Inchcock Today: Friday 9th February 2018

Friday 9th February 2018

Sethoso: Labohlano la 9 February 2018

0045hrs: Woke up, awaited the same of the brain and observed my woolly-hat on the bigfoot Ottoman. The cover from the same on the carpet. An empty flavoured mineral water bottle on the floor in the corner of the room. I could see one slipper on the swivel chair, I had the other one on the wrong foot. An unopened tub of nibbles on the small Ottoman. Cheese curl crumbs scattered over me and the chair cover.

Then as moments past by and I thought about tackling the job of getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner, realised I was in a twisted, bent position that it would be impossible for me to get into if I was awake. As I painstakingly and sorely untangled myself, I came across the remote control for the TV between my legs!

My ponderings and confusion on how all this had taken place without my knowledge, soon ended. They were replaced with the warm wet sensation from the lower regions to fret over.

Off to the wet room. Taking off the protection pants needed care. For both front and back were blood smeared. I was awake sufficient enough to realise the rear Haemorrhoid Harold area haemoglobin was from the intrusive examination, so I didn’t worry about this, it was to be expected. Little Inchies lesion and the rear-end were cleaned up and medicated. I had a clean around afterwards with the antiseptic wipes. Felt a lot more comfortable now. Back and cleaned up the room. The cause of all this untidiness and nocturnal rearranging of the items in the room was unfathomable to me. But could I recall having any dreams at all?

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications.

Nothing to fret about with these readings methinks. Gobbled the medications with water and made an excellent tasty mug of tea.

I was clearing up afterwards and came across another aberration committed sometime during the night. At least I think it took place then.

The mystery of why I should have placed a new Bic disposable razor next to the vegetable tray in the kitchen?

It’s time for me to do my best to convince the Doctor that these things are happening and more often lately. She seems to think it is normal and is unconcerned when I tell her of these occurrences. Then again, maybe it is only me who discloses such things? Hehe!

An instant burst of bubbling, growling and agitations from the rear-end arrived.

In my haste to get to the Porcelain Throne in time, I stubbed my toe on the door frame. Oh, blow it! I said. The evacuation was one of the best for months, far less messy. But, more bloody. You can’t win them all. Cleaned up, changed the PPs again.

Onto the computer. It’s running a little slow and sticking now and then. I got the Thursday diary finished off and posted. Made a start on this one.

Went to perused the WordPress Reader. But it would not let me open it? I turned off the tab and opened WordPress again, but still no access? Closed everything down and restarted and tried again. Nope, that didn’t work!

Turned everything off and rebooted. Another failure! Tried running on Chrome instead of Firefox. Nope, no joy there either.

Opened the new WordPress on Chrome, and got into the Reader! Hurrah! But it would not let me work on this post. So I went back to Firefox to try there again. I fear I might lose everything soon.

Tried to make the comments on WordPress. It allowed me to.

0355hrs: Went on CorelDraw to start making the Day Headers in advance.

0645.hrs: Only got four done. Got carried away designing them.

A knock at the door, t’was the postman. I had received a box of nougat and lovely note and card from a Cyber-friend. That was so kind of Tracey. ♥♥♥ Made an Email of thanks and appreciation for the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious extraordinarily caring thought.

Ablutions tended to next. All good.

Readied things and set off to the Obergruppenfurhress Wardens Temporary Shed.

A ganglet of other residents passed me, leaving me standing on their way to the bus stop. Shopping trolleys in hand, on their way into Sherwood.

I took this picture through the centre building compound gates. I bet the lucky jammy tenants who move into these new flats will enjoy themselves.

I pondered (I do that a lot you know, Hehe), on how Wardens Deana and Julie, Jenny and the caretakers will manage with the 40-odd new flats and 60 or 70 extra residents to cope with after they move in? They seem rushed and busy already.

Called in the cabin to keep warm and dry before the bus arrives. Three other tenants in there, we had a laugh. Minutes later there were nine of us oldies in there. The sarcasm, insults, moans and fun followed for the few minutes before we made our way out to the bus stop. We joined about six other residents, the smokers, at the stop, and was joined by five or six more. I wonder how we’ll cope when we get the lucky new folks in situ.

Caught the bus into Daybrook and got off at the Sainsbury store. I had planned to walk into Arnold and look at the trousers and go to Asda. However, Dizzy Dennis hit me a few times as I hobbled around the store. So I decided to get a bus back ASAP. I got some lovely sourdough bread, and the lady sliced it for me. Cheesy Curls, Apache potatoes, sugar-snap peas, sea salt, lemon curd tarts, fresh tomatoes and lemon slices.

Paid the lady who was polite-to-me at the checkout and out, over the road and caught the L9 bus back to where I came from, Woodthorpe Court. Conveniently the rain that poured down when I got on the bus, stopped as I got off of the bus on Chestnut Walk 30-minutes later.

Dizzy Dennis had another go at me as I walked to the Court. But Anne Gyna, Duodenal Donald and Arthur Itis were very good to me.

Had a wee-wee when I got in and changed PPs again after cleaning things up.

Staggeringly to me, the fatigue and weariness came on earlier than it had ever done.

I made some buttered ham and sliced tomato sandwiches with the Sourdough bread. (Beautiful!) Added a few sugar-snap peas (Nice), sliced apple (Okay). A Marmite flavoured cheese chunk (Fair), potato chips (Tangy) and a pot of lemon curd yoghourt (Very morish). Settled down with it on the tray on my knee and feasted away merrily. Pestered by the dizzies even then though.

I fell asleep with the emptied-of-food tray on my lap. Woke an hour or so later, the platter still balancing precariously on my knee. I freed my pathetically wobbly body from the £300 second-hand recliner and went to wash the things up in the kitchen.

I have now solved the issue of whether to use the green or white milk jug. RIP the green milk jug. Still, dropping and breaking the thing had saved me having to wash it up I suppose. Hehe!

I’m afraid a Memory Lapse occurred then. Blank spots of what took place following this incident are patchy for a few hours. When things seemed to fall into place again, and I recall falling back asleep trying to watch a film about the White House being attacked.

A funny thing, the memory!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Friday 9th February 2018

  1. It must be rather confusing to wake up to evidence of activity. A motion sensor camera would be handy wouldn’t it?
    You have mentioned a couple of times, perhaps more, of needing sleep earlier than usual. As you have been bleeding a lot I’m wondering if you are becoming anemic.
    I hope the nougat is yummy 😋 xxxxxxx

    • A motion sensor might scare me when I look at it Tracey. Hahaha!
      I meant to mention it on my last doctors visit. But fluffed remembering with all the intrusiveness putting me off. Hehe!
      The nougat, that you so kindly donated to me and cheered me up no-end has been planned to be started consuming on Tuesday evening coming. I have no appointments that day (Watch something come it now I’ve said that. Snigger!), and not have any yoghourt with my fodder, but nibble some of them. Looking foward to them, thank you petal. ♥

  2. Ruff, ruff night hun???… so sorry to hear all that you have to go thru…
    ahaha at the motion sensor spooking you lolol…to funny…
    Your dinner looks yummy…you going to share those french fries hehehe…???
    Love your pictures as always and how you detail everything…makes me feel like I am part of your family… I enjoy so much reading what you have to say hun…
    Hugggs n ♥♥♥

    • Bless you and thanks Suzette. ♥
      The sensor went off again last night, first time for over a week. False alarm.
      My french fries are always ready to be shared with you gal.
      TTFNski. X

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