Inchcock: Wednesday 28th September 2020

The Labour Party Attack Planners!
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A tongue-in-cheek ode today!

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05:00hrs: I woke up, but I wanted to go back to sleep again. I awaited the arrival of the needs doe a wee-wee and or the Porcelain Throne, half-hoping to nod off again. As I lay there, partly hanging off of the £300, bought over eight years ago from the charity shop, Harold Haemorrhoids testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, none-working recliner, it dawned on me that I maybe should not be so tired? I think I’d had nearly six hours of shut-eye!
Minutes later, following a very odd, almost musical, extended release of gas from the rear end, I rose, caught my balance and hobbled to the wet room.
No rushing, but I sensed that things mayhaps be about to begin of their own accord evacuation-wise. So got my bottom on the Porcelain Throne. A good job too. A totally different style of product exited. Similar to a single giant Zophobas Morio worm, it was even the same colour. No stink with it this time. No bleeding either. Well, being there, I decided to get the actioned.
Med HydrWhat seems to be the regulation-two minimal nicks shaving. Another lump came off the double molar teeth cleaning. And Little Inchies needed treating.
Then I got the started. Got the sphygmomanometer and did the Blood Pressure.

Not so good again. As for the last couple of days, it was at Hypertension Red One. The body temperature was back up too high again, at 36.5°f.

I made a mug of 99 tea and made a start on the Computing. But had to go to the , for a second visit. Aha! Yet another different evacuation. Bat to the rabbit droppings mode this time. Still no bleeding from anywhere, and there was no pain in passing. There was a more distinctive aroma attached to this second dollop, though.

I meandered into the kitchenette, then the balcony, and took a few photographicalisation of the views that were available. The end of Chestnut Walk car park.

Then a straight ahead picture of the low horizon puffer clouds.

They soon filled the sky later. But the Lumix was not having it again! I know that the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchcock; to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare, worry and confuse me! But this Lumix is doing my head in! Then I took the last shot to date, of the clouds in the car park.
  Arrived, he said when asked that he was not so bad today. That didn’t stop the yawns coming through. He was not in such a rush today. Checked the wrist alarm batteries, and we had a gossip that went down well.

Things started to ape-shit when Richard left! So, the diary will get a bit thin now; detail-wise, sorry.

The computer screen froze


Started his tap-tapping, clanging and banging activities again. Not for as long as yesterday, about three or four hours, methinks. But there’s plenty of time for him to get out and buy more and noisier tools and Cocaine and come back and kick off again. Hehehe!

I got on with the Tuesday blog updating. But it was a long hard slog; I was making so many mistakes, even I couldn’t believe it. I spent yonks correcting stuff. No doubt I’ve missed many things. Very frustrating! Well into the afternoon by the time I got it done and posted off.

I went for at least my twelfth wee-wee, just as Herbert started clunking away again.

The landline flashedMy plans were thrashed.
She said they would pick me up in the morning for the Doctors visit at 10:00hrs. I mentioned the Friday booking for the Diabetes session. A momentarily scary silence! We do not have a booking for you this week.
Richard had told Deana for me two weeks ago of the changes made. I suppose I should have checked after last week’s welcome but unexpected lift to Bulwell. The dreaded words… ‘You’ll have to phone us in the morning at 08:30hrs. I don’t know if we can do it until then’ This is going to be fun. I tried again to contact Deana but was diverted. She must be off work ill or on holiday. This struggle to get help is so frustrating.

The fatigue fell, and I gave up. I’ll make a meal, then the evening care will be due to arrive and wake me up again; unless, of course, I don’t fall asleep… No, don’t be silly!


Fell asleep

Carer Chloe woke me up and gave me medications.

Sunset shots

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52 thoughts on “Inchcock: Wednesday 28th September 2020

  1. I have not yet passed any turds that resemble he Zophobas Morio worm. Worra worm indeed, Sir. Eats plastic according to Mr. Google; perhaps they could be raised in great numbers and released to help eliminate plastic waste. However, I *do* remember a time when an intestinal fistula allowed solids and gases to enter my urinary tract. Went to the emergency room for that one, back around 1975. Fortunately, I pissed out no Zophobas Morio worms. Haha!!
    Great photos of the parked cars, as viewed from Flat 72. As always, the red ones are the most intriguing.
    That burger does look a bit suspect, does it not?

