Inchcock Today – Wednesday 31st May 2017: ‘Timothy Trots’ Continue – Ah, well!


Wednesday 31st May 2017

Samoan: 31 Aso Lulu Me 2017

0425hrs: Woke in need of yet another visit to the Porcelain Throne. I’m sure I must have worn away much of the thread in the carpet between the £300 second-hand recliner and the wet-room door last night! Hehehe!

Haemorrhoid Harold had been hurting and bleeding badly on and off all night long, fortunately, due to the return visit of ‘Timothy Trots’ I had on the Protection Pants and avoided a bigger mess than might have been. Isn’t getting old, a hoot? Haha!

Did the necessary and cleaned up well, using the lemon antibacterial wipes on all contact surfaces. Gave the rear end some medicationalisationing and applied some cream, then put some pain gel where I hit the head last night on the cabinet in the kitchen while getting some biscuits to nibble. Wrapped up the used medical attire and clothing well in black backs sprayed inside with Dettol All-in-one lemon disinfectant for disposal later.

Put on a new pair of the P Pants. Hot and uncomfortable I know, but an essential prospective line of defence, I thought.

Flipping hard work this ageing thing! Humph!

No Dizzy Dennis visits this morning anyway. Duodenal Donald persistent with his letting me know he’s there still. Ann Gyna, sweet and kind with me up to now, bless her. Carried out the Health Checks. Very surprised with the weight going up so much, though. Considering all the weight I’ve been evacuating from the innards. And consuming so little fodder last night? Odd that!


MedAMTook the morning medications with an ‘Anti-Trots’ capsule.

Made a good, strong mug of tea.Thought about having a pot of porridge

Thought about having an instant oatmeal, but there was no real hunger in me at all.

The kitchen needs a good clean up. Well, everywhere does actually I suppose. But feeling so tired all the time lately: Or am I making valid sounding excuses? Probably so!

3Wed01Took a photograph of outside, through the in need of cleaning kitchen window.

Is guilt creeping in here? Methinks so?

Got ready for the Morrison man to call.

Although where I’m going to put the stuff, I don’t know. I don’t know either why I did the shopping yesterday?

Losing it here.

Started to clean kitchen window – put lemon in the cleaner in mistake for vinegar, so adding vinegar as well. It might not get it clean, but it’ll have a lot an odd scent? Haha!

0809hrs: The Morrison man arrived before I could start doing the windows.


Off he went, and I began to store away the delivered fodder. Had to throw out some frozen food to make room to get the new stuff in. Tsk! What a Plonka!

3Wed05This took a while to sort out. Then I arranged the bags for the rubbish shoot, four of them, three general waste one recyclable and took them and deposited them down the refuse chute.

Back to doing the window cleaning.

Got it finished about 0900hrs. But, it didn’t look too good to me.

Called it a day and got the nibbles for the Winwood Complex’s Obergruppenfurheresses treat and took them to the Winwood Social Hut for them.

Met Obergruppenfurheress Dean as I got out of the lift and chatted about nothing. On to the hut and Obergruppenfurheress, Julie was handed the treats.

3Wed06I inquired of what was being built across the road on the grass verge, and she told me it was the new temporary Social Hut.

Back to the flats, having a natter with Frank at the bus stop as he waited for it to arrive. Had to leave in a hurry due to demands being made for the use of the Porcelain Throne again. Huh!

Up and took this photo on the right of the building area for the hut.

Top left, you can see the plinths of whatever they are called in place to stand it on I assume.

Nearly dropped the camera as I came back in from hanging out of the window – I must remember to get a wristband for it when I go into town again.

Updated this diary to here, and did some WordPress reading.

Onto Facebooking next. Added photo’s then responded to the comments thingy. Facebook was playing up again… Double Humph!

Made a mug of tea, visited the Porcelain Throne and did some more work of the TFZer graphicalisationing. Got another one of the latest series done.

By now it was late in the afternoon. Took the midday medications.

3Wed08aGot the meal on the cook and did some more WordPressing, got carried away and nearly burnt the food! Ha-well!

Had the potatoes with butter inside, naughty but nice!

Fell asleep and had no end of different dreams about all sorts of situations. Could only recall bits of them, but there was a link between the mall I think… me drowning in a canal, falling off of rooftops and underground being chased. So, a Whoopsiedangleplop dream session? Hehe!

Took the evening medications along with another anti-diarrhea capsule.

3Wed08While in the kitchen, I had my usual perusal of the view and thought it so funny watching a dog taking its owner for a walk down the gravel hill path near the Copse.

Grabbed the camera and zoomed down the depth of the twelve stories of the compound to take this effort of a photographicalisation of the pair of them.

The young dog was definitely in charge here as he dragged her into and out of the bushes and trees, then back to the path! Hehehe!

A visit to the Porcelain Throne again, but they were getting less frequent and volumatic. Is that the right word?

Last time Timothy Trots visited me, this happened. I think I’m being teased into sensing relief, but, am sure things will get worse again.

Got the gogglebox on and watched some political election debates, and decided none of the parties was my cup of tea. So decided to vote next Thursday 8th June for any one of them without a chance of winning (Apart from the Lib-Dems, I’ll never forgive them for going into the Coalition with Cameron and the Tories and nearly self-destructing as they did so) it doesn’t matter which one. But I feel that I have to use my vote.

Had a search for the new camera strap that BJ told me to take with me at tomorrow’s Social Hour so he can fit it for me – Humph, Could not find it!

Back to the TV and promptly fell asleep.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 31st May 2017: ‘Timothy Trots’ Continue – Ah, well!

  1. I’m not to sure about “Timothy Trots”. Maybe simply the call it the “Trotskys”. The windows look good from the photos. A social hut? “Sounds awful” as Marvin the depressed robot in “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” would say. Looks like good entertainment watching the dog walking the woman. Decent looking plate of food there.

    • “Trotskys”? I like it. Or perhaps, Trotskies? I’ll take that on board methinks.
      The Hut will replace the current one while they build a connection housing between the two blocks of apartments, Tim. It’s somewhere for us to go to see the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens to find they are not there. Hehe!
      The poor things will have a right job on when the building starts. Imagine 240 elderly confused tenants getting confused and needing help!
      Fish and cheese nosh tonight.
      TTFN Sir.

      • Sounds like 240 elderly confused tenants serves the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens right.

  2. You should live where I do. No one appears to be in charge, and the illegal field bindweed and Canadian thistles filling my “flower bed” could use a visit from the yard nazis who always manage to weed-whack anything I actually plant. An anonymous call to the weed control person could bring the management a lovely fine, but they’d pass it on to us residents for sure!

    Lemon in the window cleaning liquid should do the same thing as the missing vinegar. The acidity is what does the trick, cutting through the film and crud on the window. Plus, it smells nicer than vinegar!

    • They pass the fine on to the residents Weggie? Swines!
      I think that next time I do the windows, in the front room balcony (Big job these are!), I’ll try both lemon and vinegar together Sir.
      Take care. TTFN

  3. Today’s meal looks especially tasty 😉 The loose situation has been a problem for a bit now, I do hope it clears up soon <3

    • Thanks, my petal.
      I think it might be improving now gal, not so bad this morning… fingers still crossed of course.
      Haemorrhoid Harold is the worst offender this morning, although Reflux Roger is a close second. Hehehe!
      Have a good one please. XXX

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