Thursday 8th September 2022


Obviously, the Doctors farce yesterday, the tumble on Mansfield Road, and getting Wednesday’s blog done, took me far too long, well into the morning. Today so many phone calls coming in, I thought for a minute I was getting popular… only joking! Then an Amazon delivery, and an Iceland delivery, knocked most of the things out of the fridge door when I got the shakes when supposedly filling it. That cost me another hour cleaning things up.

More phone calls from someone, a different voice each time, all with an Asian accent, but I just could not understand what they were saying. The first one I said, it’s no good I can’t understand you, sorry, and rang off. The Second one, who was a woman, got almost nasty when I said I could not understand what she was saying, and she rang off. I told each one that I was hard of hearing. Just had yet another call…  the same result, I rang off when he got shouting at me, which of course, made it worse for me to hear. Then another call. I almost didn’t pick up the phone. It was the lady from Community Transport, she will be calling in the morning to take me to Bulwell. Well, I thought it was for next week!

Afraid I’m totally lost now.
So I’ll put the Cartoon and ode on, and a few photos I’ve taken. But I need to get things sorted for the morning, and I’m getting myself all agitated again. The ablutions must be done tonight, ready for the early start tomorrow… gonna look a right twit if it isn’t the right day for the diabetes class? It’s gone 15:00hrs, so it will be a long job getting things as far as I can to post it off in the morning. I’ll have to rush things.

One visit to the Doctor, now I have two more appointments, hope I’ve got them right at least. Did Carer Richard tell Deana about the second change of dates for the Bulwell run? Have I got them tight on the calendar… All this, and a Doctor who isn’t interested in helping, giving advice at all. Then the fall. Sorry about this blog, but I can’t seem e getting caught up with all the problems amassing that need sorting, and no help now; Richard is off until Monday, Can’t get hold of either warden. That’s not their fault by the way. The door knocker who tried to sell me things may be back again, and I just feel confused. Sorry again.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Oh, Lucky me!

Iceland Delivery.

Balcony from inside
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Lousy night, constantly waking up, a mixed bag of dreams and nightmares.
CorelDraw problems. No hot water yer cause I left the hot tap on yet again! Carer Richard was in a rush again, so natterings were missed again! The poor lad was yawning away again.

Did some comments on WordPress. Then the above Iceland order came in.

Window cleaner Joe arrived, I did keep bothering him with my natterings.
Back on the Wednesday blog and got it finished. Gone midday already. No further Asian calls. I wonder if it was something important. If the Doctor ignores my plea for help with coping with Doreen’s Dementia, well, it’s getting worse. I am totally fuddle-brained over the Bulwell bookings
The two other appointments they made have both been changed since Deana spotted they had made one at eleven o’clock… at night!
It’s late now; I’ll get the ablutions done. Watch it… I bet I get a when I’m in the shower… if I ever in it. I’ll use new razors for shaving today. Made a start on this blog first. Tsk! The Carer will be here soon, must rush… TTFN.

Carer arrived, Sam, I think.
I was asleep in the recliner and half awake.

Thank heavens that I fell back to sleep. I was at least temporarily free of worry, self-hatred, fear and frustrations.


14 thoughts on “Thursday 8th September 2022

  1. The Asian accent calls were probably scammers trying to steal money you don’t have. If they get you on the line, they get mad when you don’t cooperate. In your case, not understanding them. Your Queen died today. It’s been all over the news over here, and people are posting it.

    • It’s all happening her Tim. A new Prime Minister, ER passing, Charles as King… but top be hinest I’ve go enough to cope with, rising prices, Soreen Dementia, Diabetes dates keep changing and I’ll lost the plot on them now.
      A new Dracula Depression has fallen on me, I just can’t cope. The Doctor’s indifference, no help on the horozon, sorry, but it true. I’m struggling now.
      Still, a miracle might happen, or not.

    • Thanks, Doug.
      She was loved greatly, Doug.
      My esteem went higher after the Grenfell fire, ER visited, and was warmly welcomes by the surviving tenants. She then gave the appeal a million pounds.
      T May, the then Prime Minister visited the site, and the mob attacked her. Her security and police were lucky to get her out in time.

  2. A point-by-point tutorial on how to survive the toughest interviews, would that these steps had been available when I was in the labor market. You’ve covered every kind, even when under the influence of lysergic acid diethylamide.
    Balancing phone calls from Asia with the transportation hub governing lifts for WoodThorpeeans requires super-human skills — exercised while Yawn-Talking with Richard *and* coping with Iceland/Amazon deliveries *and* a visit from Joe the Magic Window Washer *and* an ultra-high BP reading — among other events. All mixed together into a dizzying menagerie.
    A highly accurate cartoon on the theme of multiple challenges falling like anvils from a stormy sky.
    But it all contributed to making sleep unavoidable.
    Schönes Wocheende, mein guter Freund!

    • All that effort Sir, for 9 views and three likes. I can’t work it out of course; but what percentage would that be of the world population, Billum? I’d be interested to know. Hehe!
      Of course LSD in the old when I understoof things, meant Pounds, Shillings and pence. I still think in inches, fee and yards. Decimalisation, one of the biggests Government cons ever! I can recall when me ent metric, I was managing a fresh Produce and wet fish store for the Co-op, on Nuthall Road. All the count fruit went from LSD to new pence and cost the same. Grapefruits were 4p old pence and went to 4 new pence overnight. I was amazed so few customers commented on it. In those days we served the customers, which involved a lot of verbalisationing, which I loved!
      ♫ Those were the day’s my friend, we thought they’d never end… ♫ But they did, of course.
      Pass auf dich auf, bleib gesund und bewahre meine besten Wünsche und meinen Dank jederzeit bei dir!

