Inchcock’s Diary & ‘Today is Tomorrow Ode’

SUNDAY 24th JULY 2022
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I know I was awake until my last wee-wee bucket visit, which was around 03:00hrs this morning, and getting back to sleep came easily, for Sweet Morpheus has been very stingy with me of late.
It didn’t last long, about three hours, for, at 06:00hrs, I shot awake, certain that noise had woken me up! I had to fight my unwillingness to rise from the recliner and have a search around for ant signs of intrusion, damage from something falling etc., but found nothing looking untoward?

I got the computer going, and the card reader worked the first time! I put in the close-up shots of the legs and the pathetic evening meal (Although I did enjoy it!). I got the blog for yesterday, finished it, posted it and off to the wet room; I poddled limpingly.
CW05 The event went similarly to yesterday; Despite the innards telling me to let go and my input in trying to get things moving, it was painful, so much so that I gave up and waited for nature to sort things out. I had a go at the crossword while waiting patiently. I even got two more solutions in the grid.
But… as I stood up to check on things for bleeding and giving myself a good wipe and clean up, as I turned to return the much-used toilet roll, Dizzy Dennis hit me. I naturally put my hand out towards the wall to stop any prospective tumble or fall for me – and if I remember rightly, the following found their way to the floor, some of them via the ankle ulcer and bloated toes. The olive oil bottle, after-shave, crossword book and pen, the Germoloid tube, the Germolene tube, and a half packet of Protection Pants! After finishing off my personal medications, I tackled the item retrieving and even got a fresh pair of PPs changed into. If anyone has any surplus supplies of Germoloid ointment or cream, I can willingly take it off of their hands, only I forgot to order some, and am now have just maybe, enough for two medicationalisationings of Harold’s Haemorrhoids, thank you).

All sorted, I went to get a cold drink from the fridge and noticed that it had been raining a bit.
From the kitchenette window, I took a photo of the facing car park of Chestnut Way, an interesting bit of parking there,

Then, from the balcony, a snap of the Tree Copse, which only set me feeling sorry for myself now that I can’t go for my daily ramble through it.

Back into the cookhouse and started to p[rep the veg for Josie’s meal. I took another shot from close to the window to try and catch a decent image of the rain hitting the glass. My eyesight seemed a smidgeon worse this Sunday. To all intents and purposes, the spots were running down the glass; when I took off my spectacles, they were not and just seemed stuck like glue in the positions they were already?
I went through my collection of old glasses; to see which helped better… or rather hindered my sight the least. I found that the oldest reader pair and ricketiest were for computing work. Normal or long distance, none of them helped. I hope they summon me soon for the cataract to be done.

Got the medical checks sorted out next.

SIA 134, DIA 79 and the pulse oas a reasonable 85bpm.

The body temperature was 33.3°f, with a target of 35°f, it was well acceptable to me.

Not the lowest SIA, but the combination of resusults, when put in the NHS Work it out site, showed me still in the orange Pre-High stage, and yesterday and this morning are the only times it’s been so low. Proof that mt Doctor is winning the battle to get my BP down. Thank you, Doctor Vindla. It only took you six years from the heart op to get it right… well, nearly right. (Ahem!)

Carer Joseph arrived. The poor thing looked shattered. The first thing I did was ask him how he was this morning? Not too bad, was his reply. I quipped; well, not too bad is better than not very good, Joseph! That brought a rare smile to his face, and it cheered me up too. He got the meds sorted and wearily got up from the chair where we’d had a natter from, picked a vodka and lime as his choice of drinkie-treats, and off he poddled. With my thanks and instruction for him to get to bed, Hahaha!

I spent a few hours getting the blog prepped, and I made some quote tabs to use on CorelDraw. When I nipped to the fridge to see what was available to quench my sudden hunger and thirst… there was nothing! How had I let myself run so low? I blame only one person and one thing, the person, is undoubtedly me, is the thing! I’ll have to make an order for next week to be delivered, Sainsbury’s methinks.

