Windy-Inchcy Tuesday 2nd March 2021 Diary

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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Spanish: Martes 2 de marzo de 2021

01:05hrs: As I stirred, and recognised the need to visit the Porcelain Throne with some haste, SSS (Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley) kicked of with one of her more virulent attacks. Thus getting my generously-sized over-stomached torso from the second-hand, c1968, recliner without injury, was no easy task. However, I did adopt a Smug-Mode on getting up and catching my balance, then made for the wet room.  After knocking the bottle of spring water off of the ottoman.

It was an even messier session this morning. But at least it felt like Trotsky Terence might be losing his totalitarian grip on the innards. I say this because there were no immediate escapages as I sat down, things took a while to progress, gurglingly building up, or down, to the rear escape hatch. I even had a go at the crossword puzzles! And, (Smug-Mode-Engaged), I got the last two clues on one of the puzzles! I think I’ll upgrade that to Smug-Mode-Grade-Two-level! However, the evacuated product was super-gluey and gooey!

Cleaning myself and the pottery, and refilling several times of the water tank to free things up, took a ridiculous amount of time!

I had a wash-up, and I made a brew of Thompsons Punjana tea, in the slightly larger China mug that Jenny had donated to me. At long last, a mug of tea actually began to taste like it used to before the first suicidal-seeking, ill-making, side-effect-ridden, AstraZeneca vaccine was given me, nine-days ago! Finally! It was a nice, different feeling!

I ventured out into the balcony, sillily not being aware of how cold it was out there, I opened one window to take an ahead shot of the view. Then the end window to get a photograph to the left-hand side of Sherwood. Brrr!

I got the Health Checks tackled. Starting with the made in Hong Kong, reliable contactless thermometer. Which proffered up a reading of 36.8°c – 98.24°f. The temperature has not been this low since last Thursday. 👍

The SYS was up a couple of points, but it’s been a lot worse. And the PULSE was down to 87 from 94, so all in all, taking everything into account, overall, the Health Check’s results were doing betterer today! All part of the Inchcock feeling betterer mode, methinks.

I put some fresh potatoes left-over, into the crock-pot, and added an Oxo Vegetable seasoning cube, and got it on a low setting, so there would be no chance (He says!) of any overspilling and making another mess for me to clean-up. Then, I got the computer on to start the updating of yesterdays blog.

Apart from SSS, the other ailments were not too bad this morning. And, I was getting my taste-buds to work again! Not to mention having had no bleeding from Little Inchies Fungal Lesion for days now! I think a trace of contentment, even satisfaction was creeping into my life! A strange, unaccustomed, experience for me! Will I be able to cope with it, without losing my grip? I’d got the new thermal woolly hat on to keep warm! The toothache was bad at all! Life seems so unnatural, anomalous, frighteningly different today? Could this be a belated AstraZeneca vaccine effect? Most likely it’s joy at ridding myself of them?

The dang World-Wide-Hum was getting louder again. And Duodenal Donald was stabbing at me a little… with the odd bit of back-up and support from Anne Gyna… but these things are normal, and help me cope with any good luck or health that might possibly wangle their way into my life.

Ah, this is more like my fortunes; The Liberty-Global Virgin Internet Media just went down again! Thank you, Mike Fries. But you could and have done much better, as you have in the past – this outage only lasted a couple of minutes, and came back online of its own accord. I hope you are not poorly?

I pressed on and got the Monday blog all finished, and sent it off to WordPress. Emailed the link, and read and replied to some email comments.

Made a brew of Glengettie Gold. Had a horrendously leaky wee-wee, and washed then cleaned and sanitised the grey bucket. Visited the WP Reader Section, some great posts on there today. Then went on Facebooking catch-up.

Next, I visited the AstraZeneca site.

Astra Zeneca Vaccine: Possible side effects:

I made the effects I’d had in red!

Like all medicines, this vaccine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. In clinical studies with the vaccine, most side effects were mild to moderate in nature and resolved within a few days with some still present a week after vaccination.

If side effects such as pain and/or fever are troublesome, medicines containing paracetamol can be taken. Side effects that occurred during clinical trials with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca were as follows:

Very Common (may affect more than 5 in 10 people):
Tenderness, pain, warmth, itching, bruising where the injection is given
generally feeling unwell
feeling tired (fatigue)
chills or feeling feverish
feeling sick (nausea)
joint pain or muscle ache

Common (may affect up to 2 in 10 people):
swelling, redness or a lump at the injection site
being sick (vomiting)
flu-like symptoms, such as high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, cough and chills

Uncommon (may affect up to 1 in 100 people):
feeling dizzy
decreased appetite
abdominal pain
enlarged lymph nodes (Don’t what this is?)
excessive sweating, itchy skin or rash.

