Inchcock Diary, Tuesday 24th May 2022 – With Ode to Life

TUESDAY 24th MAY 2022

Ode To Life – Part 33rds

I’d have loved to have written my verse cleverly…
Be intelligent, superior, educated, and academically!
Blend words in rhyme that folk view as appreciatory,
But Doreen’s Dementia makes me do it clumsily…
Not that the comments sound exactly derogatory…
My viewers’ total is abysmal, or worse, evidently,

I try not to write this blog grouchily…
Make it fun, folks, to read it happily…
I may, at times, add things that sound grumpy,
That’ll be of Doreen and Peripheral Neuropathy,
Though sometimes, to me, the reality is illusory…
And I’ve never ever won the lottery!

Like now, my plots and thoughts have gone hazy?
This can happen for days at a time, not momentarily,
Semi-logic can return, within a few days, ordinarily,
But of course, please remember this is not obligatory,
During my brain’s down-times, there’s still diversity…
Trying to control it brings much lachrymosity!

I often dream of acquiring omnipotency…
Of course, I can’t, so carry in my impecuniosity…
It’s not just money & wealth, of which I have a scarcity!
But also suasion, wisdom, rationality, logicality…
Folks tell me, I have endless inconsequentiality?
I think this is similar to insignificance or banality?
No doubt, I need help mentally… and exigently!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


04:35: Rose for a wee-wee. Kettle on, sorted waste bags. Had a rinse, got partly dressed, and got the kettle on.

Getting dressed, I thought it looked like the right leg’s foot was darker than the left leg? But mustn’t complain, cause the rest of the leg and ankle looked far better than yesterday!

Took off the pad from yesterday’s INR Warfarin blood test and could not help bus picture my beautiful, precious, and pretty beloved Haematology nurse Hristina in my mind! ♥

Sphygmomanometerisationing was done next. The SYS was up 26 points to 140, DIA up by 2 to 63, and the Pulse had fallen somewhat to 77. Checked on the NHS site; The Ideal is between 60 and 100 beats per minute (bpm). That means it must have been high spot on, indeed perfect, for several weeks. The body temperature was well down again, low for several days; according to the NHS, 35°c is the optimum?

I got on the computer, and my brain froze. What I was doing, I had no idea, really. This has happened now and then since the stroke. It can often last for a few hours, like waking up, but with no memory of the period of blankness. I named them Mind-Blanks. Then you worry about what you’ve been getting up to! It only lasted about an hour or so, I think. It seemed that I had started another blog template and been working on the wrong one. I really got annoyed when I discovered this! I swore at myself, and I wanted to give up!

Richard the Carer arrived, and it helped pull me around. Not that I wasn’t still a little miffed ant the Mind-Blank happening. Even though it hasn’t happened for a week or two. I think? Rich’ got the Alert Alarm battery checked and gave me my medications. As we had a much-missed chinwagging session, I went to put the mini-hoover back on its charger and…

As I was bent down to reach the socket, Neuropathy Pete instructed his neurotransmitters to give me a flailing leg dance! I dropped the mini-hoover (I hope I’ve not broken anything), and I clung dearly to the electric shelf. It was all over within a few minutes, and no rumblings or injuries. That was due to Carer Richard’s quick response in getting to me in time. I’m pretty sure (although it was a short affair, it was brutal while it lasted) that it would have had me over had I been on my own.

Two cameras, a remote, and the SDH card reader have given up on me in the last few days. Mind-Blanks, Leg Dances, Dizzies, Falls and tumbles are getting more frequent. Doreen’s Dementia, Cataracts Kathleen, and Glaucoma Gladys have all been having a go at me!  Best if I say no more on the subject, methinks!

Took this snap of the rain, made a brew, and pressed on, trying to get the mess I’d made on WordPress understood and corrected; it was hard work that needed concentration. But, it went well for about two hours, progress-wise, and then Esther came bundling in to get the laundry. That shot my attention to pieces.

