Canon then the Fuji Camera gave up on me! Grrr!

The Canon, then the old Fuji, gave up the ghost on me! Cragknangles!

Eventually, I got yesterday photo’s saved. Obviously, before the cameras joined forces to really piss me off!

I’ve got all uptight and am no longer which are for Thursday or Friday. Well, the first one is Thursday.

Somewhat bloated, methinks. So much so that the pressure forced the blood out when I had my first toe-stumping of the day.

Car Park from the kitchenette window.

Ah, Thursday’s nosh.

Followed by some Ice cream!

Many taken, as this morning, many of them lost into the ether!

Friday Morning, my feet are not so bad now!

Morning views

Fridays Health Checks
Up a bit?

Unsure about this one.
The Iceland delivery came, but no photos were attainable; they were not saved on the card or internal memory. Well miffed!
Spent hours trying different things in hopes of getting some, but no luck.

Carer Richard came. Asked if he could help with the Fuji. Nope!

I’ve ordered an old Lumix Camera. Should be here twixt 23rd & 25th August. It’s new, but a very old one, I’m assuming that’s why it was cheaper than the others. I’m hoping I can cope with setting it up. Also, I’ve got the hearing aids that Lisa petal donated to me so kindly. But they are naturally small, and I cannot see the words with my glass eye either. I asked Richard if he could assist. Nope! Can’t blame him; he was yawning. He’s been at work for around eleven hours. Poor lad.

Spent hours and hours trying to get the camera’s going again. Humph! Of course, they should have Christened me; no luck! Then concentrated on taring to get some more photos rescued. I found a few more, but I am unsure when I took them.

No idea!
Might have put this on earlier and the lower one.
And again…
Of course, I could be wrong…
The carer read the label cooking instructions and wrote them down for me.
Artwork from a dear friend in America. Patti, from when I had the heart op ♥ Bless you, Patti!

Seaweed Snacks Delivered!
Friday fridge.
Crap Health Check Photo?
Evening Carer due any time now.
Gawd, I’m tired now.
The camera’s situation is no better, but…
I had one last go at the Fuji – and the new ‘Old’ Lumix was delivered early today! I got it out of the box and tried to get it on charge. There is a plug and computer cable thingy. I got it on the plug socked post haste to charge. I could not see alight lit up on the camera.
An hour or so later, I changed the set-up, and put the USB in the card reader, still couldn’t see the light on. Did some computing and had another look at the Lumix.
Well, what a pillock! Not really; the letters were too small for me to read; I asked Malcolm if I’d got it in the right hole – I hadn’t!

Swapped the plug into the little hole, and a little red light lit! So at least I know it’s charging. For the first job, when it’s up and running, set the date & time. Then select the picture size.
Going to get summat to eat now. Carers late? Or is it me?

ODE to another Failure

Hours of finding how to change the frame size… well, trying,
My willpower and hopes were dying,
I considered wailing and crying…
I’d had enough mind-boggling…
The small buttons were beyond seeing,
Tired from the mental schemozzling,
I gave up trying, and I turned to dithering,
I’d be better off grimacing and turning!


3 thoughts on “Canon then the Fuji Camera gave up on me! Grrr!

  1. You may have been waffling, but you didn’t have time for faffing. Whatever that means. Haha!!
    Normal print looks pretty small for my eyeballs, reminding me that your eye procedure should be coming up soon. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you, Sir.
    I also enjoyed Patti’s painting *and* the good memories it brought.
    Nine cars aparked, one red and eight white. Red car much outnumbered amidst a sea of white vehicles. Something for the Red-Carred League to investimigate. Info passed to the Lab for the Study of Red Cars and Stuff, Lab 19 perhaps.
    A splendid set of photomagraphs, we’re any of them taken with the Lumix?
    May you have an at least satisfactory Sunday, kind Sir!

    • Needed that cheering up, I fang you.
      Talking of crossed digits, did you notice the tootsies are beginning to cross over now, on the right PN Pete side of course. Hehehe!
      I’d not noticed the colour scheme of the vehicles, I was just hoping the camera would work. Tsk! A well lesser-spotted observation! This does need looking into, you’re right!
      Some were with the Lumix, but with mixing the sd cards and putting them back in different cameras… it’s all so confusing with Doreen’s attention.
      I little disappointed Friday. I made up a treat bag for the Wardens. Phoned and let Deana know, she said she’d be up later. I’d bought some strawberries (extra large), bread rolls, and thre in a few differing cans of plonk in the bag. But did not arrive; busy I imagine. So Carer Samantha got the benefit last night.
      Cheers on the good wishes
      Sunday… Oh, dearie me!

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