Inchcock: Fun Graphics wot I Dun

Old and new graphics done for fun

TFZer = Troll Free Zone member

Older First

TFZer Marie ♥

TFZer Julie ♥

TFZers Winner Lillie ♥

TFZers Janet, Marie. Heather & Gladys ♥

TFZer Pattie ♥

TFZer Winner! ♥

TFZer Group Graphics

TFZers: Meritt canoeing, all the others in the background ♥

Newer Graphics

TFZer Janet BM ♥

TFZer Lona ♥

TFZers Janet A & Jillie ♥

TFZers Marie, Thomas & Gerry ♥

TFZer Pattie ♥

TFZer Thomas G

♥ TFZer Janet A, with pets! ♥

♥ TFZer Aussie Mary ♥

♥ TFZer Nancy ♥

♥ TFZer Gladys ♥ Meritt watching? Hehe!

♥ TFZer Lona ♥

Cyber-Buddies Lisa ♥ & Bill

♥ ♥ ♥


It’s taking longer and longer to get these graphics done. The Cataracts seem to be getting worse all the time. So I put these on while I could and hope the operations are successful and get back to having the time to make them. I shall stubbornly continue to do my bestest and refuse to give up on them. Cause I love doing them on CorelDraw and Paint. But, there may be fewer produced, and for a while after each operation – which of course, have not even been arranged yet. Another wave of Coronavirus and they may never get done and sorted. Fingers crossed! TTFNski, each.

7 thoughts on “Inchcock: Fun Graphics wot I Dun

  1. A high-quality bonanza of spectacular persons of much note and curious particularities. A couple of them look oddly familiar, I am certain as cheese that I recognizes a couple included here. One is a personage of royal presence and brilliant beauty, of clearly Italian heritage, demeanor, and understanding. The other is someone I am more than certain has made his presence known to me, though I feel that only images verify that I’ve come across his kind of bloke here or there, there or here. Much might be conveyed as a certain variety of mirror image, one where everything seems reversed by some unknown principle of physics. An air of Déjà vu.
    May your operations be as successful as humanly possible. You possess a rare and magnificently unique talent of extraordinary depth — as well as a certain width, and lengthy length.

    • All previously publicated – apart from two of em… I fink, Sir. Your appreciatory gils have worked overtime to compose that comment? Haha! Rather keen on the ‘Much might be conveyed as a certain variety of mirror image, one where everything seems reversed by some unknown principle of physics.’
      Hospital just phoned, they could see me on Sunday for the first consultation… but no help with travelling, and buses bad on a Sunday… So the lady said she’d rebook for me and let me know. Watch it, it’ll be on a Dentist day, or the long awaited Cardiac assessment… Tsk! I bet you!
      Love and best wishes to all, and thanks!

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