I still fear what the second booster vaccine will bring for me!

Time to get the ablutions tackled, just in case the Iceland order arrives early! It has been known, you know. It was last October if I remember correctly.

As usual, I got side-tracked and ended up sorting the handwashing out first. Then, off to the wet-room.

I noticed some blotches as I was taking off the wristwear.

Teeth-cleaning was a little more painful this morning, the cracked molars are beginning to disintegrate now. Four dropsies.

The nasal clearing went well, no dropsies. But the highlight was the shaving session, Oh, Yes! Not a single cut or nick! Only, three dropsies! The stand-up wash had a few more dropsies, mind, but otherwise went smoothly! Smug-Mode-Grade-2-readopted!

Dressed and freshened up, I returned to the computer. While I was in the wet room an email from Iceland had arrived, regarding Changes to my Order!

Does this list on the right, make full sense to you? Or is it me, getting confused?

The intercom rang out, and I admitted the Iceland delivery gentleman. Same man as called last week, a decent sort of chap. As I went to open the door, there were three letters delivered. I don’t like getting letters, especially official-looking ones like these were! I’ll have decker at them later.

The young man placed the bags in the doorway for me. Including the box of Surf with tropical lily and ylang-ylang, 130 wash size. I think I made a blunder in ordering this size. Hehehe!

I moved the delivery into the kitchen and made a start in storing the stuff away. As you can see, I got rather a lot of stuff today.

I’d half-expected Iceland to be out of the Milk Roll bread, so I’d ordered some wholemeal cobs and bread thins as well. A packet of boil-in-the-bag kipper with butter, that I plan to make this evenings meal of. Some egg mayonnaise, miniature pork & pickle pies, stocked up with the OXO seasonings, beef and vegetable. A bag of Wilkinson’s twin razors, that I hope will not be as lethal as the Bic brand ones were. Some cheapo trifles. Frozen Strawberry & Vanilla cones, and /sour ice-lollies as a further treat! Two cans of Batchelor’s potatoes. Iceland chilli-chicken fillets, chicken with stuffing slices. Lemon whirls, washing-up liquid and two bottles of white bleach. Some cans as treats. Two bottles of spring water, and some cheapo kitchen rolls.

By gum, I live well!

But getting room made in the freezer was as hard as ever, but I got them all in. Squashed a few cones doing it mind, Hehe!

Then, getting everything in the fridge was tackled. Not an easy job, so many dropsies and damaged good in the process.

I seem to have a lot of butter in stock. I’d also ordered some ‘I can’t believe its not butter?’ Obviously for a specific reason, but I’m blown if I can remember why! Tsk!

I may have to eat the kippers later on though; because a lot of the cooked meats have short ‘Use-By-Dates’ on them.

After I shut the door, the fridge started making rather-loud running noises?

I got the household items stored away… under the sink is looking cramped for space as well now.

And the Porcelain Throne is getting less visible too, surrounded by multiple various types of cleaning products. Ah, well!

I’ll not starve! I might eat too much, on the other hand. Haha!

All put away, I set about investigating the three letters! It seems I will be paying more tax after 5th April? Claw back-time after Covid?

The bank – We are reducing the interest rate on your savings account! Claw back-time after Covid? Not that this bothers at all, I’ve only got, as you can see, just over £1 in the account! La,la,la, la, la, la!

The final letter was from the Haemostasis DVT Thrombosis Service Anticoagulation, Warfarin Clinic.

A load of waffle really. Saying how they are doing their best, and giving numbers to ring if we need help.

Ah, well! I’ll check on the potatoes progress. All ready for serving up. But the early weariness arrived at the same time, a shame that!

I served my nosh up, on Josie’s p[late and tray. Pork misshapes, tomatoes, red onions, crispy bacon, egg mayonnaise, and the last of the small potatoes, which were the highlight of the plate. Flavour-Rating: 705/10!

I went into a vagueness-mode when I got settled to eat this nosh. I remembered the two, half-hour Tales of the unexpected were coming on channel 11 on the TV. I even stayed awake long enough to catch the start of the first episode.

After waking up half-an-hour later as the second one was showing, the need for the Porcelain Throne prevented my viewing it. Tsk! Off to the wet room, I trudged…

Crackling-Crackers! Did I crack the shoulder on the wet room door on the way in… Yes! It hurt a smidge. Hehe! The evacuation was far less messy, but the brown and red colouring was the same. I think the Diarrhoea capsules might be winning the battle at last. I’ll see how it goes in the morning, before taking another one yet.