I got the final vegetables sorted and chopped up and into the pan of the cooking Chilli-Con-Carne. It was looking okay, and after a spoonful found its way to my lips, I declared it as being Josie-ably tasty! I nipped back to the computer to get some prep work done on that. and plan to return to the cooking to stir things a bit regularly. But I got carried away, so I had to get a move on… What a plonka! But it got worse!
After a few minutes, I’d got the nosh for Josie on the tray. Took this photo of the repast. The usual bowl and a potfull of chilli for her to have tomorrow as well, some drinkies from the fridge, cheese, marshmallows and a few extras on the tray. Off to Josie’s door to deliver it, on time again, of course.

As she opened the door and said straight away: “There’s more than ever this time, Gerry! It dawned on why I’d made so much. I was going to have the Chilli as well, but somehow I forgot and gave it all to Josie. Ah, well, it’ll last her for three meals now. Hahaha! Josie seemed pleased enough with it. I wished the gal good eating, came back into the flat and promptly cursed my stupidity!
I did some work on this blog, and then I had a look in the freezer. Aha, fish and chips? That’s what I’ll have then. Got it sorted, and in the oven cooking, the writing was too small to read. so I guessed at the time needed. I assumed it would be around 40 minutes. Then a brainstorm forced me to mop the kitchen…

Oh, dearie me…

Got back to check on the food, and it was looking good.
Notice, I did not say it tasted good…
It tasted truly crap; I was puzzled at how foul the NoFish fish tasted!

I put the pots in the sink to soak, returned to the chair, and got down to get some much-needed sleep – so I put the TV on; that usually helps me nod off. And did this time for once. But I was in desperate need of some.
Over two hours later, I was rude;y awakened from my slumber as the night Carer arrived. She looked a little down and tired, so I had a chat and cheered her up a bit. She was well-impressed with her treat, a bottle of Tequila beer from the fridge. But didn’t take the waste bag with her to the chute for me. Humph! Hehehe!
Can’t imagine what I’d been doing in the sleep to cause this on my arm? I got the magnifying glass out for a closer, Sherlock Holmesian-style investigation into the mystery. But it was no good; the glass did not help me see any clearer. So, I ytied a few pairs pf the old spectacles; the black ones helped a little. I’d got a spotty rash coming up the arm, and a some beneath my man-breasts too? Mmm? Another of mysteries of Winwood Heights, the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodemons, apparitions and other grotesqueries haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchcock to create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me!

I had a peep out of the kitchenette window, it was not raining, and the roads had dried of the residue.
Seeing this road reminded me of an article I’d read on the YourArea website about the Grove. So I looked on the map to get its name for us. As you see, it was Applewood Grove. No crime reported in 2021? Even we at Winwood Court Independent Living, for the aged, managed about eight reports? Hehe! Then, around midnight, I took this somewhat pathetic photo of the evening view. Even I could see on the camera screen that it was not going to come out very well. It turned out that I’d moved the view mode selector in the wrong direction, and I’d put it on video instead of Auto? Writing this made me realise I’d written an ideal description for my life: ‘Gone in the wrong direction!’

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It’s true, Today is Tomorrow, or say…
Alternatively, Tomorrow could be, Today,
Neither could be both, whichever way,
Unless you just wait until the following day…
I suppose you think I’m mad, straightaway?

At times my mind tends to drift far away,
Or I’ll not know if it’s Monday or Tuesday…
This often happens on Friday, actually…
But the brain is working fairly well, unusually,
I’ll try not to topically lose it or fade away…
For I have thoughts to share today…
That may seem to you partly disillusionary,
But it may clarify our vocabulary and ancestry!

I believe that time has been too discretionary,
“Standard time” in effect for a shrinking portion yearly,

Daylight saving time, controlling the clock monthly,
Lawmakers have extended summertime schedule, surely…
Clock changes vary, with locations yearly…
Consequently, the time differences will have to vary…
Between regions, to understand it can send you silly!

Clocks, time changes, and days are not like a barometer…
Mankind toys with time, but are they right or full of blatter?
The world will soon be ending, so does it matter?
There will be no humans to worry about hereinafter…
No money to steal, no murderers, no laughter,
It’ll no longer be a disgrace to be a grammaticaster!

We have changed so much, without knowing…
Or caring for any costs in life and consequences,
Again, the ‘Lord’ is not revealing…
Although his Fathers and Priests are appealing…
The well-off are revelling…
The poor are trembling and dying,
Politicians, Bankers constantly fiddling and lying!
Scum balls murdering, mugging and burgling…
Firebombing, divorcing, schemozzling, little elutriating!

