Inchcocksi: Sunday 15th March 2020: Testing tryingnesses, today!

2020 Mar 15

2020 tttMar15

Sunday 15th March 2020

Dutch: Zondag 15 Maart 2020

000 Mar 15

GM01 Dark Blu 00:25hrs: I woke up with a dry coughing bout. I’m hoping it’s not a sign of the Coronavirus having taken me over. I don’t think it is though, cause I wasn’t feeling too bad or ill at all. In fact, the ailments, apart from the new cough, pain in the chest, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters and Shaking-Shoulder-Shirley, were all in a good mood with me. The mind was a different matter, as the morning went on, concentration and clarity became reluctant visitors.

I rose up, got the four-pronged stick, and was making my way to the kitchen, and the demand for the Porcelain Throne erupted. So, to the wet room. Another painful affair, but at least it was not messy, over reasonably quickly, and only a tiny amount of bleeding. None from Little Inchies fungal lesion.

WD 50.100.200. Into the kitchen, olive-oiled the earholes. Kettle on and went to take the medications. Globolerations! I’d missed taking last nights doses! So, I took them and hoped I would remember to take the morning ones later (I did – Swank-Mode-Engaged!) Made a mug of Glenghettie Gold tea, and onto the computer.

7Sun01WD 50.100.200. I really wanted to get some time for graphicalisationing today. First things first, though. I went on Facebook, to see if the ‘Error’ had been rectified and I could add to my photo albums. ‘No-Chance!’ – Tsk!

The odd fleeting appearances of Dizzy Dennis kept me company, as I got the diary updated and sent off. So few photographs, and not being able to post them to Facebook saved me some time. Remembering which ones needed going on when (if ever) Facebook comes back online correctly, will be a time-consuming headache, I’m sure.

6Sat05I went on the WordPress Reader section. Then on CorelDraw for many, many hours trying to catch up with the page headers, dedicated days and Thoughts graphics. It was so slow going, though, and exasperating.

Though, after a few hours, I needed a change, Saccades Sandra came to life, and the eyes had to be rested a bit.

7Sun03So I had a wee-wee. Which was surprisingly powerful in its flow, but short-lived. Then off to the kitchen and got the kettle on again.

I got the handwashing done, wrung and hung.

Then cleaned the kitchen floor, it needed it after Shaking-Shoulder-Shirley had done with me, and much spilling of water was done. Haha!

Made the brew of Thompson’s Punjana tea, yet another wee-wee, again a bit forceful, then to the computer graphicalising again.

7Sun02WD 50.100.200. I tried Facebook again, just in case it had been mended and was working. No chance!

I remembered to take the morning medications. Smug-Mode-Engaged!

WD 50.100.200. I went into the kitchenette to check on the hanging washing. Rang out the shirt sleeves of water, spilling some on the deck. Went to put the kettle on, and grabbed some kitchen towelling, and the long picker-upperer to dry the floor with. And slipped on the water. The coalition twixt the right knee and the floor tiles, you’d have thought would have enough punishment… but no! I cracked the side of my head against the cupboard! Twisted the back, and Arthur Itis, Back-Pain-Brenda and Anne Gyna were all showing interest in me within minutes! Dangwangles, damn and blast the duplicitous, unreliable, Inchcock’s stupidity!

After some pain gel applications, and imbibing another Codeine 30g, the coughing started again. But, of course, it didn’t bother me, oh, no!

Back on the graphicalising. Until it was time to get Josie’s dinner prepared.

I did a double amount of cheesy potatoes, so I could heat what’s left-over for myself later. But no guilt! It’s an integral part of my allowed two-days a week cheesy-potato-treats! (Cough and a splutter!)

7Sun06WD 50.100.200. Off to the Porcelain Throne again. This mark-three attempt was another failure. Something seems wrong in the depths of my over-weight stomach? It’s giving up its contents for me! Still, I changed into some trousers ready for delivering Josaies fodder and checked out the pins (legs) and had a freshen-up.

7Sun05WD 50.100.200. As I came out, I glanced at the door and found a leaflet had been delivered. Which puzzled me for many reasons. To advice on Fire Prevention procedures and lessons learnt from the Fire in Winchester Court on 6th February, in the Communal Lounge.

  • It just had to be on a Tuesday, didn’t it? I’ve got Morrison’s delivery coming.
  • The Phlebotomy nurse expected for taking my blood sample.
  • The Podiatrist to reply to.
  • The Doctors Surgery to ring.
  • The Amazon (I hope) toilet rolls order just might be being delivered.
  • How come we can have a meeting (Although less the self-quarantined Tenants of course) when we cannot open the cafe or have Social Events?
  • Then again, dying of fire, fumes or smoke, is probably worse than the Corona Virus knobbling us? Maybe, perhaps?

WD 50.100.200. You may not know it,  but this leaflet caused me severe pain. Haha! I was hobbling along reading it, and I caught the stick on the clothes airer, and stubbed my toe! Whiperdeedooda!

7Sun07WD 50.100.200. I got back to the computer and started to update this blog, and thought I’d better check the spuds in the oven – I’m so glad I did! The vegetables in the pan were just pouring over the lid! I’d, instead of putting it on the lowest setting, had switched to the highest one. I turned it off and hobbled back to fetch the camera, and it was still bubbling when I got back to the kitchen! Ah, well, at least the peas, onions and black beans will not be undercooked!

I was having a run of bad luck recently, it was almost satisfying, after having moments of good luck and far fewer harmful episodes the last few days. Back to normal, heartening in a fashion. For such a woebegoneness-suffering, weighty, weatherbeaten, woefully woolly-brained Whoopsiedangleplopper, I suppose.

7Sun04Back to the computer and checked the Facebook status.  Pickled walnuts & Gravy! Will it ever get put right again!

WD 50.100.200. I’d got carried away again, and made my way ASAP to the oven to check on the cheesy 7Sun08 (2)potatoes. Well, it’s a good job that I like them well done and crispy. Although these could better be described as rock-hard! Hehe!

I was going to eat just half of them, but when they came out on the spatula in one lump, I just squashed it all on the plate. The vegetables were as I suspected, a little overcooked, in fact, the leeks had disappeared altogether. That’s what leaving veg cooking on high heat for twenty-five minutes can do, you know. Globdogerisations! The surimi fish, black tomatoes were well-tasty (Well they didn’t need any cooking, so I couldn’t ruin them!), and I cut some onions to add to it. Taste Rating; 6.5/10, which was good enough for me!

WD 50.100.200. After doing the dishes, ablutions and settling down in the recliner, the flipping Thought Storms arrived! Which caused me some acataphasia moments.

2 thoughts on “Inchcocksi: Sunday 15th March 2020: Testing tryingnesses, today!

  1. I think with that dry cough you can’t attend the fire meeting. Better to get your deliveries and see your vampire. Your pile of cheesy taters still look good.

    • Reckon you’re right, Tim. I shan’t go anywhere.
      I took some ‘Dry-Tickly Cough Medicine’ this morning, it’s like it was made just for me, and how did I know I’d need-it when I bought it weeks ago? The EQ, I think. Hehe!
      I hope it’s Christina that comes, I haven’t seen for weeks!
      I wondered if I should put the nosh photo on, mate; I anticipate an email of a ‘Telling offness’ mode from her later. Haha!
      Cheers, Sir.

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