Gerry’s Photographicalisational Poddle Around a Wet Nottingham City Centre

Arrived in the City Centre on Upper Parliament Street

Wonderful mix of old & new

Walked up Heathcoat Street.


The beautiful design from Watson Fothergill, the designer genius building with protective fencing?


Perhaps these amazing depictions were dangerous?


Nottingham Street Art near the Private Cinema come theatre.

Onto Goosegate and up and left into Fletcher Gate.


The Trams with the Fare Dodgers all ready to mount the next tram coming along. They are very busy these chaps and gals and usually work in fours!


Old and new Nottingham side by side.

Down Bottle Lane, another mixture of buildings.


To Bridlesmith Gate and on to St Peter’s Gate.


The Church still going strong.

I popped into M&S to look for some clothing but came out empty handed.

Along back up to Clinton Street.


The rain came again


This did not upset these gals.


A few caught out with no brolly.


Nottinghamians checking out any unsecured building in between shoplifting and mugging? Hehehe! Only joking!


Out of Clumber St, back onto Upper Parliament Street to catch the bus home.

6 thoughts on “Gerry’s Photographicalisational Poddle Around a Wet Nottingham City Centre

  1. That first building (& a few of the others) was quite beautiful, I love buildings with character rather than the cold sameness of the modern variety

    • I do so agree with you, petal.
      Last night I watched the final of three programmes about the great fire of London, very interesting it was too.
      The houses were built with the higher stories (floors) jutting out further away from the lower floors, to make room for traffic (Horses and pedestrians) to pass by in the very narrow streets. Thus the fire spread so quickly. It started in a baker’s oven in the early hours of the morning, six days later it stopped when they made breaks in the houses by pulling them down and clearing the debris straight away. Apparantly they were just pulling down the houses earlier, without clearing the rubbish that allowed the fire to keep spreading… Oh, I’ve waffled on again. Sorry.
      TTFN and have a cyber cuddle. X

      • That is very interesting, I have heard of the fire, but I had not heard how they solved it. From a modern perspective the debris thing looks like a total fire hazard, but it does also make sense that they would not have seen that so readily back in the day & would have created an added expense that may have seemed frivolous then. I do enjoy the occasional digression <3

      • I fank you pet. You little digressionalistical gal you! Hehe!
        In those days there were no insurance available, so every lost out, the rich and the poor.

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