    • Ah, now not relieving yourself of any Zophobas Morio worm like turds, is a good thing! I’m pleased. It was first passing of a such-shaped turd… and I am happy not to again.
      Breeding them for cleaning up the plastic, that was a brilliant idea, Billum!
      I bet you can remember that 1975 experience, Sir.

      • The thought of Zophobas Morio worms is more than enough, Sir. I’m now imagining a Zophobas with a head like the creature in Alien, but exiting from your exit. Haha!!
        I should send the plastic-reduction concept to the Environmental Protection Agency, or simply assign the project to one of the Crowell Manor Labs. They need merely to cut a hole through the Manor’s basement floor…but where to dig the hole, there’s the conundrum. 🙂
        I still remember the bubbles — and what appeared to be a bit of red pimento — appearing at my urinary-tract exit…and thinking: “hmm, that’s not happened before. I wonder what it’s all about.” Then heading to the nearest emergency room, about ten miles away.
        Sontar-Ha” mate!

      • I just did search for the worms Sir to fing here they dwell. And blow me down, I found a UK firm breeding and selling them?
        A scary event that. Billum. We seem to have similar distances to the ER’s, anothe link: Just checked with Google: SHerwood to the QMC ER. Weekday Public Trasport I hr 34 min – 9.1mile
        Driving 26min – 7.9 miles. I can no longer drive of course, and they didn’t even thank me handing in my Drivers Licence, how rude!
        Years after returning it, it was obviouslt too dangerous for me to drive again, I was walking to town… walking to town, that was many years ago. Haha! A van had come off of Huntingdon Street, and hit a wall, and without even thinking about not having a licence, I got the driver out with some other passers by, but dare not move the injured passenger… and the wall began to crumble. I reverses it slowly onto the forecourt where the emegency crews had arrived, and got the lady out safely. The alcohol on the drivers breath was strong. The police said they would contact me for a witness report. But they didn’t of course. I’m waffling again, I do that when something triggers the memory. Sorry, mate.
        So, I have a nearer ER then… Smug-Mode engaged. Har-har! Sontar Ha!

      • Those Morio Worms have quite a large fan-base. Well, they are much more interesting than meal worms. Purely a guess of course.
        I much enjoyed that account of you turning in your drivers license. Alcohol and driving do not mix — just a little public service announcement, brought to you by The Crowell Labs.
        A well-deserved Smug-Mode, Sir.

      • I got a little detail on the radio last night, Radio UK, a right-wing thing, but I do like…. oh, what’s his name… erm… thinamibob, owsyerfather… well, I do like him on law and order. He mentioned that the average… Huh, it’s gone! Late at night, that’s after w8:30hrs to me, Hahaha! I fade into fatigue fast, and IO’m in that area now. Well that was an interesting thing not to mention, wasn’t it, Billum.
        Guess who phoned me an hour ago to see if I enjoyed going to Bulwell (Were I got caught in the soaked at the wind and rain storm)? Esther? Summat going off here, I can sense it… bit what?
        Weekend, Carers are late again. Boy would I like to just sleep!
        Where was I? Oh, yes lost.
        I wonder how long the Sontarans sleep for?

      • I also step over those imaginary lines between right and left, neither has a lock on truth and both are populated by humans — a faulty species, whether Communists, or any other “ists”. Fascists, Hitlerian or Stalinesque. I like that word “owsyerfather”, we don’t have that one over here.
        Things that are not mentioned are also interesting, isn’t they?
        Just read and commented on the Bulwell Adventure, sometimes I is slow on the uptake. Ha!
        A good sleep is better than a good Carer. Ask Petal, who has just fallen asleep after fighting it off for circa 48 hours.
        As I’ve surely mentioned, getting lost is something I excel at. Finding my way out is even more difficult.
        I bet that Sontarans sleep far better than non-Sontarans. 🙂
        Ha Sontar!

