturday & Sunday Morning

  1. I am baffled at the soreness in the jabbety arm. ’tis not at all fair that my arm did not become offended by the needle. Nothing to explain it, my arm just likes skin piercings. Makes me wonder if a tatoo would bother me. Is it reasonable to include COVID vaccine at a tatoo parlor? Might more people find this an acceptable way to obtain the needle. And why am I the only person to suggest this MO? Then there is another question to ponderate: why will Gillian the wonderful not adopt yer? Your names start with the same letter, isn’t that enough to suggest that it is in the stars.
    A foggy day in every way, fits into yer ponderations it do. Many cars to count and consider, made a bit more difficult with the fog in the way today.
    A fetchingly marvelous nosh for Josie. Now there’s a good thing.
    And a package from HRH herself. I have seen what is there, but won’t spoil with an alert. Just knowing most certain that the contents are magically chosen. There is also gift wrapping under that cardboarded and labelized. Petal allows me to state that eah individual item is hand made by Petal herself.
    According to that clock on the wall yer finds yerself in a Monday. By about 50 minutes. Hoping that Sweet Morpheus showed up with some nice kips.

    • “Is it reasonable to include COVID vaccine at a tatoo parlor? Might more people find this an acceptable way to obtain the needle” Theirs a brillaint idea Billum! I’m sure one little deeper prod amongst the many would not be noticed at all. It’s your famously inventive mind that is the reason!
      Josie seems happy with it.
      HRH has done me proud! ♥
      Sweet Morpheus is a tormenting monkey!
      Keepth well my dear cyber-friend, thanks and love sent. ♥

      • I doeth enjoy arriving at techmiques that work, despite all resistance to things that worketh.
        Josie does have an endearing smile.
        HRH does things with quite some finesse, but thay monkey Morpheus does all he can to keek sleep to hisself, as you do note.
        Good things to you in these curious times, Sire!

      • Curious times? Did that come out naturally, Billum? I like it!
        HRH is as you have said, an Angel. He know how to look after someone in knowing hwat they want before they do. ♥

      • Ah, ESP, is that the Eastern Seaboard Police? Har-har, I am a fool! With Tim suggesting the Id, Chakra and SuperAlto, now the ESP. The EQ of course. I must find the time to do a blog about them all. Any others I’m missing first? Hahaha!

  2. That’s sweet of Gillian to take good care of you. I’ve heard of people getting sore arms from the booster. If that’s the only side effect that’s good. That’s wonderful HRH and Bill sent you a Christmas package. I’m hardly together enough to get family presents.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Tim. We are eager to see them in flat 72, in their new home. HRH is quite an arts and crafts gal. But that is as far as I shall go with a spoiler-alerting hint.

      Merry Christmas to all and each.

    • I am uncontollably in love with Gillie. Even if she is far to young, attractive and beautiful – any of these assets, along with my medical problems, decrepitation and age, bar the very thought. Hahaha!
      I weakened and opened the prssie-box. IShame) before Christmas Day. Tsk! Took photos and blogged them. ♥
      I don’t tend to do the seasonal stuff nowadays either mate. Your framed photo you kindly sent me, makes me feel guilty for sending only thanks.

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