COVID-19: Events cancelled this weekend – Plus Local News Snippets

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Nottingham Latest Corona Figures

Getting bad again, people dying, others in pain,
Those who moan about a lockdown again…
Others worried; what will a lockdown gain?
Well, it might just prevent some folks from death and pain!
Has compassion and caring… has gone down the drain?

We can’t stay in our homes forever’ say residents in one of Nottinghamshire’s most vaccinated areas

Ed Cleator, 42, who works as a product manager, lives in Tollerton – and he told Nottinghamshire Live that getting the vaccination was the best thing to do. “We can’t all hide, we can’t all stay in our homes forever so you’ve got to do something – that is the best thing to do for everybody,” said Mr Cleator.

I agree with his wanting folk to get vaccinated – even if it’s all a worldwide con by pharmaceutical companies to make money, or Governments to increase taxes without much resistance, or part of Tony Blair’s ploy to get back into number ten! Maybe even an undeclared invasion plot by the planet Omnicronski?

However, despite the Conspiracy Theorists, who march en masse without wearing masks and demand not to be forced to put on a facemask in shops… well, anywhere really, people are still dying.

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What’s with all the gun-crazy youths nowadays?
I see little incentive to give them praise,
Mayhaps they are scared, to get their takeaways…
Cause the other spotty-faced youths and tearaways…
Might also have guns, used in the shadows and subways?
Though now they use them in shops and on highways…
My hopes for the future beings, it just dismays!

Nottingham Police Alert!

The Nottingham Police seem to have failed to notice the odd printing on this Alert. These are the people we trust to catch criminals, be alert themselves, investigate murders, robberies, muggings, shoplifting etc. every day in my City.

Worrying, innit?

Off fog-off! Hehe!

Hope they’ve not been defanged!

Needle Spikings?

So, Her Honour, Judge Julia Warburton, then decided, after being conned by the defence money-grabber lawyer, Ms Hocknell, into thinking the 21 times being sentenced criminal, only did it through being drunk? So, she doesn’t even send him to prison, but helps him by putting him on a sort of AA meeting list? A suspended sentence, as Ms (Lets vote Liberal) Hocknell told the so-called judge; He’d reached the end of the road in what prison can do for him? Namby-pamby pillocks like her, giving help, without any thought for the next victim, for I guarantee there will be one, the fact the swine could have killed someone being drunk and driving as well, no licence, no insurance etc. The inconvenience suffered by the victims… Pathetic!

Part of the Inchcock Local News Snippets Series

Sorry, it’s a late blog, but I, but I’ve been u tp the neck in it trying to get caught up[ after 19hr visit to the hospital. And, my sweetheart Gillie, who does not want to adopt me, is far too young for me, the best-looking female I’ve seen in donkey’s years, a kind gal, who gets my ticker going at a fair rate, came home with me today. After going with me for the Booster jab, shopping, and heartstring-pulling. I must ask her to let me take a photograph of her, I forgot to take the camera with me as well. Ah, ♥

Keep Safe!

14 thoughts on “COVID-19: Events cancelled this weekend – Plus Local News Snippets

  1. Interesting take on the Cancel Culture. Hmmm. Cat Burglar turned Snake Burglar? I thought guns were outlawed in England? We in the wild west who have lots of legal guns that anti-gunners want to make illegal like to say: “When guns are outlawed, only Outlaws will have guns!” Seems you are having an only Outlaws have guns problem in Nottingham. Are bows and arrows legal in Nottingham? Drunk folks crashing stolen cars is common out here as well.

    • Hi, Tim. Gund? They be outlawed, apart the rich landowners gamekeepers, rat men, etc. Some licences can be gotten from range shootists. Anyone owning an a gun or airgun, are only allowed to take it outside on their own land. Transorting them means having a safety box and recording that you are going out with it. Of course, as to be expected, the yobberry-robbery-youths can buy imitation and genuine weapons from the gangs who make a profit out of stealing and selling them. Some drug dealers have been known to deal in them, and fake passports, driving licenes, MOT certificates, as well. Where there’s a demand?
      The first burglat that shot me, only with a 22, had stolen it from his dad. If I remember rightly, he got 6-months probation and a £50 fine… which his Dad paid for him on the court day. Dad got a £250 fine, for keeping the weapon securly in a safe place. Our majiostrates must put the fear of God amongst the criminal world (Sarcasm called for) Hehe!
      The bow and arrows again, are pnly top be used on your own land or kept safely locked up in an archery safewhen not in use. Another ingnored ruling. As PC Mullighan can confirm, they are nasty weapons, he copped for one in his thigh when going to collect someone with a warrant, of work fo four months. Two weeks after the event, the bloke shot his wife!
      Deterentless we are!
      Carer arrived three hours late this morning… didn’t seem bothered, ah well! TTFNski

      • You were shot? I forgot about that if you had mentioned it before. In England nonetheless. Seems like a light sentence for attempted murder.

        We are the wild west out here with guns all over the place and I’ve never been shot, well, other than doing Airsoft and paintball battle, and by a crazy Russian Spetsnaz during weapons training, but that was part of the training. Did I mention he was crazy?

      • He was classed as a minor (15) Tim. They didn’t even charge him with breaking into the site?
        Oh, how the criminal fraternity over here laugh in the face of the namby-pamby magistrates! (Humph!)
        Training with Russian special Forces, Tim? By gimminee!
        I very nearly went paintballing once. But as we dismounted the Landrover on site, I fell and twisted my ankle. This should not surprise you, but I thought I’d mention it. (Hahaha!)
        This mornings Carer arrived, without a facemask on for the first time… I think my desire-organs tweaked a bit – Gorgeous!

      • How about. A pretty face to raise to stir up desire. Paintball hurts. Twisted ankle? No problem. We would have put in a place to defend where you could sit or lay down, charge you, and see if you could hold us off.

  2. A full complement of uncivil behaviour in those parts. Perhaps things were betterer when Robbing Hood was the only criminal in the ‘ham. It helps not to have COVID around to mess with everything. Omicron: prounced “Oh I’m Cryin'” may be on the way to setting a few new standards of behaviour? I read about one researcher who is working on devising a vaccine that morphs into a blanket to cover those well-noted stalks that appear as a mark of pride by viruses, and scare us no small amount. Those stalks are scary enough for me, and I would not mind throwing a wet blanket on them.
    I shall keep an eye open for those missing pythons, hoping all the while that they don’t bite me in the eye.

    • Had me smiling there, Billum, which was much needed. Struggling with the vision now. The wee-weeing is desrving of a marathon award. And the Porcelain Throne is giving of clunks and thudsj when I eventually manage to evacuate things. Hehehe! Oh, clumps the bucket is full, beter freshen things up.

      • Hahaha! Just what I need as well, some t-shirts. Son’t want to use Amazon again if I can avoid it, so it will have to wait until I can out again. Not that it’s urgent. But thelast ones were very debraggled (a bit like me, Haha) and I ordered some and threw them away. The message returnes, no longer in stock! I use them in summer, but mostly for when I have to have a jab, easier to get at things. Just got a lovely message from HRH Lisa, I think she’s adopted me as an Uncle. Hahaha! TTFNski.

      • T-shirts and bumper stickers, that’s how you get the word out whereever you go. Now, you need one that exclaims “I’m bedraggled.”
        Fine to receive a letter with a proposal on the topic of adopting you as an Uncle. Things aer looking up, Sir!

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