The VAT Fiddle! Ode & Cartoons

It took seven years, to get sorted. How can the morons expect me to be in debt for VAT, with about 0.6% VATables of the total sales of £900 weekly, and demand £19k from me… well!


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I woke with a new papule!

So, here are a few photos I managed to take miraculously… Boring noshes, one taken today… after which the Lumix decided to not let me take anymore, just when I was almost getting excited and thinking I’d cracked it! Frustration grows! What have I done it?

Sunday – Josies Nosh

Incidentally, after serving up Josie’s and eating my own lunch, I suddenly felt so tired. I was feeling fine before this. Then had a mind-blank and was incapable of doing virtually anything. Didn’t touch the computer for about 15 hours! Until this morning. Mind you, I woke up feeling back to normal. But decided I had to get to see the Doctor! And waited until Richard came in, hours late. He’d got in a pickle that delayed him. But the lad was really looking worn out and so tired, he did not offer to ring the surgery. He just wanted sleep, something the lad had problems with without having to do a 16hr shift. He’s done his best and asked their head office to ring me or let me know he’d be late.

 Bit of cock-up there on my behalf. I did get a phone call but thought it was the spammer man, he had the same Asian accent, and I thought he said he was ringing from Virgin, so rang off! Oh, dear, it must have been Meridian, he said! I felt terrible about that. But it’s no wonder I want someone to phone the surgery, is it? So when Richard had gone, I rang Deana. Explained the problem with last Friday’s mind-blank when I was at Bulwell and another today. Also quickly mentioned the cataract getting worse, as was the hearing. Also, I reminded her that she failed to turn up Friday. Poor gal was ultra-busy, s I expected from the tone of her voice on Freitag. Bless her, she only asked ME – to phone and remind her in the morning! Me! For her to call and ring the surgery for me. Hahaha! Worra life, innit? It never gets any easier. Oh, the photos…

My nosh, before the funny turn.

Jelly and once cream for afters. By gum, I’m gourmet… is that the right word to use?

Today’s lone photo! Of the CorelDraw screen, This was taken five minutes before CorelDraw crashed yet again! Humph! Mind-blanks, Little Inchies Fungal Lesion Bleeding, Cataract Cathy making things hard work, and a devil of a lob to get any help getting things done… that made me think. What am I having for a nosh? I wish I’d bought more of the roast vegetable cottage pie meals now. They were excellent tasting.

No stopping me I ordered some more from Morrison’s via Amazon. If I go on like this, it’ll be a struggle to pay the Carer’s costs. I blame Dementia Doreen, personally. I hate her and Cataract Cathy. Gragknagles! I know what I’ll have. I’ve two vegetable burgers left that I could not see the use-by date of. Richard looked this morning, and I think he said a day left on it, that and some sliced potatoes, mayhap?

Took me hours to get this blog done, but I did enjoy it, apart from CorelDraw letting me down again. Each time does that, it’s another half hour finding out where I saved the last one, then save the new rescued one in the same name.

I shall now start cooking the meal. Done that. Now to get this finished, titivated and posted.

Evening All!

Whoops, forgot the funnies. Here they are…

Accountants (Abdul) Joke.


4 thoughts on “The VAT Fiddle! Ode & Cartoons

  1. Estimating jail time could be a lucrative business. High food prices and VAT to reduce fat. Good looking nosh and jelly cream.

    • Cheers, Sir.
      I like making the jelly and spray pretend cream for afters. Now out of jellies. The last lot O bought were six for £1.80. on the stite this morning, same product was… £2.45! Electricity up by 20%, re nt by 10% and the Carers, well I can’t work it out, but the latest bill since the increase, was for the month, up by £89!
      I’m getting ready to lead the protest and rioting if needed. Haha!

  2. A veritable nightmare dealing with the VAT Gits, increases without bases from where I stand — which is at some wide distance.
    Richard does indeed face intolerable stress, and not being able to sleep adds to the woe with a vengeance.
    Inflation absolutely hits hardest at those who are already barely getting by. Intolerable inaction on the part of the ruling clueless. How has Liz Truss garnered such a commanding lead in the polls? Scheisserin. (IMO, of course).

    • Mission impossible. They never admitted they got it wrong either! I went bankrupt, got a job doing industrial cleaning, and earn ed more at that than when running the shop! The pressure I’m sure brough on the ulcer. Danged Governmental untouchables! Just thought I’d mention it. Hehe!
      I keep loading a bag of treats when I find out Richards likes them, Mon to Thurs, his call days, bless him. He siad last week, with a rare, wry smile… “Would it be easier if I gave you my shopping list each week?” I think he was joking. Haha!
      Liz, is an excellent answer avoider when being interviewed, I did notice that.

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