Inchcock Today: Diary Sunday 3rd April 2020

Sunday 3rd April 2020

Inchcock’s Morning Thoughts – In Ode

Hospitals say I’ve got deficiencies, to see an immunopathologist,
Although the second letter used the word, aetiologist…
I’m supposing there’s something here that I missed?
With the eye problems and my being deaf, words vanish…
Confusion, and muddleheadedness, are never vanquished!
Now, with life about to be ended, finally extinguished…

I can’t really say that life is about to be finished…
I’m still waiting for it to start; my hopes diminished…
I could do with my brain rebooted or refurbished…
So long ago now, my confidence vanished,
Never to return or to be re-established,
All through school, at the bottom, I languished…
My hopes and plans that I once so cherished…
Remain vaguely in memory, but they’ve been so malnourished!


03:30hrs: I jumped awake, thinking; I think out loud, “Huh, sod it!” Not a regular awakening tone at all. But I stirred in a mood that is hard to explain… I don’t believe that I was depressed as such. Resigned to loneliness, failure, and ready for whatever fate will befall me… nay, I was expecting it to! Yes, a resignation reigned… not with imperturbability, rather hang-dogged self-annoying deference, acquiescence, almost docility… submission to whatever fate is to bring to me…

Blimey, that read as a bit deep when I read it back? Did I write that?

As I was hauling my elephantine-stomached body from the c1966 recliner, I diverted to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket).

The evacuation was a reversal of those of the last three days. Gone were the torrents and splash-backing, to be replaced with pathetic, painful, having to be forced tinkling… and yet a wide spray was produced!

To my benefit, for the first time in a few days, Little Inchies Fungal Lesion had not been bleeding! Emptied, cleaned and disinfected the bucket. Made a brew of JS Extra Strong tea and got onto the computer.

Which initially prevented me from loading the photographs yet again. It must have cost me two hours to get it to accept them! Bet it’ll be a kerfuffle trying to get some on later! I just wish I knew how I’d done it.

I went to make a Glengettie brew, and I did my bestest to get some shots of the twinkling lights of the early morning view from the kitchenette. But none of the three images looked right to me.

I found this confusing. Bearing in mind my eyes cataracts, glaucoma and saccades, how come I saw the view better than the Canon camera did? Or am I missing something thanks to Doreen here?

This last one was so pretty with no clouds on the horizon, and the lights were not strong enough to bother Cataract Kathleen. Yet they didn’t show up well at all?

I got the photos on the computer, and I started prepping Josies’ meal. Got some potatoes cubed and opened the tin of peas ready in advance. Too early to put any heat on. Just in case I forget.

Back to the computer, and I got this from last night on here. It was much better tasting than I thought it might be for a vegetarian nosh. Taste Rating: 8/10! Better late than never.

Did some Faffling about on the computer for an hour or two. Went to make another brew, Thompsons Punjana; this time, I’ve not had any for a while.

I got Josie’s saucepan on low heat and stirred in the sliced water chestnuts. Got out more things that would be needed for the meal and put the teats all together in the fridge so I’d hopefully not forget anything when it came to putting my toque on. Haha! Cleaned the mess I’d made in the kitchen and went back to the computer…

It’s flabbergasting how little progress I’m made with the blog updating after several hours.

Herbert launched into his weekend symphony of clattering s and banging. And I was summoned to the wet room…

Blimus! It was easier than yesterday! No joking, although I did find it humorous what took place. The innards indicated that the evacuation was going to take a while, and the torpedo was going to be a hard one.

Got the crossword book out and got into it on puzzle 122. There were just two more clues to do… and I got one of them, and being as I’d been failing to finish this one. Huh!

I cheated on the last one, making cheats for this grid only two! Then it dawned on me that the evacuation was all done! I was so deep into the puzzling and didn’t realise! No pain, no blood either! Washed up, got a new jumper on, and felt boosted by that evacuations. I’m surprised, of course, but I think finishing crossword number 122 after several months helped. Hahaha!

The Carer arrived and got me sorted out. Finally, I got the Ode blog posted, then the Diary one.

Today the Blood Pressure SYS was still high, but far less than yesterday. The Pulse was okay. Also, the DIA was down too.

My body temperature was much higher at last, at 34.9°c. Good!

Did Facebooking, WP Comments. WP Reader. Then searched for copy & paste icons but found none I wanted.

Went to make Josie’s nosh served up and sorted on the tray. The kitchen clock told me I needed to get a move on to be done in time.

My wristwatch told me I had plenty of time. I checked on the computer. The kitchen clock had gained fifteen minutes?

Mr Pleasantness is giving it some hammer today.

The computer card reader is not working at all now. This could be the end of photographing for poor, sad, Inchcock on this computer?

Evening Carer arrived, Anne or Ann. Lovely lady.

Sweet Morpheus denied me nodding off for hours. Humph!

Darned Sundays!

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Diary Sunday 3rd April 2020

  1. You know, the. more active day I have with things seeming to come more easily, I end up at night without the ability to sleep! I used to think it was because I determined to do something, and when I was able to do it, and then some – I often add the “and then some” because I don’t now if it will be one of those turns where I do almost nothing for a week or more. I guess, strike while the iron is hot! I just got the context of that though I have heard and used it all my life, I envisioned a clothes iron! It just hit me – especially after my hour of so of viewing bushcraft where hand tools and the forest around supply all needs. I saw it like a flash after 60 years of silliness – that striking while the iron is hot is a term used by a blacksmith! Doi!! haha. I hope you liked that Inchie. I hope you did get a nice sleep in tonight and that you had a pretty good day! I sat up all day yesterday trying to rework a crochet pattern to make a smaller squirrel (YES!) to fit in the little acorn with lid that I made a few days ago! It isn’t going to work. I would need tiny hooks to work it! So, I will put my focus elsewhere. I did finally fall asleep, and woke at a normal hour which is unacceptable to me. hee hee! So, I had my breakfast (Bill microwaved it by hand) and after a while I went back to sleep until 5PM! I think it was lunch time then. Bill microwaved it. haha! He’s a great microwaver! He used to make pancakes from scratch every morning for his kids for breakfast. We must give that fellow a hand and pat on the back! His son appreciates his Dad too! Let me know how you fared in your &*^$@@# recliner! (that was comic book swearing, btw.) . Love from your Petal!!!

    • Striking while the iron is hot, makes sense to me, my petal!
      Sweet Morpheus is toying with us, gal!
      Congratulations, thanks and a pat on the back, for lesser-red-spotted Billum!
      XXX ♥ 🧡

  2. It is good to report that the red spots are flattening and clearing, nice to have another thing that needs no action reports. Those photographs look like spacecraft descending on Nottingham, or else they are the lights of edifices. Could be both?
    Vegetarian noshes getting a rating of 8.0. Brilliant cooking, and no mistake about it, cocker.
    Crosswords do yield to a couple hours spent solving 2 mysterious clues. Onward to 123. Should be as easy as one, two, three. A snap.
    Sweet Morpheus wants you to disenjoy every minute of a Sunday, SM’s favorite it would appear.
    A hammer seems most appropriate for the music produced above. Ball-peen variety, if I may guess.

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