      • Well, fancy being “owsyerfatherless” for all these years. A favourite saying of my Father. Next time you can’t remember a name you use it, Billum, and spread the word. Hahaha!
        I hope HRH can get sufficient time with SM. It’s not good. I was awake all through the night on Friday. Not good. I shall send my quota to Lisa-Petal ♥
        Herbert has started early today, like yesterday. I have returned a few clunks of my own back to him, I’m nopt proud of it, though.
        Sontar-Ha! Sontar-Ha!
        Taketh care all. ♥

      • I shall become a one-man promoter of owsyerfather, a word my father (Billum Sr.) also never used, and he was a father. Haha!!
        HRH woke up shortly afterward, and she did not meet SM again until sunrise. But now sleeping well — clear evidence that your quota was gratefully received. ♥
        Herbert probably enjoyed your clunks, he doesn’t give a tinker’s cuss. Demented Tinker!
        Have a Sontarific Sonntag, Sir and taketh careth ♥

      • Ah, I wonder how Owsyerfather is pronounced in Sonataran? Does ‘Borowmo boo sooo go’ sound about right, Billum? Hehe!
        Danged good of SM, sometomes he can be a good God. ♥
        Well, all that two-day return bashings of the high bookcade with Metal-Micky was for nothing! Tsk! Dang-it!
        Thankd for the wishes my friend, I think they worked mate. Talkative Carers, of course Herbert was ay it again. One of the best for ages, I THANK YOU!

      • “Borowmo boo sooo go” sound like a good Owsyerfather to me. I shall try it out on the next Sontaran that walks through the door. Haha!
        Much like Loki perhaps?
        Poor Metal-Micky. Good try though. Schade. Verdammt nochmal!!

      • I say, I like your Sontaran, you’ve got that off to a tee! When you take a trip in the Tardis, would have to back or forards to visit the Sontaran’s? Do you know the way to Sontar? ‘Tricky?
        Loki could go with you, mayhap?
        Lost the plot today. (Up at 03:45hrs, now 05:00hrs) Woke up passing wind, from the aroma I’d been doing it in my sleep… and tiny escapages have continued ever since I rose? Tödlich comes to mind. Hahaha!

      • Backwards or Forwards…erm…uh…hmm. I don’t know. Best check.
        Um…well…you see… Also don’t know *where* they are. Will check.
        DangSchmang. Loki is missing.
        Looks like we’ve both lost our plots, Sir. Tödlich. ganz genau.
        I fank you for the puzzlers, mate.

      • OH, no, not again… I pray for Loki’s notchulant return. ♥
        We’re not doing so well, mate, are we?
        I seem to hae stopped eating meals? I’ll nibble biscuits and nuts though? They are nearly all gone now. Haha!
        Carer Richard if off work poorly. I’ll keep you updated, worried about him.

      • We’re providing solace, advice, good will, and honed humour to our humours in place of not being at our best.
        Nibbling throughout the day on healthful plant-derived foods of different colours, textures, and taste is one of my closely held habits. Most importantly though, avoiding the Standard American Diet (SAD).
        I am hoping that Richard is able convene with SM while off work.
        Wir sehen uns!

      • I was mis-led, Billum!
        Richard was not poorly at all, they charged his rosta – Humph!
        CHeet Sie. Got to get ready for the doctors visist. TTFN

      • I haven’t written a blog entry on BillZiegler1947 dot com for yonks. Time for me to get cracking on the virtual typewriter. But I checked, yes you are listed among my followers. I have a draft on Liz Truss, why don’t I finish that? No excuse for not completing that draft this weekend. Is there? I fank you for the impetus, kind Sir!

      • The woman who volunteered to fail! Will she surprise us? Will she let us down? Will she run away? Will she reinstate capital punishment? Will she declare war on China, Russia or the Isle of Man? Hehehe!
        Blogging is taking so much linger nowadays, with all the extra medidicalisationalistical appointment. And the new ailments, unreliable care, buses… I reallt will have to think about cutting back on the blog, a great pity, but it’s doing my Health no good. But I love doing it. Mayhap, a Joke or cartoon and ode of the day, but no diary? What thinks you Sontar-Ha Billum? I do love doing them… I’m repeating mysle now. Haha! Sontar-Ha!

