Inchcock’s Monday Photographs

Iceland delivery

Morrison delivery

Sorry that this is so scrappy and crappy a blog.

Vascular Dementia Doreen really got me yesterday. I got in a pickle trying to sort out whether or not I’d post these, or not. At the same time, I was trying to get the obstreperous Card Reader to accept newer photos… a delivery came.

While putting the food away, another delivery arrived. I was struggling to keep it together cause I was sure the Iceland delivery was for Friday, not Monday… No doubt my fault,  error yet again, which doesn’t help my confidence one iota!

The kitchen was like Steptoe & Son’s was on the telly. Food was all around to be collated. Next, the INR Nurse arrived…

Not that I had any problems with the compassionate, beautiful, sweet-natured Hristina coming to deal with me. In fact, it was the only, I think, in the whole day that I was free of depression and frustrations – Gawd, I love her! (Also Jillie, Obergruppenfürheress Warden Deana, Carers Julie, Cheeky Charley, Sarah, Elena… Ah, so many!) Hristina always lifts me in spirit.

Leg check.

Herbert was not so bad during today, although there were a few mechanical concertos and some clangy Abbellimenti.

I’d ordered some Cathedral City cheese, red onion and focaccia baps on special offer… sorry I bothered now!

Luckily, the mushroom pate tasted great, and I filled both baps up with it! New potatoes, yellow and red halved tomatoes, and some ready roasted crispy onion bits (which went down well!). A pot of jelly & custard to round it off. I didn’t eat all of the focaccia baps, but I removed and ate all of the pates.

Took the things through to wash them up and copped for an Involuntary right leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance… The tray went to the floor, which is better than my doing so.

Crap! I spent around an hour cleaning things up. I had no choice but to keep bending down cause the small onions and breadcrumbs I couldn’t see and the picker-upper was no use. Getting back up on my feet took a while in itself. Then getting the mop and bucket out of the wet room and mopped the floor. Let it dry first, took the equipment to the throne room, then went back in and cleaned the pots, tray etc., and then myself.

The evening carer arrived. Dour is how I felt cause the backache had been brought on by all the bending. Medications taken. I took an extra Codeine after the Carer left with the waste bags. I only take extra if needed, but it was that night.

Took a late evening sunrise shot. No you fool! Sunset.

Got into the £300 second-hand bought, c1968, nauseously beige-coloured, not-working, rusty, rickety, crumb-covered tatty recliner. I reckon that I must have dropped off for a few moments, then shot awake again, at least 20 times!

Gone midnight, I put the TV on, hoping it would help me sleep deeper. It sometimes does… but no. The rest of the night’s sleep was interrupted so many times!


31 thoughts on “Inchcock’s Monday Photographs

  1. Definitely a Grangleknackler kind of day, were it not?
    From Iceland to Morrison was there much to empty from the bags and totes, without many order mishaps to add knacklers to the grangles.
    I think it’s been a while since Christina has appeared in 72, but you have to count the blessing of each time she visits. That’s wot.
    Unfortunate that you needed to rescue the pate from the baps. A matter of the ratio of mushroom pate to the Foccacio being too fockaccing low, if you will apologize me for the Italian, Sir.
    The cleanup is where the knacklers did the most harm, and when the ailments ganged up on you. Leading to a dour-level backache.
    Still trying to figure out why red vehicles violate parking standards the most. A conundrum of a mystery, but our laboratories will solve it, even if it takes a while or two.
    Reporteth Billum, Labmeister

    • Hahaha! Enjoydeth this muchly, Professor Billum. Put together in such a way that it flowed easily into my humour-cells. I fang You!
      Bless yers!

      • I like to frame responses into portions of a conversation, an electronic form of chin wagging. Searching for bon mots and crafting words that flow into the humour-cells without harshness.
        A proper way to fang you (without using fangs) for your shareage — and making up words along the way to spice the conversation.
        We blesses yer in full measure, mate!

      • I most definitely need to name and list the functions of all the Laboratories, I forgot what happens in Lab 28 but I’m sure they do good work.

      • A ground-breaking step in the science of time-machining was the Mark11 ⅒th. Pressing down with the heel propelled you back into the past, while pushing with the ball of the foot sent you into the future. A Schuhplattler dance would ricochet you back and forth until half the machine got lost in the past and the other half in the future. Time-machine pioneers got slapped silly.

