Inchcock Today: Cheesy Potatoes Made!

The highlight of the day. At long last, after several months, I took a risky chance and made some cheesy baked potatoes! I’d missed these for so long, I risked it. The last two days, the nerve-end failures had much fewer. Glad I did now, and I got away with it! Aware of the dangers that Peripheral Neuropathy Pete may impose on me…

Awakening, after the fifth horrible nights’ sleep, the urge for a mug of Glengettie was irresistible. I hobbled into the kitchenette with Metal Mickey and got the kettle on; the dim view had beauty to it, so I fetched the ‘on-its-last-legs’ Canon camera. Took a shot…

I’m lucky to have such a panoramic view,
Most times, the outcoming photo will do,
Today the Peripheral Neuropathy was on cue,
I got a decent photo, of the sky, with a purple-blue hue,
I was feeling in reasonably good knick, too!

Made the tea, good enough for me,
Later, the ablutions, well I needed a pee,
Little Inchies fungal lesion was bleeding free…
So I did the ablutioning, shaving carefully…
Amount if cuts none, although tiny nicks, three,
Nasal spray, eye drops, cleaned the lesion… yucky!
Medicated, dressed, it was a bit of a malarkey…
Finished the jobs, sanitarily…
Along came the Iceland delivery!

I soon got them in and into the kitchenette. The potatoes they had delivered actually looked fresh. So, I selected three large ones to use for the cheesy potatoes.

Put the three spuds in the oven…

Got the rest of the food put away…

Again, they had no Leicester Cheese, shame, but they substituted some imitation extra-strong cheddar, so at least I could make the cheesy pots up in a while.

The door chime rang out its ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ tune. It was Josie to tell me she’d just had a call from her Niece, who is going to take her out for a meal today. Bit of a disappointment…

I’d just added the mushrooms, tomatoes and chestnuts to Josie’s stew on the stove hob as well! Humph! Never mind, I said she could have it tomorrow. She seemed happy enough with that.

The Carer arrived, the same gal as yesterday. So no humour or nattering. She took the waste bag with her, though. A tablet short in the pot she provided. A Beta Blocker or Codeine. I assumed I’d dropped it; she got another one.

I carried on with prepping the fodder. I got on with getting Josie’s chilli ready in between.

Got the pots out of the oven and the cheese, sauces, BBQ seasoning, vinegar, BBQ sea salt, and bin nearby. Ready to scrape out the flesh from the tubers into the basin to bash the hell out of them with the seasonings added…

Which went amazingly well, no shakes, nerve-end didn’t go off, and only one tiny nick on the finger. No dropping of anything at all… oh, yes, I did drop the BBQ seasoning pot; don’t know I forgot that, cause it landed on my left foot and rolled to the end of the kitchen. I took a snap of it below.

I set the timer, took it to the computer, and worked on the  ‘Why’ blog. I soon needed the Porcelain Throne, so off I trundled to the wet room. All went well. Washed and out to check on the spuds in the kitchenette oven (That’s where they were, Hahaha!).

The peas were ready, so I got them on the plate with the sliced yellow tomatoes.

Sister Jane rang, and we had a chinwagging session.

Got the spuds out; I must say they looked good to me. Then, as the plate and tray layout progressed, I was impressed with my culinary performance today… Smug-Mode-Adopted!

By gum, it was grand!

Individual content ratings:
Cheesy Baked Potatoes – 9/10
Yellow Tomatoes – 8/10
Garden Peas – 9/10
Beef Pastie – 8/10

I spent many hours on the odeing for the blog. Visited Facebook WordPress Reader and had t nip to the wet room again, for the low point of the day – Little Inchies fungal lesion had been bleeding yet again. I’d not noticed earlier with the excitement of getting a cheesy potatoes meal made without any severe hassle, finding it tasted so good and talking with Jane, that the blood had congealed with the Protection Pants. (A memory, something I had to do or something like that just fluttered into my head, then left?

So I was in the wet room for an awfully long time, cleaning and medicating. And this is the most painful of all of the ailments to medicate. I’d like to shout ‘Argh!’ But I won’t, I did a bit of that at the time. Hahaha! But today was still a better than usual one, and a Sunday too; usually not a lucky day. Although, I reserve the right to change my mind if it starts bleeding again. Hehe!

I was feeling a bit tired now, so I sat down with a water bottle and turned on the TV. Fell asleep for a couple of hours and was woken by the evening Carer coming early (Not that it matters). On to the Computerisationing again.


22:20hrs: Sounds like a vacuum, droning noises from above. (Not from Herbert, too distant-sounding) If I can hear it sufficiently to keep me awake, I feel sorry for anyone with decent hearing trying to get off to sleep! I think it got to Herbert above me because he started tapping and banging then. Kept it up on and off until nearly midnight!

If you don’t mind, a few words being spoken to you?
My mind wandered a little then, fretting and with Deja Vous…
Because getting to sleep, I just couldn’t do…
The droning noise’s sound got louder, persistent they grew!