      • I feel sure that Liz has quite a few more plans for an unsuspecting public and is shuffling them around at this moment. Retake the colonies on the left side of the pond, invade the Isle of Wight as well?
        It’s your blog, so any changes are entirely yours. Health is more important than publishing, innit? In *any* case, I will continue to read and enjoy, whatever you decide Sir!

      • Evening, Sir Billum. Time Traveller, Inventor, Professor of Santarian Communication Translations, Tutor to the wayward tribes, Leading Ossifer of the Tardis Defence League, Laboratory designer, Underground Worm Explorer and Eco-Warrier. And a jolly good fellow, to boot!
        How is the Worlds Finest HRH, one Lisa-=Petal Angel that visited me the other night in my slumber? ♥ Please tel her family for produced for me, are al sleeping peacefully, and will be made a fuss of in the morning. ♥ I don’t like to disturd this late at night, but will check them quietly before getting mu head down.
        And Prince Alan? And the furries?
        Thanks for all your caring for me, I noe get m ore care through the ether than face to face – and I love it! ♥ Lisa and the clan care! And that is amazing for me! ♥
        I’ll keep trying blogging, Sir, but the odd one will be shorter during medicationalistical needs.
        Carer Shannon was late tonight, but still put Germolene gently on my cut and ingrowing nailed toes for me, the PHorpaion gels on the ankles. And, chatted while doing it. A treasure! Now I have the chif Treasure, Petal-Lisa, Carers Shannon, Sinead and Richard – life at this mpment doesn’t seem so bad.
        Santar-Ha, Santar-Ha… Bless you all at the Manor! ♥
        Oh, Liz will be ignored, sulk and lose the next election. But don’t tell her yet. It’ll come sppn enough for her. She came, she failed, she went!

      • That is quite a kind list of appellations, Sir. I fank you for each of them.
        Lisa-Petal-Angel indeed one-of-a-kind and without peer. A fact I’ve known since 1993. She instills each of her creations with a certain sentience and individuality, as you well know, kind Sir. They love their Carer because you treat them so very well.
        Prince Alan and the Furries are faring splendidly, always up for anything methinks. I like how you express Clan-Care, we each appreciate genuine feelings and none of it is phony or staged, ether can be more powerful a medium than face-to-face. Being amazed proves that it is real and that it is never staged — something that is never faked. Rare.
        Keep on blogging in your inimitable way, you are also one-of-a-kind. Long is not necessarily better than short. Real is enough.
        And you are a treasure as well.
        I shall remember that Liz earns being ignored. Losing the next election is something she will also earn.
        Came, Failed, Went. Quite apt!
        Survive Sunday!

      • I feel the same as thee, Sir. No falsies twixt us! So far away, but close to my heart. ♥

        Herbert has started earlt again with his banging and clumping… I hate the man… well, his actions.

      • I think I should contact the Sontarans
        (Sontaran was the language of the Sontarans. The TARDIS translation circuit gifted Bernice Summerfield an understanding of it.), I’m sure if I briberd them, they could have a word ith Herbert for me?
        Do you know their telephone number, mate?

      • I’m wondering if Sontaran is related to Klingon. I am interested in Tellurian languages but also all those ExtraTellurian tongues and the ET’s without tongues…the ones that flap their ears and wag their tails.
        I shall consult a table of random numbers for that phone number…it might take a while, mind you. Haheha!!

      • Sontaran universal police force… could well be employed by the Klingons? Good thinking.
        I’ll ask Hristina if she speaks Sontaran, she does Polish, English, Italian and Lithuanian… wot a woman!

      • Aha, I’ve this moment come up with the Sci-fi plot, mate. Sontarans and Klingons are ruling the world… Data (Played by your worthy self) comes to the rescue. Aid by Dr Who (Alan), and his assistant Angel-Lisa. Hristinaa take over the communication room, in LAboratory 28a. OVer the next 08 episodes, the world is rescued, Putin is removed to planet Gobblesod, and peace reigns on newly cleaned seas vegetarian earth!

