Inchcock Today: Liberty-Global Owned Virgin Media, only went down eight times today… Humph!

Ode To The Meal

Not a lot plated, but no danger of maceration,
Preparing this, I got myself another contusion,
Dropped the tray on my foot in confusion…
Fretting over the upcoming phacoemulsification?

A bean-‘n’-cheese and beef pastie, very nice!
Chestnuts to, time for me to gluttonise…
Orange jelly, cream spray… was that wise?
I enjoyed this snack of chestnuts and pies…
Then took my Hemp sleep pill, Gawd, it’s a big size!
Oh, did I just narcotise?

Saturday 19th February 2022

02:40hrs: I woke for only the fifth time of the sleep, but this time not with any jumping or jerking. The brain was more responsive than yesterday’s Whoopsiedangleplop of an awakening. I pondered on the chances of getting back to sleep, but the Thought Storms started… so I rose from the depths of welts and bruises-giving £300, a second-hand recliner, caught my balance easy enough, and limped into the kitchenette to get the kettle on for a brew.

A sudden need to photograph, at that moment, so I went hobblingly back to collect the Canon camera: I tried to get a photo or two,

I tried to get a photo or two,
Of the twinkling morning view,
Opened the window, carefully too,
The sky is now a lovely dark blue…
The results are still under review…
Here on the left for you…
To see and even phoo-phoo,
Sorry, this is the best I could do!

Taking the last one…
I got a wobble on…
It’ll be alright, I reckon…
Another cock-up; not uncommon!

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Yet another change in evacuation style, from messy, runny Trotsky Terence mode yesterday, back to the solid Constipation Konrad style. Ah-well! It came out well. Hahaha!

Made a brew of Thompsons Punjana. Then made a start on updating and finishing off the Friday blog. Hello…

Cor blimey, Herbert’s started banging and clanging away early again. It’s only 0435hrs? Still, I don’t mind, and I am the most vulnerable to his tap-tapping, drilling and clattering of falling metal objects, with living below the ignorant, antisocial, unapproachable, haughty, superior-acting haughty, Snotbag, with my dwelling directly below him. I’m amazed he doesn’t wake others up – not that he woke me, anyway. I assume he’ll be sniggering to himself, thinking that he has disturbed my sleep. Animal!

Doing blogging again, getting the Friday post finished and posted off. Herbert’s quietened down, bless him. I sent the link emails off. Went on the WP comments sections then Opened Facebook…

Would you believe it... again! It’s every single day and several times… Grrr!

And this number-crunching boss of Liberty-Global, who bought to Virgin Media, is deemed to be earning a rare salary of $23M a year! He must really hate his customers! And can’t run his Virgin without failing and annoying his poor sodding customers. But, still, advertises super-speed service? He’ll think, “The limey slobs shouldn’t have signed up with Virgin then… Haha!” And he’d be right!


The slow Virgin internet returned, and I got on with Facebooking. TFZers, then tried to go on the Winwood Heights Facebook page. Virgin down yet again… Annoyed? Frustrated? Me? YES!

Care Taina arrived. I mentioned the poor state of the laundry, keeping things as light-hearted as I could; the nice gal didn’t want her to think I was blaming her for the crumpled unfolded clothes.

I tempted my Carer, her to her choice of nibbles and drink in thanks. She took the waste bag with her on the way out.

Bless her cotton socks.

During Taina’s visitation, I spotted that suddenly the late moon was in view again in the sky. I hastily grabbed the Canon camera and went to the kitchenette to take some photographicalisations of the planet. Pet from the oddly different blues of the sky, which is likely caused by my dropping the camera the other day, they didn’t come out too bad?

Did some graphic creating for a while on CorelDraw and tried Facebooking again. Hard work concentrating with the contemptuous, hoity-toity, holier-than-thou, antisocial Herbert bashing away. Phew! Hello, he’s stopped…

Blimey, the days going so quickly again. Boot’s Sphygmomanometer, manufactured by ZDEAC (Zhongshan Daguan Electrical Appliance Company Ltd) in Guangdong, China, showed a slight increase in the SYS, the DIA, also the PULSE was fine.

The Chinese (Hong Kong) made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™, the contactless thermometer was alarming at first glance? Well into the Hypothermia range level! I wasn’t sure if this reading was correct, so I tried talking about the temperature on the ear thermometer. But, as usual, technology got the better of me; all I could get was a ‘Lo’, without an actual temperature. Humph! There is a way to get the reading, but the writing is too small for me to see it.



I’m giving up, fed-up, tired, mildly depressed and frustrated!

Oh great! Herbert’s off again, a bit of drilling if I’m not mistaken… mind you, it might be music; listen? If that’s music, it had undertones of Horst-Wed del-Lied, to me.

Going to get summat to eat now. Hopefully, there will be something on the goggle-box to watch that should guarantee me getting some sleep.

Breakneck dash to the Porcelain Throne! Just in time, too. Despite the solid content, things came out at breakneck speed. Oooh!

Got then nosh made, took a snap of it, and now the computer import is not recognising the feeder drive or photo input again.

