Inchcock Today Monday 24th January 2022

Inchcock Today Monday 24th January 2022


Horrible Night!

Waking up all through the night, 4 times an hour on averagely!
Each time, Thought-Storms rampant, both knees hurting arthritically,
Wee-wees galore, getting up and down, good exercise, physically…
Getting out and in the chair went painfully, almost backbreakingly,
On one visit to the nocturnal wee-wee bucket, suddenly…
I realised the time, t’was time to get up, sadly!

However, the Thought-Storms continued, affecting me badly,
Howling around the mind, numbers, calculations, mathematically…
Ghosts, fears, hopes and confusions, mixed maniacally…
Went to fill the kettle, but put water in the saucepan; pathetically!
Left the hot tap running, dropped the milk… I spoke cursingly!
Oh, I wish the Thoughts would leave me, but no, sadly!

Carer Richard arrived, which seemed to ease my mental disarray,
We chatted, both of us relating many a memory,
We have a lot in common, medically…
Although I must say, not academically,
Our natterings went most ambiguously,
I can still access my long-term memory!

My views and thoughts on life today go anachronistically?
If I’ve got the wrong word there, please forgive me…
Richard departed, the brain stopped acting ballistically…
The wee-weeing steadied down… but not entirely,
Cheered up a smidge, I went to get my Strawberry sundae,
But found it had a use-by date on it, for last Friday!

Made a start to this blog, checked the day…Monday,
Thought I’d make a sarnie, last of the beef, oh, Ya!
But the beef had gone off, more stuff to throw away!
Back to the computerisationing, went on an Odeing foray!
Taking time to find a rhyming word, I forgot what I was going to say!
Porcelain Throne time… what will it be like today…,

Oh, that was fine, not messy, good texture… and no delay!
Easiest and pain-free than for many a day!
Coming out, all chuffed, I stubbed my toe on the way…
Shaking Shaun, Shuddering Shoulder Shirley, have gone away…
Only just typed this, and Shirley began to jump and flay…
Contentment and hope, I should not really display!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Got the camera out, and found some snaps I’d taken earlier. I don’t think I’ve blogged them yet, but I could be wrong. It has been known!

Josies Sunday Lunch

My Sunday Lunch

My Second Sunday Lunch!

Yes, a little embarrassing that was. I forgot I’d had an earlier nosh, and made another. I gobbled it all up mind. Glutton!

Strayed off of my plans again,
My memory is such a pain…
Got a shave, cleaned the teeth,
Hit my knee on the bucket beneath…
But I mustn’t and won’t complain…
My higher spirits I want to maintain!
Back to photographing again…

The red van parked in the car park? No, surely…
Good heavens, Gore Blimey, and lackaday,
The red van had to park proper… Mayday!
It’s the black car in his way…
Parked in his illegal spot today!
All I can say is Hahaha!

A misty morning dawning,
Stayed this way all day…
Door chime ringing, it’s Josie!
Returning her Sunday dish and tray,
Said she enjoyed it immensely…
That perked me up, egotistically!.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


I’ve lived my life, caringly, blindly and anacreontically,
But mostly I suppose it’s been okay, absobloodylutely,
I must have been old minded at birth, characteristically,
There have been moments of my living abstemiously…
I never fitted in, why I didn’t even like Old Mother Riley!
I’d turn from shyly to bravely, and back again, abruptly…
Rarely aggressively, agitatedly, or abrasively,
Often agonisingly, agreeably, and absentmindedly!
Now I live with depression and insanity…
But try to hang on to my natural humanity…
Vascular dementia, stroke, means mental abnormality,
But it’s all part of life, along with dying eyesight, apparently?
Forgetting new things brings forth my acting apologetically,
I admit to acting more and more confusedly…
But this only happens when I remember, I live pathetically,
Abstractedly, physically arduously, but I love laughter abundantly!

By gum, that was deep in parts. Did I write it?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hello, Esther came in, (Just finished taking an urgent wee-wee in the bucket, too!) She’d picked up a parcel in the lobby, and brought it up for me, bless her. It was the TV remote control that amazon said would be arriving on the 28-29th January? Great! She is going to do my washing that the Meridian Care shower failed to do last Friday!

Wallah! Got the batteries into the remote and tried it out. Tales of the unexpected were one too!

Time to get this blog sent off, and get summat to eat.

Keep safe all!

Part of the Inchies Make Them Laugh In-Ode Series

26 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Monday 24th January 2022

  1. Thought storms built many years afore blend in no particular order with those that have just occurred, then find another storm brewing somewhere or somewhen or somehow with no particular time in mind. Omission, commision, desertion, reconstitution, they arrive without reason, a harbinger of the season?
    Glad to read that you enjoyed an exchange of thoughts with Richard, a fine fellow I can tell, and no need to yell…unless you are fell and deal with life pell mell.
    Hope yer found something good to nosh upon.
    And, as the young lady in the last picture implores of us:
    “Find them. Find them!”