      • There be a brilliant bit of casting, mate. I am a natural Data, Alan is the font of all knowledge, Angel-Lisa is a uniquely worthy assistant, and Hristina is ever in clear control. Putin in banishment clears the way for peace and harmony. Gobblesod is a brilliant name for a Prison Planet, even Google does not yet know of it. And I’ll even suggest that Earth go full Vegan. Haha!!

      • Hahaha! Thanks, mpot much time tp answer mete. sorry it’ll be short, Doctord.
        Richard will not have it about vegan foods. Haha!

      • Certainly not Carer Richard. He’s old school and cannot understand why we do it in th slightest. My Dad ate meat, and he lived to be 94! That’s not what it’s about, mate…
        Bless him.
        Sorry about rushing on this mornings comments Billum. Got the test done, and by Nurse Nichole too ♥. An absoultely great day, despite Etherl showing up out a spanner in the works. Chinwagged with the Easy-Link driver chappy, both ways!
        Chatted with a young lady in the waiting room at the Surgery.
        Gossiped with Nurse Nichole for a minute or two.
        I do love a good gossiping! Hehe!
        Even tried with Richard this morning, I offered him one of the roasted vegetable risottos, but he screwed up fis face and told his Dad lived to be 94 eating meat. I tried to explain tha living ling was not the aim, but he left shortly after that. Bless him.

      • I just checked with Gaia Google, Vegans represent a very small portion of the US population — 2% perhaps. There are twice as many Vegans in the UK. Vegans eschew meat as well as dairy, eggs, and all animal-based byproducts. There is approximately one Vegan at Crowell Manor and in my family tree as well. Haha but true. Sorry for the waffle, Sir. Now where did I put that vegan waffle. Haha!!
        Good on you for having such a great day. Chinwagging is excellent therapy. Having several chinwagging sessions is invaluable.

      • Loved the vegan waffle, Billum.
        The Vegan Ice Cream is no up to £2.50, from £1.50 at Iceland. Grumph! And they still have no No-Bull burgers in stock! Cragknangkes!
        THe reats for the nurses & Carer’s G&T was £1, at Morrisons… not £1.45!!!
        Your waffling is humorous, and appreciated, Sire Billum, of the Manor Laboratories!
        Bless you all! (Furries too!) ♥

      • I fank you, Kind Sir! Veganism is a belief system that encompasses a concern for the entire planet and all its sentient members. Waffling is a form of chinwagging methinks.
        Blessings to y’all. And hugs to the Family!

      • Hugs passed on to the family, BigEye Pinkie seemed fussed this morning. Haha!
        Carer Sam was not her usual self.
        Trying to explain about vegetableism to Richard is a hard job. Hehe, bless him.
        May I return my thanks for all at The Manor Laboratories, I thnaketh you! ♥

      • BigEye Pinkie is a good name.
        It is hard to explain veganism. In fact, WP does not recognize the word. Oh well.
        And the Labsters love to help, Sir.

      • I’m not certain, Billum, it may have been Cataract Katie, but his very morning, I could have sworn that BigEye Pinkie gave me a slow-wink?
        WP keeps changing its mind on me and then changes it back? No wonder I keep making more mistakes. Tsk!
        Oh, no… now Anne Gyna is kicking off again. I must get to see the quack about this… see the quack? Did I say that?

      • I’m going with BigEye P giving you a slow wink. Cataract Katie does not wink, she glares. By opine of Billumski
        WP is indeed puzzling.
        I prefer duck-quackers to medical quacktritioners. Haha!!

      • I’m with you on the Big-Eye P, Bill. Sounds right to me, thanks.
        Ah, mallard ducks with their elegan t (to me) quaking are my favourite. I used to be abkle toi get out every week to feed and talk to them at the park… I really miss that, and the walk through the tree copse… I’m getting morbid now, sorry mate.
        The DVT haematology nurse due this morning, but may nt be Nurse Hristina. Then hopefully Carer (I must have meat to live) Richard.
        NEWS FLASH: Icelamd No-Meat Lamb burgers have changed (impoved they say) the contents… they taste awlful now! Humph! And… have nearly doubled in price! Swine! I could offer the other pack to Richard… No, I’d better not!
        I hope that you treasure HRH is being treated better by SM?
        Love to the clan at the Manor Laboratories & Advice Centre. ♥

      • I love quacking ducks, but I do not like medical quacks who can’t be bothered to listen or leave their patients with empty promises.
        Iceland improves their products by adulterating their foodstuffs.
        SM has been generous for two days running.
        All Manor Labs send you, and the family, their love.

