Inchcock Today: 31st December 2014

Sprang awake around 0130hrs.

Laid for a while trying to recall the dreams I knew I’d had, but only bits came back to me this morning.

‘I think I was driving a steam train and ran out of coal and put walking sticks in place of coal into the boiler?’

‘Being chased or chasing someone up stair corridors etc.’

That’s all I can remember.

Eventually I rose started the laptop, WC’d and went down and made a cuppa, taking me camera with me I went outside to take the bin bags to the bins… the door had partly frozen to the frame and I had a devil of a job opening the frozen dustbin lid to put the bags into it. The ice on the pavement was deadlier than yesterday by far so.


Bit of scraping or de-icing required?

Took a photo of a car parked outside the hovel, the well frosted windscreen would need some attention before whoever owns it can move it safely this morning.

I decided that no going out today would be my daily motto – too risky!

Later the temperature on Google for Nottingham was showing -2ºc (38ºf), but it felt even lower to me.

0302aI took me cuppa up, WC’d and finished yesterday’s diary and started this one.

Well fancy that… BT internet connection went down.

I am surprised (Lie mode adopted here).

Isn’t it about time someone let them know that we are fed-up with the service they do not provide despite their lying claims?.

Mind you, trying to understand anyone on their so called helpine even for someone without poor hearing is not an easy job at all. Tsk!

Went down and made a cuppa to take me medications with.

I watched a documentary on The Sinking of the Estonia on Youtube… sorry I did afterwards, depressed myself something awful, poor devils!

Turned off the computer, had missen a scrub-up shave, teggies done and clean(ish) clothes on and decided to risk a walk just to the shop nearby, a Lidl… well yer cant be picky in this weather can yer.


Flippin’ ice!. (Sorry about the bad language)

I think the pavements were a tad easier to walk on this morning, well afternoon now.

I had the greatest of pleasure that I’ve had in a long time when a cyclist actually on the pavement that was more iced up than the road skidded and came off his bike. tickled me pink that did. I don’t think he appreciated my laughing out loud at all. Hehehe! Wonderful! Marvellous! I was so overjoyed I had to take care not to slip over and do a ‘‘Whoopsiedangleplop’ myself.

I fed the pigeons near the cut-through and plodded on to the shop. Where I purchased a Pork Farms pork pie, two cheesey cobs and a lemon curd flavoured swiss roll. As Duncan from said in a comment wot he left me yesterday another veritable feast compared to wot he lives on. I don’t believe him really. Well maybe I do.

The lady/girl on the till must have been new to the Lidl job she didn’t snarl or sneer at me at all?

I hope the ice clears enough in the morning for me to get a good walk in.

0302cI set out to walk back to the flea-pit and noticed the traffic lights that fell off the overhead indicators at the pelican lights had been replaced. I wonder when they were done… no one tells me anything yer know. Tsk!

I waddled gingerly home on the ice and just made it to the WC on time. It was a close call.

The mail had been delivered when I got back, three items of which I am no going to open.

Hang on…

The first one is a Christmas and New year card from L.R.Johnson, author of the best fiction book I’ve ever read: Erskine Quint Intrepid adventurer extraordinaire.

Les beach

Cheers Les

Les has helped me when I was down and poorly despite his being so busy.

Cheers Sir Les. The best of luck with Erskine and a brilliant new year Sir!

I will now open the second letter… hang on again please…

Awe.. this one is from Patti Bekert in America, a cyber-friend and blogger who has suffered a lot with medical problems and has supported me in my bit of bother so unceasingly I am ever in her debt. She’s witty, clever brave and caring.

A lovely card and painting for me. That is my only present this year, and more valued than anything could have been.

P Doves

Thanks Patti – perfect!

Bless you Patti. Lots of love and thanks.

The third bit of mail I recognised straight away, it’s the INR level tests results, I’ll open it now…

Oh that’s good it’s the closest to the target figure that it’s ever been, INR 3.3, the trget is INR 3.5.

So three bits of good news.

I don’t think I’m confident with all this good news… something’s got to go wrong surely with my luck? Hehehe!

Got woken up at midnight of course by the fireworks and celebrating New Year neighbours. I thought the end of the world had come. Tsk!