I began to make progress again. Esther returned with the laundry. Boy, can she talk? Hehe! Unfortunately, she does it when walking away from me and in the other room. Not the foggiest of what she’s saying half the time.

Well, I’ve got to get a rest. I’ll make some canned tomatoes and soya and use the old bread. After that, I can envisage myself just falling asleep until the evening carer wakes me up… there are about four hours in which I can make, eat the meal and some precious sleep… if that is possible.

Extra-chopped tomatoes with pieces of soya. And some slices of milk roll bread… well, half the loaf! Gobbled it up at my leisure slowly and enjoyed it. The Flavour rating for this one was 7.5/10! Washed the pots and was soon in the land of nod. Dream filled, though. No details are recalled, yet I still know that I had dreams?

An hour or so later, Evening Care Valerie arrived, and the shock of the chime bursting out and waking me shook me a bit… at first, I thought I was still in my dream. Hehehe! As I stirred and Valerie came, I realised that although I had got my jammie bottoms on, I was topless this time. Still, she didn’t mind my bulbous, adipose, abdominous, podgy paunch that bounced around in front of me when I stood up. Humph! Val got me sorted out, and I handed her some nibbles in thanks, and off she trotted, kindly taking the waste bag from the door with her for me.

I considered staying up to get on with this blog, but with all the cock-ups and mistakes I’d made earlier in the day, I decided to get back down in the c1968 second-hand recliner and get back to whatever the dream was about. And I did!

Ten minutes later, ♫Oh, Susana♫ rang from the door chime again. I whipped a jacket on quickly and went to open the door – It was Valerie back again.

She had gone back to the Meridian Office and found a letter from the DVT Anticoagulation Clinic changing the Warfarin dosages. Bless her, she realised she’d just given me the wrong dosage earlier and returned to give me more to agree with the new dosage roster. This should have been provided by whoever was in charge (surely?) to the night carer? But it had been left on the desk. Fortunately, the new dosages had increased, and Valerie gave me the extra tablet to put things right for me.

The thought was that had Val not found this new rota or the doses had gone down, not up, it would have been too late, and it meant I could be in a pickle medically if I had a bleed and an increased risk of a heart attack, blood-clot, and or stroke. Methinks Meridian, who has just put their prices up, has made a mistake. Be interesting to see if I get an apology this time. Valerie saved the day, anyway!

EMBARRASSMENT! As I was taking the Warfarin tablet, it dawned on me – I did not have my jammie bottoms on! I red-facedly thanked Val, and she shot off, Bless her cotton socks!

Back in the recliner…

22 thoughts on “Inchcock Diary, Tuesday 24th May 2022 – With Ode to Life

  1. Interesting visits from Carers who actually care, whether you are sans shirt or sans pants, they are there. Hristina is showing up more frequently, and that is never a bad thing, Esther of laundry fame may talk to herself, or think you can hear her from a distant room. An easy conversationalist. Valerie is there to remember to take the trash bags when she leaves and obtains a treat for the day. But Val is the Carer of the day for accurately recognizing the way to tame an INR — measure and dose accurately. Measure twice, dose once! And Richard also gets recognized as the hero — preventing a potentially dreadful fall nearly suffered by everyone’s hero: Sir Inch!!
    Worra great crew today, kindest Sir! Music for the Royal Fireworks builds in volume…

    • Brought forth some needed laughs there, Sir Billum, of which I is grateful! Appreciated you know!
      No Richard today. I got two of the management gals, and it showed! But thetale of the incinerated potato husks and on seeing them, one laughed out loud.
      The place is still a quite on Western front, above still. Better the devil you know?
      I have the shakes today. Hope they go away. I think my walking into the doorframe again, might be a reason, eh? Hehehe!
      Love to each! ♥

      • Good always to bring needed laughs, no doubt about that, particularly when they are so well appreciated.
        You could really have used a Richard on this Thursday scene. Memories of the burned husks are still fresh, as are memories from the two no-so-caring Carers. Quietude on the Western Front is a good sign, unless it speaks of impending doom. I shall call it gentle, soothing, and relaxing stillness.
        Shake off the shakes? Put some pillows on the right door jamb?
        Now, it is off to the Court House in defense of Julie. We thank you most gratefully for each of your prayers devoted to her, kind Sir!