This could mean the end of any new photos getting on the blog… or anywhere. Humph!

Sat down and nodded off. Carer Chloe arrived and did the medicationalisationings, tablet and medicine-wise. I almost asked her to give me Anoxaparin injections in my stomach, but she didn’t; that would have been horrendous for her, having to bury her arms into the folds of my stomach mass to get a grip of the clump of wobbly-flesh to inject into on both sides… No, too scary for her. Hehehe!

She selected a can of orange and an Easter egg for her treats. Took the waste bags out with her for me to the chute. Bless her!

I hope I can get photos onto the computer in the morning, but EQ tells me I won’t be able to.

Ode To The Day

Deferably I’ve had many a better day…
Whoopsiedangleplops were on display,
Accifauxpas, havocking, as bad as they may…
Computer on its last legs, I must say…
Cataracts made seeing, even harder today,
The photo-reader, not working, Oh, dismay!
The laundry returned to me, in disarray
Noisy Herbert morning, before and after midday,
My strength to cope, usually in a fairish way,
Has collapsed, this mentally-challenging Saturday!
No bath to soak in, in hope problems will soakaway,
Little going right, will things get better? Nay!
Getting my head down, brought mental affray…
Depression creeping in, like maggots or larvae…
Thought-Storms torment, ballistically!
In a  dream… things went apocalyptically…
Sour dysthymias, will not go away…
I want them too… I can only pray!

A Slightly Depressing Day, for which I am Sorry

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Liberty-Global Owned Virgin Media, only went down eight times today… Humph!

  1. Super moon shots. Wow. Only eight times Internet going down? Have you noticed if it coincides with wee wee sessions? Maybe you are flushing the WiFi away! That’s you you mentioned the clothes to Tiana. We couldn’t deal with selfies of you in wrinkled cloths. The thought of it! Your surface them is going down, down, down. How low can it go? Excellent ode to end the post.

    • Cheers, Tim. Thanks.
      Can’t get photo’s on the computer again. Old ones from file, yes. Card reader kaput. I can get CorelDraw made things on. Humph!
      Not good.

  2. Cor Blimey! Worra list o’ woes, Sire. Yet, today is a Monday if I can reckon with the calendarities of the matter. It would appear that the demonic Fries of global virgins decides to vex yer with multiple internet droppings each day. Now, Herbert reminds of Fries in so many ways. Cor Blimey! They seem to take turns, do they not? I might have to read the riot act on the Beeb, or on the public square, or anywhere. Would call on Joe to intervene, but he is too busy with one of Joe Stalin’s successors, A very important, a VP, a certain Vladimir of the Putins. As soon as I arrive at answer to a turnabout on Mike and denizen Herbert… Well, I have to come up with a proper solution. Might have to open a new laboratory with a large blackboard and many sticks of chalk. Then we have those maggot larvae to defeat. This has taken me to a site on using maggots to heal wounds. Perhaps I could have Amazon deliver some to the new laboratory and see if they can do something to control those bright red spots. I think that only the great red spot on Jupiter is larger, or perhaps smaller? Am going to call my gastro doctor tomorrow morning and see about going back on the Humira. I might have the proverbial cart in front of the proverbial horse. Could be a solution that I have foolishly ignored. Hmm…Humira…Hmmira?
    We do indeed seem to be generating great whirling Thought-Storms, do we not? Another thing we have in common, mate!

    • Cheered me up a bit that did Billum. Not an easy task that! Cheers.
      Herbert-Fries? I like it!
      Tis Monday here also.
      There is worm called red-spotted something or other I believe… I wonder? Hehe!
      Back on the Humira, what athing to have to decida… Off go the Thought-Storms again… Me, EQ and my Thought Storms, think it might be a good idea, Billum. ♥

      • I like challenges, so you have made my day, Kind Sir!
        Herbert Fries: what happens when you combine the first name of a rogue with the last name of a scoundrel.
        We are now five minutes into a Monday, leaving the dubitable day of the week known as Sunday. Good riddance sayeth we.
        The red spots look like something that a worm might crawl from.
        The new ointment worked for a few days, but I am now believing that it was caused by the underlying Crohn’s that has been a bane since 1975. So it would seem that I may have falsely blamed the Humira. So I shall call my good doctor about scaring up an injector of Humira that a sales rep may have left for blokes such as myself. I can probably have a couple injectors shipped here by the end of the week. Now why had I not thought of that Plan B last week? The answer to that quandary: what else is new?
        Very good to have the advice of such sage advisors as your kind self, yer EQ, and your redoubtable Thought-Storms.

      • Hahaha! Wordmithing at its bestest, Sire!
        We is all (EQ, Dementia Doreen and Thought-Storm-Stewart, indeed I think I heared a sigh of pleasure coming from the animal manger, Billum, (most likely from Pink Fuzzy Monster Michelle, she does that sometimes out of the blue, when she wants a chat, you know) are pleased you have decided to try the Humira again, Sir. Fingers crossed.
        Had an order delivered today from Iceland, with only one substituion and three not availables… They are getting better.
        TTFNski, Ich wünsche ihnen einen wunderbaren Tag!

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