Inchcock: Saturday 26th November 2022

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Just as painful. The exploding right testicle had either gotten a quarter bigger, or the left one had reduced by the same amount. Still ultra-tender, delicate manipulation is needed in the event of the one every few-minutes wee-weeings! A work of art to get rid of a few fluid ounces of deep orangey-red coloured urine. Still unable to bend without severe pain resulting. But, I developed some new cries of pain. It had to be done. I was getting pissed–off (Wrong choice of wording there, methinks?) with the none-stop pain over the last six days. I’ve never had to suffer this agony it for this long and can sympathise with others in the same condition much better now. It really does grind you down.

Getting in as comfortable position as possible when you sit down, and if you find one – I readjust the ring cushion, with trial and error manipulation of edges of the chair cover, to try and get the raised areas around SOSTH. Of course, there is always something to make the bleated testicle or aching bladder innards worse.

Some things will need avoiding, like coughing! Sneezing, and I have no control over,  or the, when the every part of the body is liable to a shaking. But the worst part of getting settled as peaceably as you can is something is always going to force you to get up again. A caller at the door? The need for a wee-=wee, or the ?

Another annoying one is ! No matter that it is most agony, as my previously miniature man’s bits part as you stand, especially with bloated ball bag, I just have to get up and go and check on whatever the commands me to. Tea mashed and left on the kitchen table, Taps running in the bathroom, forget about cooking in and on the stove? Is the fridge or freezer door left open? The kitchen sink taps are left on… they have to be checked.

Without failing today… every time I’ve stood up after sitting, it’s far worse the longer I sit (imaging getting up from sleeping!) Within a minute of getting up, I always need a wee-wee! No question about that, you have to go. Sometimes you may pass a trickle, on the odd occasion, it might be almost (But never is) an actual flow, which gets me excited thinking at last… But no. The pain deletes your concentration and makes you so irritable!

Today the stomach and midriff have gotten much larger and harder?.

The evening meal. Well, the only meal, of course.

 Ater struggling to get the Health Checks…

Gave up on the computer.
Nowt else to report, can’t remember anyway.
Just want the pain to go away!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock: Saturday 26th November 2022

  1. Having a testy testi and OCD just don’t mix well. I hope those meds kick in soon. You must be in miserable shape.

    • Well put, Tim.
      Terriblr shape, that’s a perfect description.
      This morning SOSTH is unbrlirvsbly bigger! Not worde pain-wise, but it’s be really bad if it gets any worsersr. I’m on my limit with it.
      Yry I still miss Cyril jumping up on me. Hehe! Imagine a ball of fur with four short legs bounding into it.

  2. “Just as I have argued firmly for compassion and fairness in life, I believe that terminally ill people should be treated with the same compassion and fairness when it comes to their deaths…”
    — Desmond Tutu

    We “live” in a cultural cult comprised of “nice people” who treat every individual’s life decision as something that should be adjudicated for all of the seven billion homo sapiens who presently inhabit this peculiar planet. In my opinion, this is a Western conceit that takes no prisoners. I’ve read a lot of George Orwell’s thoughts that go way beyond 1984 and Animal Farm. “Shooting an Elephant” and “A Hanging” are two short stories that have taught me volumes about so-called Western Civilization. Both are freely available online; I can send you links to them.
    Lisa and I feel the same way as Tutu. And for the very same reasons as you.

    • We’re all together on that one Sir!
      I’m at my limit of pain tolerence now, mate.
      Tim hit it on the button as to hoe I fell this morning: Had to get Carer Richard to haul me out of the recliner, naturally wanting a wee-wee as I got on my feet, a humble half-sprinkle that was more painfull than ever.
      Thank heavens for Richard and the family.

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