      • 0.000000116084096 % VIEWS per tellurian
        0.000000038694699 % LIKES per tellurian

        Yes, I’ve seen Pounds, Shillings and Pence here and there. Am also familiar with English System use of fractions for measurement. In fact, we have not yet converted to the Metric System. When in grammar school, we were told that Metrics were a short way down the road. Actually, we are still on that road.

        I can’t remember currency in non-decimal form. Well, that’s not true; I used them in the UK in 1972 from the White Cliffs to Bath and back again. Still pre-Euro though. Still have some old European coins somewhere in the Manor. Hehe!!

        The days of cash registers NCR (National Cash Register) is headquarted about 70 miles north of Crowell. The days before product codes, when stickers told the price.

        At least, those days are *somewhat* in memory.

        Alles Gute von uns zur ganzen Familie in Wohnung 72!

      • Ah, Bless you Billum, I knew you were man to ask. I’ve copied them, nad will include them in a future funny graphic mate. Thanks again.
        Trouser and other measurements are still confusing to me. For 23 years I was managing food stores, and gloriously 25 of them were counter service stores. Then they brought in the trading stamps that had to balanced with the cashing up daily – but no problem back then for me. Moved to Tesco, and they did Green Shield stamps. No serving customers though, by then it was all self-service. Then the dread metrification arrived! Argh!
        At the Co-op, they changed all their NCR tills, to Hugins tills (Still American made if I recall?) With built in share number facility, I was at Melton shop when I first encontered one of these tills (Self-service by then). I pointed out the ease with which fiddles could be committed on the new machines, the Shops inspector poo-poo’d me. Teo years later, five managers had been sacked (Not prosecuted?) for fiddling on the new tills. Mr Ward was the mocking mans name!
        I didn’t realise NCR was so close to you. Another link?
        When I went to Bulwell on Friday, memories of the first store (Mardens) I worked in were evoked, that’s where the manager sliced his thumb end off on the bacon slicer. Now tp me those were grand days. About 1962 methinks. Trolley buses turnaround… people talking to each other without mobiles. Hahaha!
        Danke für die guten Wünsche, ich werde sie an die Familie weiterleiten. (Had to check the spilling on that one, surprisingly I made eight mistakes… Haha!
        They look so peaceful, I’ll not disturb them until the morning chinwag time.

      • I am privileged to have had my research accepted by the leading publication of its kind. Looking muchly forward to seeing it in electronic ink on an electronic screen. I fank you in advance, kind Sir!
        My fate during those 23 years was mostly dedicated to the care and feeding of databases and talking to them in non-human languages. We had trading stamps as well: called S&H Trading Stamps (also green). Somewhere in the Manor I have a book of those stamps and can take pictures of them for your perusal. A big business in those days. Self-service machines started much later over here. I was interviewed for a programming job, but did not have experience in POS (point of sale) languages. Of course, I managed to become redundant as often as possible in that fast-moving field.
        Coming up with good ideas that were never implemented is something we also have in common, being ahead of the times is a good way to become redundant, innit? “Does not work well with others” and “prefers to work in a silo” became one of my calling cards. Haha now!!
        Being “sacked” is used in the same way in AE (American English). Fortunately, I ended up qualifying for Unemployment Insurance when sacked. I would return to freelance translating German to English when sacked. Hehe!!
        Yes, people *did* talk without mobiles in those analog days. Ha!!
        I would always tell German students that “you learn from your mistakes, so the one making the most mistakes is best.
        Perhaps it is how your Petal-created family learns?

      • An interesting record you have Sir? I worked ofr the Co-op for 23 years, all goin well, but things were changing, being modernised. Opened my shop, got fiddled my the accountant and went bankrupt. Since which a hoppy time at Carters pop, then agency work, then into security, crap pay and long hours. Then the reduncies started (4), not as many as you managed Billum… another link, we didn’t fit in!
        Better check on Josies stew…
        Thanks Sir, love to HRH, Alan and the furries.
        Oh, it may have been the cataraact, but I swear Robert Rabbit was moving this morning.

      • We just kept on trying as best we could, did we not. I met some interesting people who were fellow travelers, in those curious times. Worked with an accountant (Gordon) who became a good friend, the company we worked for went bankrupt but Gordie was able to take a package and retired early. He was worked the old paper ledgers and knew nothing of electronic spreadsheets. A very kind soul he was. Another chap who simply did not fit in.
        All Manor residents wish you and the family the ultra best. Robert Rabbit is built of the finest yarn, so I’m certain he moved of his own volition.
        May Monday treat you well, Sir!

      • Cheers Mon Ami.
        We certainly don’t fit in this world mate, You, Gordon and me. It’s plain to see.
        Robert Rabbit is showing off a bit now, bless him. I swear lat night at wished the family a good nights sleep, Rog was looking towards the door. This morning’s chinwag, he was looking at the window… ah, yes!
        Of course there is a slight possibility, that I got it wrong, it has been known. (Just had a craft peek at the families bed, he’s still facing the windows) Hehehe!
        Care’s there to be taken Bill… so please do so! Keep an eye out (not literally mind…) for sharp objects. For in my dream, you cut your thumb, using the slide rule.
        Safety first today please. ♥

      • You are quite correct, Sir. Stranded in a strange world are we.
        Rabbit tricks are subtly timed. Rog probably gave you a wink.
        All slide rules eventually break the crystal, usually from an Accifauxpas. Or when using it as a pry bar. So your dream makes perfect sense. Best put some transparent tape of that sharp surface. Haha!!!

      • We don’t brlong here in this time continuem,,, did I spell that right, Billum? I dosen’t look right to me. But they are on strike again at Grammarly!

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