Inchcock Today: Sun 26th Feb 2017:

Sunday 26th February 2017

Esperanto: Dimanĉo 26 februaro 2017


Up at 0300hrs, some good news for once in the wet-room. Little Inchy not bleeding or sore either. Duodenal Daniel giving me a nice rest, even Anne Gyna was in a calm mood. Arthur Itis his usual self. Just this sniffling and sneezing at the moment. So no complaints medication-wise.


Got the health checks done, the (2nd) Dia reading was worryingly high at 101, but later on, the second check showed it was back down again?

Can anyone please tell me how to Format Excel to get the total of cells C9 H9 & M9 divided by three? I wanted to get the average reading for the week for Dia, Sys, Pulse & Temperature, but seem unable to find a way, and when I look up advice on the net there are may symbols and things I don’t understand.

Doing well with these lately despite the Whoopsiedangleplops. Hehe!

cropped-7sun03a.jpgTook the medications and sorted out the week’s dosage pots.

001I don’t think I got anything mixed up this week… but, we’ll find out later. Haha!

Got on with finishing and doing some more graphicalisationing for the TFZer site.

This one was my favourite, took a few hours, but I do enjoy doing them if they like them.

Finished another two, and will post them on Facebook later.

Hope they all like em, I love it when they do.

When it began to get light this morning, I nipped into the kitchen to make another cup of nice strong Thompson’s tea and saw how pretty but foreboding the cloud formations were and I took a photo to the left and right through the window.


Whats look at first glance like a bird in the first one, turned out when I zoomed in, to be a gnat or midge close to the glass! Hehehe!

Got on with updating this diary after I’d finished yesterday’s one.

Sister Jane rang. Got told off. Hehe!

Did some searching for the notes of jobs I made yesterday. No luck at all, huh!

Spent more time doing Facebook and CorelDrawing. During which the trots returned with a vengeance, so the porcelain is in heavy use, not productive use, but heavy use. Hehe! Humph! Rang Olive, to say I dare not go round to see her for fear of passing on the bug, which had come on a bit quick? Oh, ‘eck!

My flipping luck continues dunnit: I put the highly priced Quorn Vegetable lasagne in the oven, to find that the plastic tray has a tiny hole in it – another mess and burnt finger cleaning it up – Argh! Had to rescue what I could and put it in a foil tray, added some cheese slices on top and back into the oven… then I went back to the porcelain on another false alarm!

6sat07The meal came out alright, though.

The cheese was nicely burnt a bit and Quorn Lasagne was very nice indeed.

I even managed to use the apple slicer without cutting myself.

Took ages and ages to get to sleep, far too long for me to get caught up on any, but still.

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