Sherlock Holmesian Investigation into Peripheral Neuropathy

Common Symptoms for Peripheral Neuropathy. I marked those I had got, which turned out to be all of them; I’m so greedy!

Common Symptoms for Diabetic Neuropathy. I marked those I had got, which turned out to be all of them; I’m so greedy!

Common Symptoms for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy. I marked those I had got, which turned out to be all of them; I’m so greedy!

Common Symptoms for Peripheral Neuropathy bu sections. I marked those I had, which turned out to be most of them, but four I not got. 

I’m not so greedy!

Another foot dedicated site. Two No’s

More symptoms. three negatives.

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Now, what have I learnt about PN today?

I’ve got it! (I knew that)

Nothing can be done about it!

I’ve probably got more than one form of it, at least!

I’d better tell the diabetic man Nathanial, next session!

Sorry I bothered looking it up now!

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10 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmesian Investigation into Peripheral Neuropathy

  1. One of the damnedest (Italian word structure) symptoms is when you ITCH but it is inside your body!! You want to scratch yourself about 4 inches deep! ha!! We have used these bodies for quite a while and yes, many get longer runs with less deterioration. The great mystery of what happens when we leave these bodies is coming along. I would not want spend a lot of years inside a body that has imprisoned me. Annette Funicello is an example. I saw a documentary of her husband’s where he showed her in a state of complete inability to move herself, eat, drink or communicate. I felt so bad for her. I had a sister in law who spent years lying in a bed in a nursing home with M.S. from her 30s onward. She finally died of pneumonia (not being able to clear your lungs). We are ambulatory, can make choices and communicate – needing visual and hearing assistance is not so bad when you can actually see and speak and share your thoughts with others. I don’t know why, but having all of those symptoms as well made me feel it isn’t as bad as it could be. Yep, my feet scrunch into little claws, but when you get a Charlie horse in your transplanted lateral muscles – the only thing to do is whip your body over to the other side to stop the contraction as quickly as possible. When I suffered the trauma and necrosis that caused the covering of my upper abdomen to be removed – I had a huge opening across my midriff. As the weeks passed in hospital back in 2004/2005 I became concerned when the healthy edges of this giant wound began to become “dead” with no feeling spreading wider than the original area, I had to change my entire view of recovery. Seeing not possibility of recovery in your medical records sends you reeling. I have PTSD – and you do too. How can we not ? The depression that is part of that is hard to think around. But we must. You write daily. You need much more help to achieve your necessary medical support and I pray for that for you regularly . Speak up my Inchie, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Spread your net wide for assistance and don’t let certain types of resources rob you into poverty. Seek volunteer assistance too! Love to you my darling and please get on You Tube and listen to some “guided meditation for chronic pain and healing” That will bring you up all kinds of free meditation posts. We have been blessed with quick minds. And the first time in our civilization’s history, we are able to speak to anyone we like at the touch of a keyboard. That is miraculous and people born into this stage of history have no idea what true isolation is. We had a lock down world wide and were able to shop, make friends, join people in special interest groups, have the joy of pets once removed! We are on the cusp of amazing transformations and we will make that crossing into the greatest mystery with my complete faith and expectation of not missing a beat when we leave our wonderful bodies to be born into the next state of consciousness. Soak that in Gerry!!! Love you!

    • There are plenty in a worse state than us, despite out almagated ailments, Angel. All the of my ailemts I’d gladly keep. if nly Doreen Dementia would leave me. Hehehe! Being picky now… Naughty Gerry!
      You kindness made me remember the surgeon who did the heart op. I joking asked him to take a photo for me so I copuld see my insides, we laughed. After recovery and back in the mormal ward, he brought me a ohoto of the operation. How seweet of him. The rib cage nad been sawn and held open to give tem access, and in there he pinted out the new mechanical valve, it’s just been sewn in. Tiny little thing, and boy was I impressed at how they had to operate, the stick the rib cage back together… brilliant skills! I can onlt admire what he and his team did for me. The pain afterwards was as bad as any for a few weeks, but only to be expected. Sometime humility sawns, and that was such an occasion for me Lisa. The first time I got shot, and the lasering of the cancer in the bladder, are nothing compared to Doreen.
      Look at what you’ve been through petal, we’ve both done well, I reckon. I still consider myself (although I would tell anyone else), to have been lucky. How and why you got your problems is sickening, and you are deserving of praise for getting through – and cming out as you: Lisa-Petal, the Carer! ♥

    • News disasterous! The canon won’t let take a photo anymore – on screen it says press Some print I can’t reas, and PressSet to cancel: So, I prsses set – and nothing happens – I go to take a picture it repeats…? Undaunted I gotthe old Fuji out… no picture on the screen? Grrr!

      • Complete blank trying that, Tim. Sarah, Richard, Valerie, and Cheeky Charley.
        The new (old) Lumix is charged and working. But can I find a way to change the frame size? No! I’ll try on the web kater today, at leas I can zoom in to read that. (I hope)
        Cheers, matey.

  2. Peripheral neuropathy could become a source of energy, The PN Lab (Number 78) beneath the Manor Basement is presumably researching devices that can capture PN-Energy and save the gathered electricity into a Leyden Jar, a kind of capacitor. So far, the lab crew doesn’t have a clue, not the slightest whisper, not a whit of a notion on how to proceed. We might have to 86 the scheme. Drat!

    • Hi. Billum, I justeth not long ago woketh up. A nightmare fresh in my brain, making a few notes of the details I could recall, and PN Pete gave me a good shaking, soon joined by SSS (Shuddering Shoulder Shirley)… wich gave me concern over using the PN Power for your Tardis… it might be a rough ride? Investigated options, learn of the way-underground moulten pre-lava under the Cincinnati area; Could hter be a way of usig that for powering it? Just a thought, Sir.

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