    • Well said, Sir. Spot onnum! If she meant find the Thought Storms… no its too horrendous yo think off.
      Fair foddering, bacon, tomatoes and fries. Taste Rating 7/10.
      Keepeth well.

      • Find them. Find them! sounds like the title for an horror movie (an ‘orror movie). And most certain would FINDING a thought storm not transport you to Oz, it might take you to the chambers of Dominic Cummings though. Somehow, a taste rating of 7 sounds much betterer than a rating of 6.

  2. Always seeking just the right wordage, the best angle, and the most originalest perspective to get yer mush smiling. Speaking of those three ingredients. 🙂 Today, I am uploading a narrative to accompany my newest blog entry. Here is the title:

    Slorn, Corallin, Billum, Brid, and Quisp

    It’s bound to result in placing new words on Lord Google’s Daily Tattler. Or it will fail miserably.

      • I had a friend in my school days who lost one eye at the age of two. He would occasionally pop the eye out, rinse it with water, and pop it back in. There was no break in conversation, just applying moisture to the affected eye socket. A great mate.

      • Well, Dang me, another coincidence. By best pal at school, named Robert Sockett (not joking), used to do the same thing!
        Sadly he passed away at 13 years of age. I can still remember whne we parted before his operation and what he said to me (not word for word, but the arrangements we made for meeting up the following Saturday). And the cruel things that the others said when they heard.

      • We do indeed share many synchronistic similarities, like twins separated at birth. Lisa thought that the fellow on the Nottingham magazine resembled you. My friend’s name was Dan Wright, he was a physicist and a great mathematician. Kids can be terribly cruel.

      • Probably the hat he had on, Bill?
        Mathematics was never my strong point, Billum. Since hte strong it almost hurts my head figuring things out… well, trying to. They’ll be a reason for that, is tha math side of the brain on the right, Sir?
        I really hope that SM returns to HRH again, the Lamb thinks he might. Hehe!
        Thanks cocker!

      • I am good at maths through trigonometry, scored a 93 percentile on a standardized text, but still cannot get a grip on calculus.
        Ar, ’tis the math side of the brain it are. Methinks that Lisa likes the lamb, and that the lamb likes her.
        Tarrah thenn. 🙂

      • Trigo what? Hehehe! Our teachers didn’t even understand them.
        Thanks fer the tip, I can blame the stroke now whenever I fail to work figures out. I’m going to do a lot explaining ain’t I? Haha!
        I must ask the lamb to thank SM, and ask him to continue ith his good work. ♥

      • It’s a fascinating higher-level language, the base tongue of modern Engrish. Engrish has borrowed many words from
        Nottingham-as-it-is-spoke. In fact, most of the brilliant expressions routinely attributed to Billum Shakespeare derive from NAIIS. I consider Modern Engrlsh to be a vulgar knock-off of NAIIS.
        We still has the sno, and will until it melteth uppeth.
        Tarra thenn 🙂

      • Merci Mon Ami.
        The Nottingham dlang is disappearing, Billum. 20,005 legal immigrants came to join us last year, the lingo is doomed. Some of the invited can and do speak it s well and naturally. 600 illegals were found without the police looking for them, apparently? Glady only a handful were sent back. Undoubtedly all victims of the Human Importers, having to work for next to nothing to pay for the journey by the modern slave traders! I waffled again there… but I do loath the animal slavers.
        Snowmobile not required then, Billum? Hahaha! Did I tell you about the time, many years ago, me and Susie were in Skegness, and they had just opened the first ‘Go Kart’ track. I got a first there, you know – the first person to tip one over. Har-har! Gawd, I must have about sixteen then.

      • Just as I am on the verge of writing a 1700 page novel to be written in the Nottinghamisher language… …. actually, I should proceed since this might draw attention to readers who would bring about revival of N’hamish.
        Human importers are called coyotes over here, ruthless as the variety over there I’m sure, they feel no compunction at leaving people in a locked trailer in the desert to die.
        On a lighter topic, the snow is melting very quickly as the temperatures ranged to 40 this afternoon.
        I recall the GoKart era, a fine bit of fun that. We made our own Karts using spare lumber, a seat of sorts, and a lawnmower engine. Those certainly were the days. Reminds me that there is a word for remembering worlds that have disappeared or that have succumbed to environmental degradation: solastalgia. I am certainly a member of that organization.
        I’ve looked up Skegness on Google, looks like a fun place.
        Yer tipped over sixteen Go Karts?

      • There has been many bad things happen to desperate people. The one tht his me most last year, was woman and her two children locked in a shed – the scumbag told them /i’ll be back to collect you later.
        The owner of the land ent to his shed, which he said he rarelt does… both children had died and the mother was in terrible condition. She passed away that night in hospital. No one was ever caught as far as I know. Why did they need to lock them in in the first place?
        Solastalgia, that’s just gone my dictionary for later use, Billum.
        Skegness is getting to be an old persons venue nowadays Bill, they tell me. Suits me!
        16 go karts? Only the one I was driving… This is come in isn’t it? You got a funny to relate, I can sense it… Hahaha!

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