Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st June 2017: Tenants Social Hour, then shopping, Graphicationalisationing. Oh, made time for a Whoopsiedangleplops later, as well. Hehe!


Thursday 1st June 2017

Serbian: Четвртак 1 јун 2017

Woke around 0420hrs, no demands for the use of the Porcelain Throne, despite the rumbling innards. And, no memories of the dreams I knew I’d been having.

Out of the £300 second-hand recliner and off to do the Health checks, take the medications and make a brew. Reading all seemed okay: Sys 159, Dia 80, Pulse 88, Temp 35.6, Weight 14.91, apart from the weight still high.

4Thur02Onto the computer to update the diaries.

Making a mug of tea for the one that had gone cold, I took this photograph of the distant City Hospital where I should be visiting this month for the op, just waiting for the confirmation.

Got yesterday’s diary finished off and started this one going.

Checked the Emails and got one from Sister Jane. This is part of her message:

Had a brilliant day at Cherry Tree Garden Centre in Bradmore.
Dorothy kept us fit “dashing” from one section to another – and says she’s 93 NOT 94!!
While we were having lunch, there was a private function going on with all kinds of animals to stroke and hold.  A meerkat, skunk, baby fox, shrew, micro-pig, tarantula, scorpion, and 2 snakes, one bright yellow and about 10ft long.  Most of the kids were loving it and some of the grown-ups too.
You’d have loved it.  Looked well cared for.

She sent these wonderful photographicalisations below:


She’s right, I would have loved it.

The stomach suddenly burst into pain, and in an urgent response, I made for the Porcelain Throne. Came on so quickly!

Not so bad as I thought it would be at all?

Went on the GPO site and extended the Mail Redirection instructions for letters bound for the old house to be moved to here. Of course, I forgot the PW. However, I got there in the end.

Did some more work on the TFZer latest series graphics.

Then got the ablutions tended to. A couple of nicks but no bad cuts with the shaving this morning.

Checked the Emails before setting out for the Tenants Social Hour and taking the empty jars to the recycling bin en route.

4Thur07They were painting double yellow lines on Chestnut Walk where the cabin is now in place.

Into the current Winwood Social Hut to find so few folks there this morning. But we all had a laugh anyway.

Noticed when coming out, that they were now painting yellow lines near the flats.

Up to the Porcelain Throne, got the bag and down to the bus stop.

Interesting listening to what I could hear of the tenants gossiping at the bus stop. It seems all our problems are due to immigrants and I think the builders are in for a few ear-fulls from some of the girls and gals. Hehe!

Caught the L9 and failed miserably with the crosswords on the trip into town.

4Thur03Dropped off near Wilko’s and went over the road to the Victoria Centre Shopping Centre (Mall) and the fruit & veg stall. They had some fresh pod peas in, I recalled being conned last time I got some peas from there – but thought if Tesco does not have any I’ll have to walk all the way back here again to get some. There was a different lady serving. So I risked it and bought some. Turned out okay, she did not slip the older ones in the bag.

Wandered around the market for a while and then to the other end of the Mall and down a floor to the Tesco store, They had pod peas, so I got some more! (Note the poetry there? Haha!). Also got some flatbread on offer. Just managed to squeeze them into the freezer when I got home.

4Thur04Out of the centre and hobbled along towards the town centre to call at Primark to look for some long sleeve T-shirts.

Passed this sign while walking along Milton Street.

I took a photo of it, I was rather tempted, as I rate and like Chris Rock and his style.

Saw there were no details of where he was appearing? Oddly, tickets were only available online? Checked later on the web, and got all sorts of warnings about this site via the Virus Checker and Warnings?

I walked up and through Trinity Square. Saw these ornaments or whatever they are called in the jewellery 4Thur05shop window.

Took the picture to put on the TFZers site and ask their opinion of them.

Pressed on and down Trinity Walk with its five nadies nail shops and three barber shops.

One of them proudly displaying tht Men’s Haircuts from only £12.

Glad I have no hair when I read that!

4Thur06Walked down into the Slab Square.

The Big Issue sellers were in pairs today. Most likely one of the poor souls being trained by the other?

Pavement Cyclists all over the place.

Made my way to the Primark Store on Long Row, an up to the gents clothing section.

They had done a makeover of the displays, and definitly gone for the younger persons sales.

4Thur07After a long hobble around I found nothing of any interest to me.

Exited the store and in front of me was an interesting view, I thought. The highly expensive Pizza take-away had its usual rush on… Hehehe!

The old folk were making use of the pigeon dropping covered uncomfortable metal seats.

The balloon seller seemed to be attracting some interest form the passers by; Or maybe it was the lady with thehsort dress on? Hehe!

4Thur08To Queen Street and up to where the outdoor seating was for one of the many restuartants on there to take this photographicalisation with the Council House dome in the background.

Caught the bus back to the flats. Had another go at the crossword book, with dismal results yet again.

When I got back, the double yellow lines had been added to various more locations, but where the ycould not get to paint them due to the parked vehicles, they had added cones?

