Inchcock Today: Sat 25th February 2017

 Saturday 25 February 2017

Luxembourgish: Samschdeg 25 Februar 2017


An almost 6 hour, dream-free (At least I think so) sleep ended when I sparked into life with an urgent mission to get to the porcelain… and only just got out of the £300 second-hand shudderingly refusing to lower me down so I had to climb out of it recliner and onto the throne in time! Phew!

6sat01Laundry room duties to perform today, so I gathered the requirements needed and headed down and got the clobber into the washer on short mode. Had to sweep up a bit, cause someone had been eating a takeaway and bits of food were scattered around the floor, the smell from the bin where they had dumped the box, offered no help in my trying to work out what it was they had – the odour seemed a mixture of stale fish and curry to me. Still, it took my mind off of the depression and boredom for a while.

Up to the flat, where I got the health readings done and recorded on my new Excel sheet where I’ve now got the three daily checks in a single line… and have at last worked out how to get an average of certain cells to record automatically. And it only took me five hours to find how to do, yesterday. (Sad innit?)


I think the Average cells will give a reading that is correct for the week for each of the three readings when I’ve completed the week in full. I still can’t yet work out how to get an average for the full week yet, but I’m working on it. (Not easy being a thick psittacism ridden ultracrepidarian yer know. Huh!)

Back down with some more washing, towels, dressing gown and jammies, but them in the washer on short mode after I’d moved the others stuff into the dryer, back again up to the flat and got on with finishing yesterday’s diary off with a nice cup of tea.

Down again and moved the clothes from the washer into the dryer with the first load… clever stuff eh? And I remembered to keep them separate to prevent the bits of fluff sticking to the other clobber?

6sat02Yet again back to number 72 where I started this diary off and going.

Note the timer thingamajig on the printer, I felt I was well organised this morning – being aware that thinking confident things like this usually forebodes Whoopsiedanglplops, failures or defeat that is in the air and imminently coming my way! Oh dear!

Down yet once again to collect the washing – all seemed dried, sorted and folded them in order and departed the laundry room – actually trapping just one finger in the heavy fire-door, it had to be the finger that I cut yesterday didn’t it? And trapped exactly where the cut was. Nice little bruise coming now. That feeling of foreboding didn’t take long to materialise did it… Humph!

Back up into my miniature window leaking, burnt saucepan containing flat, put the stuff away, made another cuppa, took the medications and applied the creams and lotions and back onto the computer to update this tosh.

Checked the note of things to do:

  1. Go to a new bank and see how to transfer money to new account from old bank that is going broke.
  2. Call at Dentist to check appointment because I’ve downloaded G Suite which has deleted all my calendar and YouTube history and settings?
  3. To Post Office get package and details of how to send a parcel to Australia.
  4. See Warden Deana for help over TV Licencing letter: Also, the window repairs after waiting in on the day I reported it (Not been out since) and being told they would come within four hours and they came ten hours later at midnight, did nothing and told me they would send someone Friday morning twixt 0800 > 1200hrs and I didn’t move out of the flat, lost sleep and no one arrived.
  5. Check with clinic due to item 3
  6. Check with surgery and Warfarin list due to item 3
  7. Commit Hagi Kari (Optional)  Hehe!

I thought at one time, I’d become omniscient, but realised I was a fainéant, at best.

I phoned Olive see how she was going, she sounded good. She said I could call to see her before lunch as she was being picked up to go to afternoon tea with the family. (But I was back from the shopping too late.)

7sun01I hobbled up through the park and into Sherwood, called in the shop that is closing down and got some bargains. Caramel Chocolate Peanuts, Black Bean sauce, Soap capsules, Chocolate Almonds, Mr Muscle cleaner each with 50% off.

I felt a bit sorry for the staff, but they all seemed cheerful enough. I imagine they will be relocated at another branch or they will be taken on by the buyers, which is Tesco, I believe.


Sorry aboutSorry about the face in this one.

Wandered down to Wilko’s and got a replacement saucepan at a good price, £3. A washing brush and two replacement pads for £2.50, a small Citrus deodorant spray for only 50p too.

Got some pork & mushroom pate for tonight’s planned salad of sorts.

The maroon and white box on the lower left of the above photograph… I suppose there will be some doubting personages who think it might 6sat07contain two iced strawberry and cream buns?

You are right, Hehehe!

I was hoping to give one to Olive, but I got back to the flat too late to visit her.

I’ll just have to eat them both.

Caught the bus back up the hill and had a natter with some other residents on it.

Got in and put the things away and took the photos. Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were being nice to me today, Reflux Roger and Duodenal Donald were too. Only Haemorrhoid Harry and Dizzy Dennis were playing up at this stage.

I was appreciating this relief when I remembered all the jobs I had to get done on Monday and or Tuesday, Tsk!

Did some graphicationalisationing on CorelDraw/Paint.

Had me nosh and settled to watch TV, fell asleep at first commercials, woke up a 0300hrs and got up.


3 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sat 25th February 2017

  1. Hi Inchy – looking at the screen shot of your excel spreadsheet, looks like only time the average figure for your weekly readings is going to be correct is when you’ve entered 7 days data – I’m guessing you’ve manually entered a formula in your average cell to add the values of the numbers you’ve entered in the cells corresponding to the readings for Monday through to Sunday and then divide the total by 7

    better, and simpler, to use Excel’s built in Average function to calculate an accurate moving average for the data you input

  2. I don’t understand Excel either, might take me more than 5 hours to do something similar, LOL. Your poor abused finger <3 hope it heals up soon & that your tomorrow is a good one 🙂

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