So time means… almost nothing,
Earth’s final moments are here, thanks to the Kremlin,
And people throwing recyclables in the dustbin…
We’re killing more people now than Nazi Berlin,
You’ll have paid for your pension and coffin…
But fret not; hope lies with a clever boffin!

Working on a time machine, so we can go back in time…
Preferably to a time before cybercrime,
Where workers were paid overtime!
Murderers were duly hung and did no more crime!
When folks knocked on doors and did not press a battery-powered chime!
Thus saving future generations would that be benign?
Note that this option would not be sublime…
For two reasons that come to mind!.
Who do you think would get to travel back in time?
Only the rich, politicians, and or the bosses of crime!
Earth of the future may soon design…
Another machine to travel through time…

They may go back to your current placing?
Having loaded nuclear weapons before leaving…
We’ll soon have time-machines to and fro racing…
And in the turmoil of war, wanting to be leaving…
Will be earlier time travellers, needing bullet-proofing…
God may send his lad down for some investigating…
I can hear him now “What the hell have you been doing?”

If you can get the chance, you’ll travel back to now…
Chances are, you can start again. but I’m not sure how,
Cause the time will have changed somehow?

Life may have restarted: a few cavemen on earth now?
Show them a torch, and they’ll kowtow,

Get to know them, have a powwow…

Soon, of profits, you’ll begin to think!
And suddenly put up with the cavemen’s stink,
Invent money, sell them coats, strip a mink,

Flog them an insurance policy and glasses if they wink,
Get them working cheaply, so they don’t get skint,
Build an army, police force, and a clink!

Mind you, I have to say…
More time travellers could arrive any day…
You must stop them, find a way…
If you can’t, alackaday…

Today can be Tomorrow or Tomorrow Today!

I Fang You!

14 thoughts on “Inchcock’s Diary & ‘Today is Tomorrow Ode’

  1. Future odes. Excellent. Too bad on the negative rating on the fish. Josie’s meal looked good. At least you got some rain.

    • I don’t know how I wrote that Ode Tim. I’ve been up for 19 hours,,, Oh Fibber! I had two hours this evening early on. The carer woke me to give me the medications. Couldn’t get back to sleep again afterwards… well, she was a cracker. Hehehe!
      Horrible curry flavour of the fish, I thought it had gone off! Josie seem pleased with it, thank heavens I didn’t give her the fish. Cheers, Sir.

  2. You had your hands full and a plate full on the Josie run yesterday, did yer not? No way to ask her to share it, I know how you feel, mate. Worra way to miss your own meal, but it is a kindness you proffered, mate and that means much. In fact, I am benefiting right now by reading about it. So ’tis good all around.
    The carers each have their individual personalities and ways, sometimes irksome and sometimes bringing cheer.
    Mopping the kitchen floor is never simply that, to mop daggersnabinet!! When it goes awry it goes quite a way toward bringing you into a state of flummox, according to my estimation.
    A rating of 2.0 of 10 is dismal indeed, but from the sound of it I think that 1.0 was a contender. Hahaha!!!!
    Very fine and poignant ode, thank you, kind Sir!
    Nibbles is resting on my lap as I type. A blessing and a half.
    The difficulties of last week prevented me from doing very much, but ’tis great and grand to be back, mon ami

    • So glad you are feeling a little perkier and back to being more like the Billum we all love.
      The Carers that are obviously uninterested, (as with the dentists yesterday) look and sound so bored are the ones that irk most. Forcing themselves to talk to me, lacklustre, makes one feel guilty to use them.
      The pleasure of a ball of purring joy on my lap… I think is theraputic, and so content-making. Boy oh boy, I miss that. But it brings joy knowing Nibbles is back with you, in fact… Grrreat! I picture you both in my mind, and the it brightens my spirits, too! Thanks Sir.
      At last SM allowed me some kipperething, five hours ithout and jumping awakes! I pray he is kind to HRH, yourself and Alan.

