Odeing & Mini Diary

That’s the Ode, folks!

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Photographicalisations were taken Friday & Saturday.

Sorry about this, but with all the struggling to see proper and sort them out, CorelDraw crashed twice, had to reload from disc, and I now have three SD cards, which in an effort to sort out, I’ve not the foggiest of which camera that came from, or went back into. So frustrating. I’ve got to get CorelDraw sorted out yet… if I can. After ten hours with all the delays, doing the ode and graphics, all I want to do is get something to eat and get my head down… Oh, the Carer’s due anytime now!

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The photos are a mess, not good and mixed chronologically. (Sounds painful that… Hehe) I’ve had all sorts of bother again. Nine hours of just making the Ode! CorelDraw has gone down twice, Virgin once. Word once. Computer once. And, after all that time getting the Odes done, I had to sort out CorelDraw to get it working again… blind try this, try that methodology used. And I’ve the new (old) Lumix camera to try to sort again. The SD cards… Well, I got confused about which camera they came from and which they went back into. But the pictures have to be put on here, not that they are exciting or even passable.

I’ve just about had enough. I think the diary will have to go and stick with Odeing, what do you think? With the eyes and Doreen, and my luck with anything like cameras and computers, it’s just taking all day, and I love doing it, but something has to go to save precious time. Anyway, here are the pictures, but from when… Mmm! Sorry. Some, like Fridays, I think, are the first ones. They are a sad collection; why am I bothering?

This is Carer Joseph. Who couldn’t help with the Lumix, Fuji or Canon (I think that’s had it) cameras, computer, or CorelDraw? Which, of course, is the same with very Carer, and indeed me too. Hahaha! Nice lad, Joseph, if only he’d take a course in Computers, cameras and… Haha!

Ah, Risotto, I got this out, and Carer Sam, with difficulty, read a wrote down the cooking instructions for mem Bless her. Ah, that was this morning! I’m sure it was. On the right, so,e extra mushroom I was cooking to go into the Risotto. Yes, I actually thought I’d get it cooked! That would be about twelve hours ago now.

No memory of taking this one?

Then again, I have a lot of lost memories. Make note, whippersnappers, this may happen to you if Doreen Dementia arrives in your later years. I think I made with graphic of the Lumix last night. I seem to recall making up a gritting sarcastic to self Ode to put on here with the photo. I’ve no idea what I did with it now. Well, apart from a few shots from the kitchenette window taken today, that’s yer lot!

I got the Fuji working again early this morning. Judging by the shape of the photos, I took some of these on it. The later ones, I think, were done on the Lumix; I was trying to use the Panasonic option, a foolish waste of time, my unsteadiness of the hands and fingers should have told me not to bother. But Doreen Dementia wasn’t having anything workable to happen to me, naturally! Here are the crap shots from throughout the day that I seem to have taken.


Lumix Afternoon? Lumix Evening – Trying Panasonic – no-go!

Fed-up, going to get the Risotto made.

Disappointed with the Risotto

All that bother to get it right too! The note Samantha did for me did not say if the 600ml of water needed to be boiled before or after putting the contents of the packet in the saucepan.

I had a hell of a job translating it from the packet. I had to use the little circle on the magnifying glass but could only see one or two words at a time. Brought the pack to the computer, put the one or two words into the Google translator, back to the glass repeatedly. It took me ages, but the magic words were eventually showing; boiling water… stir continuously.

It turned out very bland. And I’d added the last few garden peas and extra mushrooms as well. Shan’t bother with that brand again.


4 thoughts on “Odeing & Mini Diary

  1. You resuscitated the Fuji? good work. Nice photos. The Risotto stones didn’t do much for your taste buds or you sense of language? Excellent ode.

    • I changed the batterries in the Fuji, (told you it was an old one, Hehe!) Not change. Went into the options thingamajig, got lost and came out hoping I’d hit the wrong things and ruined it altogether. Then, she worked? I’m in a right mess with the new (old) Lumix. Can’t chamge the shape of the photos, but I’ve got all sorts of messagers coming up if I try to take a photo? AF is all I could read, it sisn’t stay up on screen for long. I’ve got an arc and a cross moving all the time when I try to take a photo, it won’t let me. Humph! Hope Fuji works again this morning, Tim.
      I’m going to go back to chilli & chips making, ordered some stuff to use, coming tomorrow. I bought a bottle of virgin oil… what for, I can’t remember? Must have been something to do with the risottos?
      08:15hrs here, no carer arrived yet… bet its Richard who’s most likey been called in early again last night to cover. Poor lad.
      Hope all well your end.

  2. Another thing we have in common, Sir: an interest in Italic calligraphy. Something that I’ve not practiced in a few yonks, but it is soothing and relaxing in much the way that sketches make good hobbies. Cutting a quill or just banding two pencils together, or using the side of a square crayon, and/or a reed of some kind. Perhaps a good way to escape from the ailments for a spell?
    You are indeed an NHS Expert, a skill acquired the hard way, is it not so?
    Adventures with multiple cameras, each with a gremlin or four. I have a Yashica-Mat 124G medium format twin-lens reflex camera that I purchased in circa 1975 for $110 from a Chicago site — a knock off of the German Rolleiflex. Not used it in recent decades. There is a magnifying lens that allows you a fine focus. And so, another commonality for the list. 🙂 🙂
    The risotto from Hades. Stir the cauldron, bloody hell.
    Cheerski am Sonntag!

    • By gum, Billum, I spent many hours cutting quills as a youngster. If I recall rightly, I picked up what I should was a pigeon feather, there was a bit of blood about so some cat had had him or her. I cried a bit, as I was cutting the quill, and had to have four stictches at the hospital. Hahaha!
      Dad threw out the quill while I as at hospital, Humph!
      Well thank you, Billum. I have made arrangement for Dean to call tommporow ot phone the doctors for me – she told me to call her in the morning a 09:10hrs to remind her… Me? Challenge on there! Hehe!
      I like our commonalities being discovered, mate, and the larfs we share.
      Onr thing we don’t share though… I have in the last four years, gone through eight cameras! Anything mechanical or electric just don’t like me!
      Sunday… I had another mind-blank, to Deana I want tpo mention it to the doctor… so I must remember to remind her – As Elvis rang ♫I forgot to remember to Forget♫, a B-side if I recall?
      Lovely to converse, Sir. I hope that HRH Angel, your worthy self, Alan and the furries are doing okay?

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