A Walk along Mansfield Road, Sherwood – To see the closed down shops – Tsk!

Out of interest, this little hobble along Mansfield Road was in fact only 0.3 miles in length.

The claimed time of the walk on the Google as in the screen-grab was six minutes. Of course, it took me a lot more. Partly due to my stopping to take the photographs, calling in a shop to get fodder and waiting for the bus back up the hill. At least I walked down it and along the road, despite Hilda Hips not being happy about it. Hehe!

There were so many closed down retail units, it was saddening.

Some of those that are still trading today are clearly struggling to make it pay.

I wonder how long it will be before an implosion of failure and bankruptcy floods the country, then explodes the economy altogether?

With even the big retail companies like Tesco hiding their losses and claiming to be doing better than they actually are, what does the future hold for the small entrepreneur?

First I walked to the Library.

You’ll notice, that no patrons are going in or out.

In fact, there was nobody about at all, and this does not bode-well for the local business impresarios does it?

To my right across the road, a confusing sign on the Hair & Beauty Shop.For there

For there was certainly no one in the shop or building, perhaps they had given up and gone on to offer a  visit my home, or I’ll visit yours to have your hair done, and left the mobile phone number so the ladies could ring them?

If so, I hope it works out for them.

On the back of the roof, I could see pigeons appearing and disappearing.

The next shop along to the right has not done any good over the last ten years, I’m afraid.

The last bloke to make anything of it was Duncan something or other. He did washing machine and cooker repairs and second-hand sales. Until about ten years or so ago, when he was arrested for buying stolen goods. There must have been other charges because Big Ron tells me he’s still inside.

Up to an alleyway between two shops, the long gone brothel has now been made into nine flats.

Must have been a busy brothel once? Hehe!

Further, along on the other side of the road, the failed hot potato shop, called ‘Just Potatoes’.

Even the Estate Agents to the left of the eatery has moved elsewhere now.

Same side of the road further up, another failed business.

A poster told me it was up To Let. Where I imagine it will remain for a long, long time. It was last used as an entertainment come Bingo and one-arm bandit place. Now, this, I thought might have taken off in Nottingham, with it being full of alcoholics, pickpockets, shop lifters and already having more betting shop outlets per capita of anywhere on earth!

The two units next to the Polish Restaurant were closed down, after some poor soul trying to make a living out of takeaway food.

At the junction of Marshall Street, what a disheartening sight.

No less than three bankrupt food take-away shops in a row! None of them has traded for many years now.

Over the road, the sign To Let – Ground floor and first floor retail.

He’d been there for a good few years too, poor chap, a victim of the current financial markets?

Still, I suppose it might help stop people buying tropical pets and killing or abandoning them? The poor chap has been raided a few times over the years.

The old bedding shop unit was still empty and unwanted by any of the other entrepreneurs.

And who can blame them with the current uncertainty in the country and world?

Doomed! We’re all Doomed!

Two more abandoned hopes and dreams further up the hill.

At least I think that Akaldeep (Owner of the Discount Shop, has some other retail units to fall back on. He and his wife always seemed happy and friendly when I went in his store here.

I’m not sure if Darcy’s second hand stolen goods store had closed or not. Maybe he does not open on a Monday?

I’ve never seen anyone who does not look like Arthur Daley, has four or more kids with her or a nose broken bouncer go into the place anyway.

Thus ended my little photographicalisationing hobble.

But I had another later:

Nine closed down food outlets, and they open two more doomed to failure outlets?

It amazes me how they can expect to make it pay?

Never on, on I plodded.

The Golden Grill has seen better days.

So, remember folks; If you venture to Nottingham… just be careful. Hehe!

Not much better in the City Centre.Tsk!


4 thoughts on “A Walk along Mansfield Road, Sherwood – To see the closed down shops – Tsk!

      • Well, fingers crossed, I certainly hope we’re not doomed & it would be great to see an economic improvement to your town. Hard for people to spend to keep the economy going when there is no place to spend, though on the contrary, if people do not have anything to spend it will not matter what is available in the area – economics can be a complicated & convoluted topic <3

      • Finacial doom must be avoided.
        “Hard for people to spend to keep the economy going when there is no place to spend, though on the contrary if people do not have anything to spend it will not matter what is available in the area” – That was well said, Corin.

        It’s all too much for me to understand, gal, but what you say is how I feel, I just couldn’t have explained it betterer.

        Hehe! ❤ XXX

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