      • I picture a couple of rough-hewn old scraps of lumber, about 6″ x 12″, an old pair of very worn unlaced shoes, and a fearsomely countenanced time traveler in training. Got a case of whiplash from all that, I did, kind Sir.

      • I fang you, mate.
        Laboratory 28 is used to assist Laboratory 27 and Laboratory 29 when 27 or 29 can’t figure out what faff is going on.
        Their Mission:
        To Provide Support Staff for Standards and Stuff not Otherwise Researched by Lab 27 or Lab 29 — or when Labs 27 and 29 are faffing about.

      • Reminds me that Black Adder episode where Baldrick attempts to rewrite the sole copy of Johnson’s dictionary that was burned in the fireplace.
        Definition of cat: Not a dog.

      • I vaguely recall that bit of Black Adder, Sir. They don’t make them like that anymore.
        After Googling your definition: I got “People also ask
        What distinguishes a cat from a dog?
        Image result for Definition of cat: Not a dog
        “Dogs tend to work together to get things done, so your dog will involve himself in your routines as a way to connect with you. Cats are solitary hunters. They are very independent creatures, and often don’t rely on their humans for much past their basic needs of food and a clean litter box.15 Nov 2016” So, your are right, not that I ever doubted you were. Hahaha!

      • HRH introduced me to Black Adder, along with many other British TV goodies from your isles through Acorn TV. Better than most of our domestic shows, IMO.
        In any event, the lads and lasses at Google seem to know lots of stuff. And this always leads me to thing how many pages it would take to print the Compleat Google.

      • Aha, some og my favourite oldoies in there Sir Billum. Taste, that’s what HRH has, no doubt about it.
        My TV was down yesterday, worker in the lobby doing something electrical, wires hanging from the roof. I had to reset the box, that failed. Did it again and it worked. This morning, I tried it out of interest… down again! Humph! Bet the electricians are back on site… or not.
        Well, you could practice on making up a Complete Bill & Inchies Ailments list? I’m glad you can have confidence in the Humira, should you need to use it again, Bill.
        Richard was in and out in record time today, he’s got an extra call added to his list. Still not looking too good to me, bless him. Sleep is avoiding us both lately. Hope HRH is getting some, Sir.

      • No one has better taste than HRH, she is the world standard for world standards.
        What is all that faffing about in the lobby? There might be electricians and interneticians at the works.
        That would be quite the list. Add Lisa’s ailments to them and we would have quite a tome.
        Worrisome ailments with Richard there, perhaps he could join us in the massive tome?
        Lisa is sleeping at this very moment 6:00 PM in Nottinghamish time.

      • Indeed, HRH is do Special, congratulations!
        Really glad to hear that Lisa is kipping. ♥
        The workings in the lift lobby remain a mystery – no one tells me anything!
        Ah, a Laboratory created tome – a book for studying wot can be writ by Billum?

      • Those of HRH’s caliber are few and precious, but you already know that. Lisa and I were up and about for a 7:00 appointment at the doctor and a follow-up X-ray of her very ailing right foot. Are now waiting for the results.

        And here we are with the values that are out of whack, as demonstrated by blood test:
        C-reactor protein 15.23 (should be <5.0)
        Sed Rate 38 (s b 0-20)
        Iron 34 (s b 50-170)
        Tranfering Saturation 9% (s b 20-50)
        Well, well

        The lab-written tome generator looks much like Data, this is because he was specifically constructed to look like Data.

      • Oh, poor HRH, please pass on my love and respect for her, and how she copes. ♥
        Damned clever designing in Data for your generator… I like it!

      • I shall indeed relay these kind words, my friend. Lisa has been coping with intolerable outrages before she could speak I think. Is the Nottinghamish word heard when you dared to speak a single word was “Sorrup”. In other words, shut the F up! Instead, Lisa sends you “many words of love.”
        Rather than anthropomorphizing, I seek to Datamorphize the tome generator.

        I fank you for

      • Ah, Shurrup! Brings back memories. Pleas thanketh HRH my Cyber Petal, and a gentle hug from me/ I fanketh you!
        Datamorphizing the tome generator, would that involve the slide-rule, Billum? Do you remember where you put it? Hehehe!

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