4Thur09Took the medications and did the Health Checks, then got on with making the meal.

I’d cooked some of the pod peas, had some cold potatoes left over from yesterday, tomatoes and did some of the red extra strong grated cheddar cheese in the oven at the same time as the haddock in batter. Pressed it flat in the oven dish and sprayed the top with oil. Pleased with how it came out, nice and crispy.

A lemon mousse and bit of brown bread and it was a delightfully tasty repast.

05Thu12After consuming it, I took the things to the kitchen to clean them up and…


I’d left the kitchen sink tap running with some cleaning clothes in it!

Well fancy that, I didn’t say to myself!

Good job the cold tap was only trickling.

Mop and bucket to the rescue. Getting the disinfectant from under the sink to use and what a mess there was inside. Down on the knees job and took every thing out, wiped it and replaced the cleaning things – this I found was surprisingly easy to do – getting up again afterwards was not! Hehehe!

Another good thing was that I had plenty of kitchen rolls in stock – I haven’t now, mind.

Went down to the Obergruppenfhureresses Hut to report what had happened just in case any water had filtered through to the flat below.

4Thur11Julie checked and all was fine. Phew!

On the way back to the flat, I spotted some local Nottingham Street Art. I’m not certain, but I think I saw a similar piece of artwork in exactly the same place last year?

The birds and animals were not showing any interest in it.

Back up to the apartment and got washed and settled in the £300 second-hand recliner to watch some TV.

Tired as I felt, no nod-offs at all tonight? After a few hours after enjoying Star Trek, Heart Beat and starting to watch Hetty Wainthrope, I drifted off and did not wake until 0400hrs!


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 1st June 2017: Tenants Social Hour, then shopping, Graphicationalisationing. Oh, made time for a Whoopsiedangleplops later, as well. Hehe!

  1. YAY, Star Trek, long been a favorite of mine <3 Sounds like your day went pretty well for the most part & dinner looks most tasty 🙂

    • Ah, Star Trek, the original series the best for me, but I don’t mind the other series, Corin, the Next generation one I liked.
      I think some of the films I’ve not seen, yet.
      Did you not like the cheese on my nosh gal? Hehe!
      TTFN XXX

      • I do not remember a time before Star Trek & for a long time it was the only Star Trek LOL (the fact that it came out before I was born & my parents have always been Trekkies no doubt has a lot to do with my early exposure) – Then there is always The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling was brilliant, I still Netflix & Hulu both of those series regularly <3

      • I recall liking the Twilight Zone gal.
        I remember watching it one Friday night when the TV set blew-up, burst into flames! Thinking of this takes me back to what I doing and how I was living at the time… Ah, ♫ Memories are made of this…♫
        Vaguely recall, even after all those years, an episode about people in a lift, that I was impressed with?
        TTFN X

  2. Pythons are real huggers. That big, blond babe is an albino Burmese Python. I had a regular old run of the miil Burmese Python years ago that as 15 feet long and weighed in at 125 pounds when I sold her. Over the years we’ve had various exotic critters including scorpions and tarantulas. One of the most interesting snakes I had was a rescue snake — a Ruby Tree Boa that was confiscated in a drug raid. It was 6 feet long, and one of the prettiest snakes I’ve ever had with patterns in various shades of iridescent reds, blacks, oranges and yellows. It was also very mean, and made it’s sole purpose in life to bite me after I took it — I never let it bite me, which probably made it more frustrated with life. This snake was so mean and aggressive it had personality. One day I had to get it out to clean its cage. A friend who was often at the house in those days had never paid much attention to the snake because it was always caged, but when he saw mw wrestling with it, its mouth wide open full of long, needle-like teeth, he was out the door and his feet never touched the floor. Since the snake was not able to bite me the way I held it, he peed on me instead. Snake pee has a very strange smell, which is hard to get out of things. I was working on projects around the house that day, so after I got the snake’s cage cleaned and the snake securely back in the cage, I washed off the pee best I could and changed T-shirts. I went to the hardware store to get supplies, and noticed a couple women following me around. Finally they stopped me and asked me what cologne I was wearing. I had to think for a minute because I was not wearing cologne, then I remembered the snake pee, and said it was Ode to Boa.

    Great set of photographs, decent looking meal. Which Star Trek? The last time I saw Star Trek was with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in the 1960’s.

  3. So glad you didn’t let the Ruby Tree Boa bite you.
    The ‘Ode to Boa’ reply was well thought of, Sir.
    A braver man than I with the beasties!
    I did have a Pirhanna once. Only because a chap was going to kill it on his wife’s instructions, like, “It’s me or the fish!” ultimatum time! Didn’t think it fair to have just one fish in a tank though, after a while I gave it to a pet shop in Basford. Poor thing.
    Thanks, for the photo comments, Tim.
    The original Star Trek was definitely the best one!
    It is running again on a channel on Freeview, Channel 70, The Horror Channel, 1800hrs Monday to Fridays. A must for me!
    TTFN, you snake charmer you! Haha!

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