Inchcock Today: Mon 12th January 2015

What a night of dreams!

In one I was out in the wild countryside in storms… trying to drive a tractor then a bus full of people… found myself on foot trying to cross fast moving water in a ditch… couldn’t get through it although it seemed only a few inches deep? Then I was on a piece of high land in a flood… too scared to go into the dirty fast moving water I was calling for help through a rolled up newspaper as the rain and lightning persisted? Found myself lying in a ditch minus my left leg? … I was eating my hearing aids with a drink of bleach?

That must have have been my last dream because the others I can sense their panic giving nature but no details.

Up to the WC about 0300hrs.

Laptop started, drink of spring water, passed wind and rushed back to the WC. (Close call this one)

Got me posting done to the League of Mental Men site, then started graphics for the third post in me series about the Zimmer Frame Squeaks. Took a few hours over this.

Took me medications and pondered on the tasks I have to do today.

Got some advice on covert cameras from cyber friends yesterday. I’m a bit busy with things to tend to, but will look into the ideas given me. Some good ones too.

Spit polished scrubbed and creamed myself, took a look outside and saw the rain and wind a-blowing and decided to catch the bus instead of walking today.

Caught the bus into town then another out to the Queens Medical Centre (Much praise and thanks for the senior citizens bus-pass again).


Well at least 50% of the pedestrians on Market Street managed to stay on the pavement!

Just walking from one bus-stop to another three cyclist belted passed me on the pavement – Grrrr!

I took two photographs from the shelter and dryness of the bus through the window – through the window of the bus I was on not the a bus through the window… I’ve lost this, I’ll move on sorry.

0104busThe first one I thought typified the pedestrian of Nottingham and their habit, or even stubborn insistence on walking in the  roadway and not on the pavements! Bless their cotton socks.

The second was supposed to be of the Gambling Casino but didn’t show up too well. Tsk!

The bus got me to the Queens Medical centre in no time at all… I thanked the driver James Hunt as I alighted the bus at the QMC.


What a car park queue

As I was walking into the building I espied the poor motorists queuing for the car-park below again.

I even remembered that due to my having misplaced (Lost) me Anticoagulation Record Card (Again!) to go up to the forth floor and get another replacement.

They were very kind and didn’t get onto me at all (Much). Well, they did give me their now infamous glare that said “The silly bugger again!” I think it’s inbred in them after my forgetting and losing me card so often. I can’t blame em at all.


Ladies shop at the QMC

As I came down to the corridor afterwards (I managed the stair rather well I thought today. WordPress Warning! -Lie mode detected!)

I spotted they have a small ladies attire/clothing shop in operation on B floor and very reasonable prices too.

The change machine at the bank on the same floor had been vandalised though. Tsk!

Picked up a free Metro newspaper and onward to the haematology department took me ticket and sat in the queue reading it and filled in me form. My number was called within an hour and I got in to have me INR Warfarin level test done – and a jolly good chin-wag with the nurses who accepted me bag of nibbles with great glee.

As I left a little cheered, the rain had really started to poureth down.

Caught a bus into town and walked down into the square remembering to call at the bank to confirm me insurance had gone through. Saw the same chap as last time so got it confirmed within minutes.

Then off to the Chinese food shop nd got a bag of original seaweed and a bag of a new type I’d not seen before.


Gloom descends in Nottingham. Nothing new at all there then! Hehehe!

Then up to the Boots opticians here me new varifocals were ready and had yet another good chin-wag with the very comely lady indeed who looked after me and found time for a laugh at the same time bless her muchly.

Gloomy weather as I approached the slab square, but the rain was only light now.

More cylcists on the pavements as I went up King Street.

0108TrinityWI paid a visit to the Jewellery shop window and took a photo of another of the masks in the window display to show the TFZ gals on Facebook. There was a price tag on it, but bent around so I couldn’t make out what it was.

I bit of a kerfuffle taking place at the… what do you call them, where ladies have their nails done – nail shop I suppose. The police went in and I moved on out of the way .

Down to the bus-stop and off I went back to Carrington.

Remembered to call at the GP and put request in for extra pain-killers and pain-gel. Pleased with misself there!

On the bus I thought how well I’d done to remember everything – huh! Realised I’d forgotten to take me walking stick to be repaired – to get me hearing-aid batteries – to take me library book back and to have a look in Currys at the covert cameras! (Double Tsk!).


Closed today – damp and depression took hold for some reason?

My temporary high spirits melted away.

As I was walking from the bus to the hovel I took a picture of the Pottery Shop not far from my decaying domicile.

I moved back to pig-sty and got to the WC in time.

Made a flask of tea and got started on this diary.

Inchcock Today: Sunday 11 January 2015

What a night – it felt like I was waking up every few minutes and sweating over a dream and needing to visit the porcelain each time – but can I remember any of them in detail? No! I hate that. And the Arthur Itis visited knees and feet weren’t too keen when I had to get up so often. Hehe!

