Inchcocks Terrible Ode (I did it cause I’ve got to stay awake for a food delivery) Sorry!

Morning Thoughts

I lay there, passing wind in the dawnlight,

And fell out of the chair, t’was a terrible sight,

Bruised and bloodied, getting back up was a fight,

Reached for wind-up torchlight,

Cathy Cartilage was stinging a mite,

The patella painful and tight,

I struggled up on my feet, alright.

Bet I’ll still be in pain, tonight,

My face and skin looked ghostly white,

Go on WordPress, well I might!

Make some Chilli-Con-Carnie? Today’s highlight?

I must be careful of the Kryptonite,

Not get excited, too keen or uptight,

Ah, the eye haemorrhaging, is a blight,

I’ll soak the knee in the bowl, it’s bakelite,

I’ve got food arriving, this Thursday night,

Glengettie tea, onions,  and Marmite,

Morrison’s might substitute things with dynamite,

Protection Pants, olive oil, well, they might?

This ode, I know is crap, and I feel contrite,

I’ll get summat to eat… Ah, I’ll have deviled eggs and Vegemite?


Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit

4 thoughts on “Inchcocks Terrible Ode (I did it cause I’ve got to stay awake for a food delivery) Sorry!

  1. You know, this is why we’re such good pals! You fell out of your chair! NOBODY gets that like me! I fall out of bed which I could not understand how anyone could ever do such a thing until I lost some crucial muscle that enabled my upright balance and the ability to sit right up. So needing to use hands sides or just the mechanical hand on foot rock , its so effing easy to fly out of your bed or trip on the air and hit the deck! Haha! Let our freak flags fly Inchie! I’m just awakened at three in the afternoon after finding “sweet Morpheus” around 7am. It felt good to sleep, ahhhh. Oh I’ll toss this in for a one upper: I lost the ability to yawn when I lost those muscles . It’s a cruel snicker from the Fates that we who chase easy sleep cannot yawn. I just throw that in to keep our discourse within the boundaries of Poetics since your post was in a very nice poem.

    • Hi. Lisa, gal, bless you.
      I’m sorry, but I’m not very good this morning, I’m going to ring the District Nurse Matron. Horrible night, shivering, coughing, pains behind the eyes and right-hand rib cage, a heck of a sore throat, total lack of balance and concentration. I’ve got the Covid vaccination in the morning, but if things do not improve, I’ll not be able to get there, and the snow is falling again—sorry petal.
      I hope that Sweet Morpheus, will be kinder to you! ♥.

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