      • Bless you, Billum, Sir.
        Shame we have the same link with the medical world, mate. Humph!
        SM shall get my thanks through the ether! Yeehar!
        Nurse just arrived to take the blood. I gave her a jar of the 7-veg sauce to try, and can of 0% alcohol Gin & orange in thanks.
        Now, back to the Porcelain throne for a third visit this morning! Oh, dearie me… Hehehe! ♥

      • SM does deliver needed sleep sometimes. Have you embarked upon any somnambulant “adventures” lately?
        That Porcelain Throne beckons you muchly. I am a member of the Frequent Urinators Club. Haha!!

      • For some reason, how I used to wake finding notes of the dreams, has stopped altogether, mate? Memories alone offer nothing lately, just vagarities occasionallly, Humph!
        I don’t like to brag, but I must qualify for the ‘Both-End-Over-users Club’, Billum. Hahaha!
        I’ve got an Asda (a wholly owned subsidiary of Walmart) order being delivered today. I’d stopped using them cause the delivery was being left in the ground foyer… I remembered this after putting in the order. Most of it got nicked last time. Jenny tells me they now take it to the flat… Oh, dearie me! Ordered sone Veggie burgers and shepherds pie – but what will I get substituted with?
        Getting anxious about this.
        Lisa-Petal amd Alan… well your good worthy self as well, and the furries; Would the labs be able to produce clones and deliver them with the time machine to my little flat, do you think?
        Oh, not pets allowed, damn it! Mayhap a Data like set of pussies? A lot to task I know. Har-Har!
        Love to all. ♥

      • I always enjoyed those scraps of paper with indecipherable scrawl.
        Hauling heavy bags from the foyer is no mean feat, I’m hoping that illogical substitution do not occur with Asda. I was tempted to type Asdf (Home Keys for the left hand, doncha know?)
        I believe that the Manor Time Machinery clones. Easy for me to say Haha!! But then they wouldn’t be allowed to stay with Lisa-Petal’s Crocheted Family. Data also works in those apocryphal labs, with Spot of course. Har-Hardee-Har!
        Love from all and each ♥

      • Mornin’ Billum, Sir.
        Asda only made one substitution. I ordered two economy rolls of kitchen towels at £1.99. They sent the dearest single roll on the Market, at £3.89. Bless ’em. No mushrooms so I wasn’t charged.
        So, up to now, they are better than the average profit-seeking supermarkets.
        Their parmentier potatoes tasted superb! (with the 7-veg-sauce)
        Ah, I sees what you mean about the keyboard. Haha!
        Thanks to all at the Manor ♥… oh, I believed that Pinkie moved in the night; at this morning’s chinwag, she seemed to be in a different position to last night? Of course, Cataract Katie, Glaucoma Glenis and or Saccades-Sandra may have had something to do with this. Hahaha!

      • Very happy to hear about the Asdf (Haha!) order working out so well, you needed a break on the nosh scene, Sir.
        Pinkie is soft on you, mate. As are we ♥

      • They are all special in my HRH-Manor-made family. I love the way Pinkies eye twinkle hen I put the light on in the dark. ♥
        Got a visit from the Paramedics yesterday, Richard called them. I said it is normal for me to be in pain with the chest… but the lad sent for them anyway. Bless him. I been told not to take he Hemp anymore, how I’ll ever get to sleep without it is a challenge, but they know best. So out went £200+ worth of Hemp; I’d just bought next months supply in. Argh!
        Went smidge slashy with the razor this morning, Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley to blame. Still, the Brute after-shave stopped them bleeding… and I smell nice now too! Hehe!
        Love & thanks to all at the Manor Laboratories. Should Data call on you, give hime my kindest regards, please.

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