About 0415hrs I remembered the new flask that was besides me, and tested out how warm the tea had kept in it by taking me medications a little early but still. Warm enough to help them down, just.

Laptop on and sent emails to sister Jane and brother-in-law Pete – then thought oh dear… what if their mobile phones give off a noise to alert them of the emails coming in at this time in the morning? Whoops, in trouble now…?

The new cheapo Tartan pyjama bottoms were wonderfully warm and at £3 one can’t complain – well one could but one wouldn’t be justified in doing so.

Spent a good few hours doing graphics and facebooking.

Then got myself ready for another walk out in the wind.

Set off the wind gin was strong but not cold with it,  bit unnatural really.

When I got to the church I decided not to go to town, but have  walk to Asda to see if they had any of their Potato Gratins I could purchase. And it’s not as far as walking to town – mind you thinking of it there is no bus service to come back on – so it made it further to walk than walking to town… if yer see worra mean like.

0701 Walking down the side of the Forest recreation ground there were signs of wind damage.

Twigs even branches from the trees were scattered all over the pavements and in the gutters.

I didn’t see any signs of Nottingham Street Art anywhere today.

As I got to the tram-stop I observed an age-old traditional Nottingham trait in action. Despite there being very few people about being Sunday like, there were still two Nottinghamians walking 0702down the middle of the road. On this occasion on the tram lines!

Bless em.

As I turned the corner a cycist on the pavement came towards me at speed and I honestly had to move or he would have hit me head-on?

To quick for me to get me Camera out though.

The Git!

0706I poddled on up the road to the Asda (Walmart) store and had a good wander around the store, starting with the clothing section.

Well, I had to test the camera didn’t I?

So took a photo of the brassier section for the girls on the Troll Free Zone to discuss and comment on. I (Honestly)


0703I espied a display of booties? Not sure if they were slippers or some other form of footwear but they looked warm so I can send the piccy to me Sister and see if she’s like  me to get her a pair.

At this point I noticed a supervisor following me and giving me funny looks.

I smiled at her and got me camera out again and took a photo of a poster in the gents section of a motif printed T-shirt – it had a Gorilla wearing sunglasses (Shades they call them nowadays… I’m learning yer know), a toothpick in its mouth and the words ‘Chillin and Gorillin on the front? 0704I’m not sure what this indicated?

Is Chillin and Gorillin a music group for style like Rap or something?

I spent a bit more time wandering round just to tease the lady monitoring my actions. Hehe!

Then much to surprise I came across some of the Tartan pyjama bottoms very much like the one’s I bought from 0705Primark for £3 the other day – and Asda were selling them at £8 each! So if anyone is going to buy pyjama bottoms with a nice Scottish blue and red tartan that I assure you are nice and warm get them from Primark quick before they sell out!

I moved into the food section and thought to myself (I do a lot of that) it’s no wonder the ones I got are warm, I got the XXL size in error for the XL and they come up to about 2 inches below my nipples and are still bunched at me ankles. Cosy though all the same.

I got a pack of the Potato-Gratin, some tiny pots of mandarins in jelly and bisuits. Then I went to have a look at the bread on offer.

There was some wholemeal wraps on offer according to the sign £1.49 down to £1 a go, so I got a packet and made me way to pay for them.

When I got outside and the bags balanced I plodded back towards the hovel and sod me if another bloke on hte pavement on a bike came around the corner and nearly clobbered me!

Getting a bit fed-up with this now.

As I walked on two police cars belted passed blues and twos activated. then two fire tenders joined them going in the direction of me flea-pit.

That reminded me that I forgot to go back to the bank about checking that my insurance is valid?. I must go on the way back from the INR Warfarin level checks tomorrow at the Queens Medical Centre haematology!

0707As I came to the end of the Boulevard, sod me it happened again! A bloke and his son on bikes on the pavement this time. I shouted at them and got me camera out but they were well away by the time I took the photo.

I must investigate getting a covert camera that I can download to me old laptop. The one’s at Maplin’s only do Windows 7 and above… Tsk! That’s three photos of illegal activities (Riding a pushbike on the pavement) that could have been in me armoury to send to… the newspaper, the police? Someone who would take an interest in the dangers to elderly and not very mobile persons fears. Rant over, thank you.

I slipped the pigeons a few seeds on the way back to the dump. Maybe tomorrow I can get to feed me mallards… they have returned.

Got in WC’d.

As I was putting me things away I noticed that Asda had charged me £1.49 for the bread wraps?. I suppose I may have read the wrong ticket or something like that. Tsk!

The knees had not been so bad today, but as I was putting the stuff int fridge, me fingers froze and I dropped on of me mandarin in jelly pots – but I was lucky it didn’t break. I bent down to pick it up and a crack and pain emitted from me lower back. Sod-it I think I said.

Made me flask of tea, took me medications and settled to watched a DVD of the 1966 World Cup final.