Inchcock Today: Thurs 15th Jan 15

Up around 0235hrs in urgent need of painkillers and the WC.

Tended to both, then I set about thinking about the possibility and practicability of giving thought to the eventual workability of giving consideration to the probability of actually getting up and the hazards and attainableness along with the plausibility and validity along with the health risks of moving within the next hour…

Bits of the dreams were milling about in my phyche but by the time I’d started the laptop to record them here, they had drifted into the ether again.

I got up after 4 hours on the laptop facebook blog and bog.

Took medications and repeatedly passed wind to the point that I think I changed colour?

0401LyntDid graphic for Lynton Cox as it’s his birthday – he tells me he is 24 now?

Got missen washed and brushed up and got the things ready for a walk into town – but changed me mind as soon as I opened the door and the wind blew the rain in!

I put a scarf on and me shoes that did not leak and poddled to the bus-stop in the rain and caught one into town.

0402MiltonDropped off at Victoria Centre and walked along Milton Street.

Looking a bit murky I thought.

That was until a few minutes later when I got to the end of the road and the darkness loomed.

Then a bit of sunshine came through and it stayed like that spot of sun in the gloom then overcast and down came the rain all day!

I walked over to Clinton Street and made my way to Primark where I hoped to get a couple of the thermal shirts and a hat from. My current hat is coming unstitched. Tsk!

0404Prim01I managed to just avoid a twat in a mobility scooter running me over as I turned the corner. One of those that the council hire out for free.

I went into Primark and took a photo from near the rear-entrance where I entered the shop from because it is higher and the ladies section was below.

I made my way down and got the escalator up to the gents clothing department.

Had a good roam around and managed to get the last three shirts in stock!

I had look at their shoes but was not impressed, and while doing so remembered my slippers are falling to pieces at home so took a gander at their selection. They were all the slip-on type so I decided to go look at what the Shoe Zone store had to offer.

On my way out I took some photo’s of what the TFZ gals call ‘Bling’ – jewellery to post on Facebook! Nobody seemed to take any notice of my photographicalisationing today.

0405USAOut into the weather and walked along Bridlesmith Gate in the shoe shops direction.

As I passed the American Apparel store the sky suddenly lit up as the sun was allowed through – for a short while anyway.

Mind you, by the time I’d reached the end of Bridlesmith Gate the darkness 0403Clintonhad descended again as I turned right down to Chapel Bar.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for a Big Issue seller at the bottom of Regent Street, wet and cold he was doing his best to sound cheerful bless him, so I slipped him a couple of quid and a bit of loose change.

Then turned right and down to the Shoe Zone shop. They have such a wide range of interesting and young style shoes WPliefor gents I always go there for my shoes… ooh er… Alright then… their cheap!

I had a wander around and sneaked some more photographs of ladies boots and children’s footwear for the TFZ gals. Again, nobody seemed to notice me?

0408SlippI found some men’s slippers with Velcro fasteners on offer at £6 ($9.11) a pair 0r Two pairs for £8 ($12.14)(AUD$11.05)! So I grabbed two pairs and went to pay for them.

As I got outside I realised I’d been charged £12 ($18.22)! So I went to wet bench although the rain had stopped and checked out the slippers, the only difference was the colour – one blue and one brown pair?

I returned to the store and the chap said that only one pair of the slippers was on the offer with the pink tag?

I inquired why that was… nicely like. He shrugged and informed me he didn’t make decisions like that.

0409slabA tad dejected I made my way to the Slab Square, where I noticed they had cleared all the stalls and ice-rink etc completely now.

I took my midday medications a little late like but still.

The sky had brightened up a bit, but the clouds were perceivably moving at a good rate of knots.

By the time I’d reached the top of King Street the darkness had returned.

0410artI visited the jewellery store where the moving polar bear display was last week but they had gone – bought possibly?

In Trinity Square I spotted my first bit of Nottingham Street Art of the day.

Can you make out what food is (or was) from this photograph?

Doesn’t say a lot for Nottingham food outlets when even the pigeons wont go near it!

I caught the bus back to Carrington and called in the Co-op shop to get some cobs.

Back to the flea-pit WC’d and read the mail that had been delivered. One from the bank, one from the dentist and one from the hospital.

Put me things away and got the laptop going… slowly, but going.

BingShoesSister Jane email received. Told me she was not feeling too well and decided to go to bed and have a cuppa and a good read of the paper.

She sent me a photo of why she did not!. Hehe

Took me medications with me meal – Last of the pork loin in me cobs and some fries.