The Thought Storms kicked off, as they tend to…
The eyes, the left knees arthritis, appointments overdue,
Silly thoughts, like should I give my testicles a shampoo?
Sleep was unavailable, so do I have a shower. or catch the flu…
Turn the TV on? Get something to eat? That sounded neat,
Yes, I was going a smidgeon barmy, yes, it must be true…
I nodded off, and after an hour of kip… I woke in a mind-stew!
I waddled to the Porcelain Throne, messy job, Oh, the phoo!

Then Carer Richard arrived, the medications to sort and do…
Brought me two postage packets; I said thanks, bless you!
Issued the medications, and before he said his Depardieu…
We had a little natter, or a few…
I told Richard of last nights noisy hullabaloo…
That ensured me no sleep, and hitherto…
It must have been loud; I heard it too…

In seconds, Richard had worked it through…
Gale force winds had all night long blew…
As it happens, they are still blowing now, too!
I thanked him for settling the mystery issue…
Slipped him some treats, as he said his adieu!

Richard to the rescue again!

Part of the Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Cheesy Potatoes Made!

    • Cheers, mate. Oh, I have missed them so much. Thanks to a wierd but welcome period of Perihperal Neuropathy givign me a wonderful two hours of relief, justwhen I mas making them… all wet fine. Apart from thedropped large pot of BBQ flavouring that fell on my foot. Haha! That was nothing. But the bruise is comig up as I type this.
      You’ve got to laugh! Hahahahahaha! There, I’ve done it!

  1. The legendary cheesy potatoes by the master of the ode, there were a few too few taters, but the rating for the entire nosh was a wonderful 8.5 if me calculatioing is without err. The tomatoes seemed glad to take on the task of preventing the peas from rolling off and turning into proverbial foot-sole threatening rock hard and thoroughly dried threats.
    Herbert again makes a late-day appearance. You worry about making a bit of noise with an earlyish shower while Herbert makes high decimal records with real noise at midnight. Aaarrrgghhhh!

      • I like to be an encourager based upon the information available, something that you provide in great measure. After learning how each individually identified ailment gives insight into how these “characters” play a role in making their presence known in exacting detail. As a reader, I actually get to participate in a series of adventures on a theme of synchronicity that creates empathy between the writer and the reader. And the process allows Lisa to join in with her insights to gift us with her hard-experienced personal batles with everything from paradoxical reactions with medications and surgeries that refuse to line up with textbook expectations, yet to somehow learn what the ego-driven surgeons insist is impossible because it doesn’t fit those textbook instructions that get written in stone.

      • Another well worded and clear explanation of lifes preturbations in general,there. But, more importantly on HRH Lisa’s unwanted and undeserved ailments and treatment. The medical world seem to get away with a lot nowadays, Bill.
        Part of which, as you will know, makes Lisa’s reactions all the more amazing! What a woman! ♥
        I’m still up for adoption you know, as Grandad, Dad, Uncle, whatever. A distant twelve times removed fith nephew will do. Hehe!
        Richard was a bit cheerier this morning, and decent a decent amount of his time chinwagging with me. Good medicine that is!
        Don’t want to moan or complain, but the few seconds long dizzies have returned again this morning. Always make me think – this is it, it had to come… Then feel a fool a minute later when nowt else happens. Haha!
        Grungledamnsoddit! Just knocked me mug og Glengettie over… Humph!

  2. The incompetence that occurs in the medical world is daunting and scary, literally getting away with murder is what happens too often. I have such dizziness at times and have been prescribed Meclazine for it.
    Hope the mug survived the Glengettie tsunami.
    TTFNski, Sire!

    • Oh, dearie me another connection between us, Billum, dizziness, I have Dizzy Dennis as a permanent visitor, every day. No idea which of the medications are for it, mate. Meclazine? I shall looketh it up, and if you would be kind enough to let me know how it goes, and it helps, I shall asketh the doctor for some to try. Cheers.
      I will be having an anticipated moment of loin-moving later today – Hristina is coming to take the INR blood from me – ♥ A highlight of any day for me – even if she in a haste of great magnitude.
      I hope SM is having over there at Crowell Towers?
      Mug safe, thanks. Hehe!

      • I keep a Meclazine handy for the odd occasion when that dizzy stuff occurs
        Good old (or young) Hristina has not appeared for a while. Hoping too that a chin wag becomes possible.
        We are down south in lexington, KY where Lisa was measures for dental replacement. It is raining gangbusters at the moment and is scheduled to turn to freezing rain by this evening. so we are staying at a motel for this evening and will leave around noon. I looked at rhe traffic patterns online, it lloked good. I am thinking that people are staying home because so much coverage has been devoted to the ice storm that runs from New Mexico’s land of Tim and continues to Maine. Worra storm. It affects about 90 million people.

      • Pray things went well with the trainee vampires, good you sorted using them for HRH, well done mate.
        Danged wise idea with the motel too, Sir!
        I just mentioned to Tim, that storm would have covered England many many times. What a Whoppa!
        No need to say, but taketh care!
        Makes my bi of drizzling rain this morning, look insipid! Haha!

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