Inchcock: The Lesser-Red-Spotted Mad Professor Ziegler

I gorrup at 03:00hrs. Scribbled notes about a very short dream I’d had. And soon decided I was not up to much, the dang-dark Depression Gupta with me… all the way today. It was a constant battle to keep my pecker up. So no diary as such today, I spent hours and hours just prepping to get some graphic content to use later on in CorelDraw graphics.

Worked on getting the blog for yesterday finished and posted. The did a search for the graphics I needed. Time was belting along.

04:45hrs – 05:10hrs – and 11 further times: Herbert started with tap-tapping with the odd metal sounding thuds thrown in.

Tended to prep for Josies’ lunch, Wee-wees and two Porcelain Throne sessions.

07:50hrs: Cheeky Carer Charlie came.

Made sure I knew it was her birthday in two weeks time, I asked if she would like red or white wine, she kindly left it up to me. Hehe! Charlie said she’d remind abut again later. Haha! We had a mini-chinwag after she’s done the meds. She selected Rolos and a can of Vodka and lemonade for her treats today. Off she went, taking the bags of waste with her. Bless her! I had temporary relief from dank-dark Depression Gupta, while young Charlie was with me. It didn’t last of course.

J Sainsbury’s delivery arrived. Short-dated shelled peas and bean and cheese pasties (1 day). No milk or skin-on chips. Hey-Ho!

I got onto CorelDraw to start the first graphic. This took a few hours more, with me nipping in to check on Josies’ Chilli Beef nosh.

Dream Graphic wot I dun from last night

Dream as recalled: I was searching for someone, no idea who, but they had to found, I knew. Down some cellar steps, the first thing I saw was a foot with medication pad on it, high up on the end of a wall, sticking out of a drainpipe… Lost my balance with looking upwards and my hand and arm went through a brick wall, and I could not retrieve it… I looked around the back, and a ghostlike figure with knives, swords etc, was stood in the cellar corner wailing, a dome-like helmet on… Then flames came from a passageway…

And I woke up, to find unidentified crumbs in the folds of my belly and button, one sock one-off, and the emptied water bottle stuck between my legs?

Well, after many hours, it all takes so much longer with the eyes fading, I got this graphic completed. Amazingly, it came out close to how a part of the dream was.

I’m sure the whole dream only took seconds?


Checked again on Josies’ fodder, all looking okay up to now, and got back to make start on an idea to

make one for Billum, I’ve called The lesser Red-Spotted Professor Ziegler.

Graphic wot I dun from last night:

HRH & the lesser Red-Spotted Professor Billum. carry on with their charity work. Here, having completed the brain transplant for Inchcock, they moved on to phase four and gave him a new head as well. Inchcock up and about twenty minutes after the operation. Which they did in Billum’s Home Physics Laboratory, in hope that some of the facts of figures on the board might be picked up by Inchcocks new brain and head; but…

Got Josie’s nosh delivered, no point in taking any photos, until I can find if there is a way to salvage the computer...

  Left the tap running, water went cold.

Made nosh, garden peas, buttered sourdough bread, and tomatoes.

Carer Dionne tonight.

Miserable mood, although Dionne cheered me up a smidgeon.

Compute troubles. Cataracts are making things hard. Feeling so weary and tired. Now cometh toothache… Crap!

10 thoughts on “Inchcock: The Lesser-Red-Spotted Mad Professor Ziegler

  1. Bloody good dark graphicalizations. Cheeky Charlie sounds a little bit like a wild one. Maybe she will have you spank her for her birthday, Do people do that these days? I never understood where giving people a swat on the butt for each year-old they are on their birthday came from. At least she undid your depression for a short while.

    • Thanks, Tim. Cheeky Charlie is a confident one, only the second time I’ve had her call, but always welcome, to lift my spirits; the scally-wag with personality.
      I’ve not heard of a swat a year for birthdays? Or, I’ve forgotten I have. I wonder if Charle has heard of it? Haha! 18 swats due by the look of her.

      • Acording to Wiki, it’s an American tradition so that’s why you don’t remember it. Here’s what Wiki says about it:

        “North America
        Birthday spanking is a tradition within some parts of the United States. Within the tradition an individual (commonly, though not exclusively, a child) upon their birthday receives, typically corresponding to their age, a number of spanks. Characteristically these spankings are playful, and are administered in such a fashion so the recipient receives no or only minor discomfort.”

        You could go Ameican on her hiney.

  2. You have the best dream sequences, kind Sire! Vivid and populated by curious denizens of the grey cells that could never be concocted during waking hours. Those famous and mysterious crumbs of the night, as well as the indecipherable notes on a smidgen of paper are the only artifacts that hold the secrets of those dream layers. However, that graphic is absolutely spellbinding. That is like a mystery room or haunted chambers (pun unintended, the best kind).
    And that new laboratory schema contains all the features I need to unlock the secrets of the mysterious, I am so pleased that you included the chalked-upon slate, my best assistants, flasks of grand colour, and many tools of sharpness for experiments. It looks like those sharp tools have already been used. Good show, Sir!

    • Cunningly concocted comments there, Billum! Smileths brought forth!
      I’d like to thank you for the new brain and head, Prof. Feels the same as the old two, but I remembered HRH saying it would take a day or two to work properly. Haha!

      • Pleased to hear that my concoctations elicit smileths. The new laboratory is brilliantly appointed, it contains all the equipment required for making the transition from new heads and brains as smooth as possible. Your Carers might want to mix and their noggin contents with reminders in place to get laundry done properly and to set off an alarm to bring waste bags to their respective dumpsters. We offer them preferred rates as well as nosh favorites and drink mixes.
        You’ll also remember to turn off the hot waterage after each use. You might even be able to read those words written on paper smidgens and determine where the crumbs originate.
        Must get back to the lab…

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