      • 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 What a result!
        Sorry didn’t answer these earlier, I could not access them, when I clicked on the WP comment bell, nothing was happening! Arrrgh!
        I just clicked on the Help Button to tell them, wrote “I can’t access the comments when I hit the bell button – and that instant it came back on??? (I so hope it doesn’t disappear again. It was driving me mad, being deprived of your witisisms… is that spelt right? Grammarly still not working on comments, Tsk!
        Thanks again, and damned well done!

      • Nary a problem, mate. Electronic deviouses make great hiding places for gremlins. Devious devices inside electronicals. Filled to the brim with gremlins, they even fight with each other to make miserable the bloke or bird nestled up to the keyboard. A gremlin likes nothing more than hearing distress in your voice, lets them know they’ve opened a raw nerve.
        Witticism (with two of the letter ‘t’, just like my mother’s maiden name: Witte). My grandfather lived up to his name, he was never without something funny to say.
        It makes sense that gremlins would attack Grammarly.
        “Gremlins Graze on Grammarly” — a good title for anyone describing the phenomenon?
        And you are always welcome, Sir!

      • Oh, dearie me Billum, I have to click the WP Question Mark to gain access to the comments now???
        I knew a Mr Witte, in the 70’s, in the Buffs. Gran chap, and one of the few I went to a funeral for. He had a dry humour that I adored.
        “Gremlins Graze on Grammarly”… not half!
        TTFNski all, and besdtest wishes.

      • WP is a curious beastie.
        Grandpa Albert had a wry wit as well, something that comes with the name?
        “Gremlins Scorch Earth on Grammarly”?
        A grand TTFNski from all the characters at Crowell Manor and Laboratories!

      • I don’t really need WP’s help to get confused. Hehe!
        I shall release pheromones of fun and good fortune in the direction of the Manor, in thanks.

      • WP is cunningly designed to confuse, vex, and anger.
        Pheromones. A word I am just now encountering. What took me so long to learn that marvelous piece of wordage? But I see a cloud of pheromones wafting at the Manor as I typeth. Whoa! Whoa!!

      • Danged, WP!
        Ah, I think I might have worked out why you seeth te pheromones, Sir. I take it that you’ve been trailing the time-machine, and have occasionally got up in the night to to have a freebie trip to the past? That’ll when you brought back some pheromones, likely, from the Ancient Briton cave men, who did not talk, and used them as communication? Hehehe!

      • Be prepared for the pheromone phenomenon emitted by cave men. The dainty scent of unbathed skin, the fulsome reek of fartleberries hanging from longish arse-hairs, and a musk oil that appears to flow forth freely. The mark of Ancient Briton Cavers. Communicating by way of the nostrils with highly developed nasal passages. Taking a shower upon trip return is necessary.

      • Hehe! I bet it was hard for them washing in a hagfish infested lake? For heavens sake don’t take any disinfectant with you when you return to visit them, Billum – itd scare them to death!

      • October 19 is Hagfish Day. Mark it on Google Calendar, only a few months or so away.
        Yes, disinfectant would not be well received at all.

      • I think I’ve made another Whoopsiedangleplop with that one Billum, so sorry. It was perhaps a photo of a different fish that I saw… Dementia Doreen strikes again – apologise once more, Sir.

      • I can see hagfish being the icon for many a theme, perhaps a good one for an orthodontist? Now envisioning a hagfish affixed with braces, stickers with such a creature would be popular with kids methinks.

      • No doubt about it mate, a keen, reliable orthodontist would help them! Haha!
        A possible cartoon idea for Mr Disney?

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