Advertisements we can expect to see in 2064


If there are any trees left to produce newspapers by then

If prices go up at the same rate as they have done for the last 50 years?…..

Adverts in 2064: This weeks offers!


Cameron-Clegg Almalgamated Food Mega-Stores

(Originally Tesco & Sainsbury’s until Tony Blair bought them out and gave the company to Cameron and Clegg as a Christmas present in 2045)

This weeks offers!





Selection of cut-price Vintage Books:

William Hagues’s 2016

F6Price: £14,299.99 – Reduced to £14,299.98

F7Vladimir Bartlomiej Ivanovic’s 2024

How both of the English football players in the league are ruining the game!

Price: £947.29 – Down to £499.99 + agents fee of 25%



David Cameron’s

My political Lies of the past two years – 2044

Price: Volume One – 199 pages – £250 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Two- 220 pages – £255 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Three- 245 pages – £256 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Four – 256 pages – £257 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Five – 268 pages – £258 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Six – 289 pages – £259 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Seven – 324 pages – £350 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Eight – 345 pages – £365 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Nine – 405 pages – £375 + 2000% VAT

Price: Volume Ten – 487 pages – £399 + 2000% VAT

Newspaper Headlines 2062?




Take care each…

Inchcock Today: Mon/Tue 8/9thSept 2014


Monday 8th September 2014

Up at 0500hrs. WC.

I’ve arranged for me deliveries to arrive today. Morrison’s and Asda nosh, and me toaster via Yodel.

ETAs given:

Asda nosh 0600>0800hrs

Morrison’s 0900> 1000hrs

Yodel 1100>1300hrs

If they all come at the agreed times I can still get then to me Warfarin level tests this afternoon, otherwise if any one of them is late, I’ll end up with two tests tomorrow at the hospital and the laundry to do. (We’ll see how me luck runs)

Made a cuppa, took med’s…


Started laptop, did graphics and finished posts.

I got loads done and posted, and had to wait at the window for me deliveries.

Asda nosh 0600>0800hrs – Arrived 0705hrs

Morrison’s 0900> 1000hrs – Arrived 1000hrs

Yodel 1100>1300hrs – Arrived 1919hrs


I was late with me evening medications. ‘cause I was waiting to the Yodel delivery that came – and I was late with taking me evening medications.

Ah well, I’ll go and get me tests done tomorrow then…

Tuesday 8th September 2014

Up at 0500hrs.


Blood cleaned up.

Came down and found I’d left the front door unlocked overnight, Tsk!

Started laptop, did a bit of WordPress viewing – Totally forgot about my laundry, made a cuppa and took me medications.


Got  the nurses treats and forms filled in ready for the INR tests, got missen prettied up (Mammoth daily task that) shaved and washed.

Set off to the bus stop, and caught bus into town. Called in Tesco and got some cream cakes for the gals in haematology, then caught bus out to the QMC hospital.

Mon01busFinished off me Eric Morecombe book en route, I’ll take that with me other bits to the Nottingham Hospice shop tomorrow (Said him fully confident that he’ll remember).

I took photo of the bus when I got off of it. A Mercedes bus, private company but I’m allowed to use me bus-pass on em.

Mon02aWhen I got to the Queens Medical Centre entrance, I was greeted with about a hundred people waiting outside, ‘cause the fire alarm had been activated. Yet through the window I could see dozens of people noshing away in the cafeteria… well they don’t call them that nowadays do they now it’s a Coffee shop, where you can take out a mortgage and buy a cup of fancy Mon02qmccoffee.

We were soon admitted, and I picked up the free Metro en route to the Haematology dept for me tests, took a ticket and sat awaiting me number to be called.

I got in, and the nurses were tickled pink with their cream cakes and nibbles.

Being as I’d caught the buses to get there, I decided to take a walk back into town to keep the knees oiled like.

Mon03MercAs I passed the old entrance gate to Wollaton Park, I noticed it was now occupied by the Mercedes, sad that.

Further down Derby Road on me hike, I saw the Rose & Crown public house had been done-up. Thought it looked so nice, I took a photo of it.

I limped on, and when I passed Mon04RoseCanning Circus, I took a different route through the (Privately owned and ran ‘Park’ area), that I thought would bring me out near the Audio centre I use.

It didn’t.

I eventually came out on Maid Marion Way, which suited me better, because I was going to the Chinese shop to get some veg-meat snacks. Which I did.

Walked down through the town centre, not many folk about today.

Mon05apubAs I passed a pub on me way to catch a bus to Fulton’s in Arnold to get some more microwave sausage, I saw through the open doorway, two deadly Mobility Scooters, with the drivers downing the plonk on the seats next to them. Scares me you know, these scooters, well the drivers if em. No law saying they need to take a test, or have insurance. This made me wonder about drink driving on a Mobility Scooter? I shuddered”

Mon6aScootCaught the bus to Arnold, and popped into Fulton’s, where I managed to get some sausages and lollies.

I crossed the road, and waited at the bus stop. I’d put me bags on the floor to sort out me bus-pass, and a Mobility scooter driving lunatic drove over one of me bags! She just carried on as if nothing had happened. I whipped out me camera and took a snap.

Caught the bus home, by which time I was shattered and weary.

Got me head down to try and sleep, but…