Back to the £300, second-hand, c1968, cringingly-beige-coloured, not-working, rickety recliner, just in time to miss the Tales of the unexpected episode altogether. Gragnangles!

Yet again sleep was slow in arriving, the constant waking-ups didn’t help.

8 thoughts on “Windy-Inchcy Tuesday 2nd March 2021 Diary

  1. Speaking of Internet Service Providers, our local phone company and ISP, who has not fixed the statistic on our phone lines for over a year, has fiber in the building we are buying. I called to see what kind of service we can get with the fiber. The first tech was clueless and send me to a fiber expert. The fiber expert said her system showed no fiber in the building, but they could run fiber to the building for the low price of $1000/month for 5 years. I said there is fiber in the building with her company’s name all over it. The third person I talked to gave me the same pitch, but tried to transfer me to someone who might know what’s up. After 20 minute of annoying on-hold music, I got a person who said he didn’t know what he was doing, however, he managed to find an obscure group in the organization that he said he didn’t know existed in their organization that might know what’s up with the fiber in the building. He transferred me to that group and the tech said: “Yeah! We have fiber in your building, what speed do you want? Sorry, I can’t give you a price over the phone.” So now we have to have a talk with an engineer and he has to get permission from my AWOL sales rep to give me a quote. Give me a break! Right? Currently, our ISP is the ISP we have had since 1994 and they are great, but they can’t get us the speed we need at the new building because the fiber that is in the building is a private enterprise fiber network that is from a group buried deep in the bowels of the phone company. It’s a bunch of crap like your visits to the wet room.

    Enough of that. Your BP and temp look decent, your night photos are excellent and your meal is super at 705/10, which I assume was supposed to be 7.5/10? I hate it when zeros try to masquerade as decimal points.

    • Oh, Tim, they sound like British Telecom and British Gas, over here, how hard can they make it? Swine!

      Ah, another cock-up concerning numbers, I’m very good at them, ain’t I? Haha!


  2. Hazel Plummer at 112, 39 years my elder and ready for the vaccine. Makes me feel too young to qualify for the 2 jabs that I got.
    Good that you hadn’t ordered Covid vaccine from Iceland, they might have substituted with bleach — or the capsules that address diarrhoa. Astra Zeneca is betterer already then. Hope you continue to improve as the Astra takes hold to resist those very strange and disquieting viruses that roam the planet with suction-cup antennae.

    • Whippersnappers we are, Billum! I was thinking this after my morning squash game, as I took a run up the gravel path into the park for some jogging… (Possible Inchy Fib, here, sorry!)

      Thank heavens Morrisons and Icelnad don’t supply the vaccines – positively made me shudder at the very thought!

      Oh, did I mention I’ve joined a web site for PN (Peripheral Neuropathy) sufferers? Reading of the different effects between how some poor devils get compared to me, will make sure that next time PN has me over on the floor – I intend to laugh at it! (If I remember) The main thing most folks do, is like wot me does, is wearing the bamaboo socks. Which unfortunately for muggings here, involves Sock-Glide-Glenda being utilised! Hahaha! No, I take that back… Argh!

      Any more advice or tips wanted, please ask. Hehehe!

      • A bracing run up the gravel path would do wonders for yer circulation — a whippersnapper of a job. Substitutions on a vaccine order came immediately to mind, gave me a shiver at the same time. Evoked a Yaargh!
        There aren’t many visages as frightening as Glenda: Sock Glide and Leg Slasher
        I fank yer for yer advices. They was nice and timely.

      • Quick run… I was hoping for a steady hobble, you know… Hahaha!
        Busy day today computerwise – but I am opn the verge of feeling semi-proud of my efforts, Billum!
        I was once before you know, 1962 it was, I think. Hehehe!
        Please keepeth yourself and HRH Lisa, save. Mon Ami.

      • A quick and steady trundle up the gravely slope should get the olde job completed, quick cocker.
        It might be time to check yer vacuum tubes for tear and wear upon yer trusty 1962 reckoning machine, Sir. Apply lubrication to the cooling mechanism because moving parts can build up dustage and suchage. Do yer use a water-chiller or a liquid nitrogen unit to keep the reckoner from seizing and/or burning itself to a crisp?
        HRM Lisa is keying in some life-experience notes in a WordPress-potential blogette. Interestingly enough, HRM’s experiences go back to 22 February 1962. I believe they were using liquid chlorine chillers in those days, but I may be mistaken. Or, I may have made up the entire 1962 liquid-chlorine cooled computers from thin gasps of air. Dollars to doughnuts on the latter. 🙂

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