Inchcock Today – Sunday 19th August 2018


Sunday 19th August 2018

Latin: Dominica 19 Septembris MMXVIII

0345hrs: I stirred with a little pep in my step, as to speak. Perhaps still on a bit of a high from yesterdays outing to Skeggy? I extracted my lumbering mass from the £300 second-hand recliner with hardly any hassle at all?

Ideas of what I could put in the Skeggy Trip post were swimming about in the head. (I thought that maybe I had been dreaming of the day out?) I got the notepad and jotted some details down, first thing on gaining the upright position. No interest was shown in me by Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Shaking Shaun, Eardrum Eric, Hernia Harry, Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis, or Duodenal Donald! Only Anne Gyna and Little Inchies Lesion gave me any grief, and then at an acceptable (to Me) level. Life was suddenly good! How long this will last though… Hehehe!

I took the morning medications, had a short-sharp-painful-wee-wee and got the kettle on. Did the Health Checks.


0420hrs: Then, got on with updating the Skeggy Trip diary. So many photographs to select and sort, and page headers to make for the blog. (I spent around six-and-a-half hours to complete it!). But I have to admit enjoying writing this diary, it’s so good not the write about complaints, Whoopsiedangleplops and failings for once, I think.

1045hrs: Made a start in filling in the cardiac questionnaire.

I got a phone call from Sister Jane. No telling me off today, that was another highlight. Haha! We had a decent nattering session.

I finished off the NHS form and returned it via email.

7Sun01I went into the spare room, the only window I can see through is in there, to look at how the weather was going.

The window ledge I found had has some paint applied to cover up al the bird poo and bits of dirt that had accrued. I’m afraid that the trash had already started to grow again, bits of concrete were now forming the new artistic decorations.

7Sun03On the inside edge, I found a lot of the black Ironclad min-beetles had taken up residence.

I assume they had relocated from the wet room perhaps, as I could not see any in the shower room when I had a wee-wee earlier.

I made up another Critter Kill Box and put it on the ledge.

You can see the damage on the front of the sill, where the installers had left me something else to worry about and repair later. Bless em!

7Sun05When I got back to finishing off the Saturday Diary ready for sending off to WordPress, the lightness had dimmed, I expected some heavy rain to fall.

But no, the weather had fooled me again.

I pressed on with updating this Sunday diary with determination.

7Sun07I was tempted to eat some of those wonderfully flavoursome Torku Çikolatali bisküvi Instanbul made Lemon biscuits I’d got from the continental shop on Mansfield Road. I put a photo of them on as a warning to either of the people reading this blog, about the pitfalls of eating them. I.E., They are too sweet, and the lemon ingredients is strong, tangy and tasty. Thus, you may become addicted to them! Hehe!

Almost total weariness suddenly came over me, and I was feeling so good too!

7Sun38Got the nosh prepared.

Ate it very slowly. Decent meal. 7.8/10 for Flavour Rating given.

Beyond doing anything that needed concentration from when I’d washed the pots.

Couldn’t be bothered to even make a brew of tea. I opened a can of orange juice to take when I did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Whoopsie2 7Sun35aYou wouldn’t have thought you cut your finger on a ring-pull fob, would you? Tsk!

The usual nodding off and waking when I got the TV on commenced. This time, I was staying asleep for increasingly long periods of time.

I must remember I’m fasting again for the CDH checks and blood test in the morning.

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  1. Those cans can be dangerous, as you learned. Decent photos from the last of your clean windows. Decent enough looking meal.

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