Inchcock – Tue 5 Mar 2019: Made a start at Spring cleaning… should have it done in a few years… Haha!


2019 Mar 05

Tuesday 5th March 2019

Africaans: Dinsdag 5 Maart 2019

00:00hrs: I grudgingly woke up. No mind-storms of fears, worries, nervousness or even illogicality this morning. Just a vague, tired sort of blankness and an acceptance of my acquiescence to life’s knock-backs, calamities, and double-whammies. Robotically I marshalled my dangerously overlarge-bellied body from the £300 second-hand ci. 1968 recliner. Gained my balance, and off for a wee-wee.

WD 0.30.0 And what a wee-wee it was! A new classification for this one. LDOPWW (Long-Drawn-Out-Persistent-Wee-Wee) A marathon session, during which I actually picked up the Victoria Wood book for a read while I waited (patiently, mind) for the evacuation to stop! Haha!

To the kitchen, took the medications and got the kettle on for a brew.

2Tue03The view of the distance, from the unwanted light & view blocking windows, that I cannot reach out of to take a photo of below, due to the ridiculously sticking-out a long way window ledge, and glass that cannot be reached to clean, was terrific.

I took this picture straight ahead. I think I’ll use it as a backdrop for an Inchcock’s Thoughts graphic later.

Got the Health Checks sorted out. The sphygmomanometer worked on the third attempt.


Whoops, the Sys is creeping back up a smidge.

I made a start on the updating of yesterdays post. I got sidetracked as I had to visit the Porcelain Throne. I cleaned-up and medicated a certain delicate area that had been bleeding, washed and returned to the updating. Eventually getting it sent off to WordPress.

The brain began to shower me with my worries, diffidence, and timidity. With nothing to fret about or over, my mind seems to feel the need to find something! LAck of success and ability has caused my sarcinarious, I’m sure.

I made a start on the photo manipulating, then writing this blog.

Around 0430hrs, I decided on a prandicle for breakfast. I had a mug of tea and some Marmite rice-cakes.

2Tue05Off for another Porcelain Throne visitation. Long and messy this time.

Checked the pins (legs). New blotches were here and there. But the best bit was the face I can see in the knee again, right patella as you look at the photograph. Eyes just above the joint. Can you make it out? Hehehe!

Then I made a start on sorting things I can get rid of into black bags, ready to take them to the waste chute at 08:00hrs.

Started to sort out some of the kitchen drawers and cabinets. Gathered much duplicated long life food, and filled a carrier bag with them, to take down to the lobby so others can help themselves. (A couple I think that the Sturmscharführeress Guards and Wardens Deana and Julie might fancy) so I’ll nip and ask them first when I go out.

Got the ablutions done. Took the bags to the waste chute.

Then I gathered the goodies bag and a mammoth-sized white bag of recyclables and took them down. Leaving the part-sorted stuff in mid-stream, all over the kitchen. It looked far worse than when I first started the job! Hehe! But, Percy Veerance, I’ll get more done when I get back.

Dropped off the white bag and poddled along Chestnut Way to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Generalleutnantess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Rumourmongering Clinic. Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like porcelain and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room, shed.

WD 0.30.0 As I walked along the road, many things took place that offered photographicalisational opportunities. But I’d forgotten to take the camera with me! Schlemiel!

Inside the rooms, I offered a choice of anything they fancied from the surplus bag, and thankfully they found a few that took their fancy. They help me, so I thought it only fair for them to have first options. A lady on the Tenants Association asked if I was going to the meeting later. I explained about my being up since midnight and having done some work sorting the kitchen out, and said I’d pop back with some nibbles for the tenants. Met the caretaker in the lobby going in and greeted him.

Walked back to the flat and placed all the stuff on the coffee table. Shot up to the flat and has a wee-wee, another LDOPWW (Long-Drawn-Out-Persistent-Wee-Wee).

Picked up the nibbles and camera and returned down to the lobby. Someone had taken 15 of 18 pieces of long-life fodder I’d left. I was tickled-pink that were used up.

Hobbled along to the shed, and handed the lady the nibbles. Got thanked, and out back up the road. Where I stopped and took these three shots from the same place.


Left to right: Woodthorpe Court at the far end with part of the new Winwood Court that is being built. Centre: Winwood Court. Right Part of Winwood, and Winchester Court.

The sun was out, but it was not a warm one.

Back in the flat, I continued with the sorting in the kitchen. This will take a long time and many days to sort out!

WD 0.30.0 Climbing the step ladder, and Dizzy Dennis gave me a visit, no problem with falling, I kept my balance amazingly. But coming back down, I cracked my bad knee on the heater.

That was the end of today’s sorting out. I’ll try to do a bit each day when I have no medical appointments. Give it a go tomorrow morning again. The knee, is now going a bit red?

I got the oven heating up and made a start updating this blog. Stopped to get the battered chicken and frits in the tray. Did the Health Checks.

WD 0.30.0 I was doing so well. Then, when the oven was hot enough, as I stood up to put the meal in the oven, that nuisance Kidney-Ache Kevin, kicked-off at me!

Another LDOPWW (Long-Drawn-Out-Persistent-Wee-Wee). On the bright side, the yare a lot less frequent now. Then continued with my new found determination and pressed on with this post.

1Mon33Served up the fodder.

Battered chicken, fries, and mini-tomatoes. Mandarins in jelly and lemon mousse to follow. Best taste-rating for this one, only 6/10.

I felt so tired-out now, I knew that trying to watching any TV would be its frequent failure. But with the body aching all over from the cleaning up preventing me from getting comfortable, this proved to be wrong.

Did the Health Checks and settled. I watched an entire hour of The A-Team, before nodding off! Then the aches woke me, and I viewed ten-minutes if that, of Boon and off again. Woke and watched a couple of minutes of Pie in the Sky… Zzz!

9 thoughts on “Inchcock – Tue 5 Mar 2019: Made a start at Spring cleaning… should have it done in a few years… Haha!

  1. Spring cleaning, Ugh! I did some spring cleaning and pruned the fruit trees last Friday and Saturday. They about did me in. Now that you banged your knee it will probably have some new colorizationalization to it in the morning (since colorization is a real word without enough sillybols in it, I added an extra “alization” to make it gramaticalazionly correct for you). Only gave your dinner a D? At least it was well arranged and looked decent enough.

    • Morning (Here it is), Tim. I’m aching all over, and still so much to get done.
      Good job I have no trees to tend to. Hehe!
      Thanks for making it gramaticalazionly correct to suit me. Hahaha!
      Take care out there.

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