INCHIE TODAY: Saturday 21st January 2023

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Pandemonium! Everything delaying, interfering and stopping things from getting done. Hence the worst Diary ever. I did get the top bit done, though. And that took until 13:00hrs! Sorry!

The Catheter tubing was causing bleeding again from little Inchies fungal lesion. The Mystery stabbing pains have persisted,  wearing me down

Fait dollop of wee in the night catheter.

Terrible morning view photo.

The light bulb needed changing.
I couldn’t get up the step ladder…
Tall Carer assisted!

Ah, that’s better. Thank you.

Carer Richard’s donated minder whiteboard.
No lift for Monday is available.
The taxi, I suppose?

Cor, the little day catheter bag filled up quickly.

An hour later, again!

Then the wee-weeing stopped?

Evening meal, not bad.
Flavour Rating: 7/10.

Followed by a pot of porridge.
A drop of raspberry syrup was added.

Woken by Carer Carole-Anne.
Who gave the painkillers to me.
And added the night bag to the catheter.
Earlier, Carer Kara tried to get me logged back onto
Internet banking. It wouldn’t let us. She’d not got much time and will try again later. Bless ’em. ♥

Could I get back to sleep?
Well, no, not for ages.

Sorry not much on this blog.
Time is so precious…
But, all the medicationings…
Catheter changing and emptying…
Even getting dressed and washed is time-consuming nowadays.
Cooking with one hand and trying to use the walking stick…
The wearying Mystery Rib Pains…
And my wandering stubborn brain…
Fretting and worrying away…

It’ll get better again one day…

8 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Saturday 21st January 2023

  1. Nice ode to Katherine the Great Catheter. That’s an excellent terrible morning photo. The photo of the computer screen across the room is great, also. It looks like a window with Windows in it. I think you should hang your catheter with a half full bag of urine in the Tate after it’s finally removed. I think it would be a pisser of a success at the Tate. The art lovers could discuss if it’s half full or half empty. A C-rated meal with a porridge chaser was perfect. Decent vitals as well.

    • Had me laughing there, Tim, I needed that!
      Ah, the Tate. They refused the photos of mu ulcers and leg – But surely Katherine cannot be ignored? Haha!
      I imagined a picture of the beatniks discussing it. Hehe!
      Cheers, Tim.

      • Katherine and a bag of urine wouldbe much more interesting than the receipt that is taped to the wall at the Tate.

      • Receipt? Ivoice? I dhsll have to find time to investigate this, Tim. Hehehe!
        Just got back from the Doc’s, mate. About to start updating uesyrtdayhs blog, as for today, a, minimalist version methinks.
        Appointment coming for Urology at the City Hospital comind, and one at the QMC for the vein bleed. That’s if the Cataract, Coppice Mental Health or Glaucoma op’s interfere. Oh, I’ce got the Medication Meeting on Thursday… never a dull moment. Dhe’s going to issue dome sdtronger pain killers on the next prescription list – she said… Shee asked a questiuon that made me laugh, and she didn’t appreciate it I don’t think; “Have to had any falls?” If one thing is guaranteed, its that I’ll have a fall. I laughed, she didn’t. Then hse asked me to sign a form, after picking ‘Do not Resusitate – and I prefer to die in hospital/Home option. I picked in hospital – best to snuff it looking at a oretty nurse than the vatheter with blood in it! Hahaha!
        Ah, water at the flats is going off from 09:00 to 15:00hrs Thursday as well. As if need to make a point,,, the Fire Alarm has just gone off!

      • You have a lotta stuff to deal with, and here they go turning off the water. There’s an are exhibit at the Tate that is a grocery receipt taped in the middle of a large blank wall.

      • Cheers Tim. Just has a close look. I see it captivated the Eveing Standard readers – no comments on it.
        By blood filled catheter this mroning is more appealing.
        Then again, so was blood coming from my rear end. Hahaha! Mind you, the photo was not easy to take, and came out a blurr.
        Cheers, Sir.

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