      • It has taken a while to get back into my normal high-functioning state (a possible fib imbedded there). Haha!!
        There is much that is endemic in healthcare delivery on both sides of that proverbial pond. It’s an upside down system that serves those of means, let us say, disproportionately. You make a very good point on those doctors who should be anything *but* doctors. I am what is called a social-justice warrior over here; snowflake is another appellation. But I’ve been that way since the 1960’s and am unlikely to change any time soon.
        There is nothing like a “ball of purring joy”, an excellent way to describe it.
        It is a gentle privilege to be held in such esteem, we value your presence in our lives way beyond words, quite literally.
        Five hours of kip is a great deal, HRH and Alan both slept very well last night. It is my reward then. SM is a powerful doctor. A true doctor.
        Wir sehen uns!

      • ” Your normal high-functioning state” Nicely said, Sir. Haha!
        Now this is another link of sorts twixt us, Billum; I was at the bus stop and talking with some folks about injustices to immigrants, and a bloke said I was a ‘powder puff’, in bothering with them?
        I wonmder if I’ve ever get a chance to take in another stray sometime? Certainly could not hise the fact if I did, then we’d both be out of somewhre to live. Maybe we could move into the tree copse, and charge people to walk through it, and fine them when they drop litter in it? The mind wandred off there a bit, into dreamland I think?
        You Manor Laboratory dwellers, tellurians all, have brought me great joy, so glad we met on the ether! ♥
        Well, sleep via SM, believe it or not, I got another five hours in last night! Fingers crossed for the Manor, and No.72 Dwellers, sleepwise.
        Sehen, fühlen … zertrümmern!

      • Bitte schön! Glad you liked my wordage, Sir.
        At some point everyone is an immigrant, but the citizens of any given country believe they were somehow living there all along. Unfortunately, we powder puffs are considered to be the problem — the basest ruffians self-identify as heroes. Congressional hearings are presently taking place in Washington and the roaches are running from the light. Base ruffians are scary guys!
        Furries should definitely be a part of any facility with older folks. When in the hospital, Lisa has always benefited from care animals that go from room to room, I have as well 🙂
        That famous tree copse idea is massively brilliant. Brought on a very much needed larf!
        Once, when Lisa was in a nursing facility after surgery, she had me bring in relatives of your family and shared them with fellow patients in the common room. Gave some to patients as well, of course.
        I believe it was through a common website visited by Mike Steeden.
        “Sehen, fühlen … zertrümmern!” — ganz genau.

      • Lked your views of the ruffians, Bill, well put!
        I’ve read of care animals, Billum, wish they had them in Nottingham. The very presence of kind gentle animal it theraputic, I think.
        Glad you enjoyed the copse bit, mate, thanks.
        That family talr, is just what I expected of HRH LisaPetal, that would her at her bestest!
        Oh, talking of HRH, would you please thank her a million times for me, and inform her Majesty, that the aids arrived today. Bless her cotton socks! ♥ I can’t open the box, it needs a knife, which is where Richard might assist, also in reading any paperwork for me. He should be back next Monday. If he’s not yawning away again. Hehe!
        Ah, Mike, one of the better ones!
        See, feeling smash! – exactly? I had to Mr Google that one, is it translated right, Billum? If do, Grrreat!
        Bleib sicher, danke Kumpel

      • Ruffians deserve a little time in the cooler. One of the guys. The select committee on Jan 6th’s activities at the Capitol wielded a large metal pole, he swung it all around. Fortunately, video caught hime when slamming a policeman’s shield, nearly breaking it in two. He only got 63 months in prison, but it is at least *something*. I haven’t checked the latest, but the coverage is good.
        The copse is a magical place.
        Her Majesty was very happy to “hear” that they arrived safely. Good luck with them Sir!
        Yes. Mike is a great one. I have one of his books and it is very funny stuff. Mike follows my blog as well. 🙂
        Here is a link to a website I relied upon when doing the translations, but you already know I love words in *any* language:

      • Thanks, Billum. So tired.
        I’ve got Mike’s “The Shop That Sells Kisses”.
        Just tried the link – and the Liberty-Global Virgin Media is down again – I’ve only been on for ten-minutes. Hope I can get it to send this, or you may never know…

  3. “I believe it was through a common website visited by Mike Steeden.”
    This was in reference to mention of where we met in the ether, but I don’t know where I read it.
    Dangsnab that!

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