Inchcock Today Diary with Ode, Wednesday 8th June 2022:

Wednesday 8th June 2022

Good Morningski!


I believe I mentioned last week that the End was Nigh?
Putin’s not bothered about the world but keeps his eye…
On the Chinese, Americans and the FBI…
It is saveable? If so, how, when, by whom, and why?
If it is rescued, and I’m alive, I’ll slap my thigh…
But my hopes are not too high!

What are nations doing about Putin, the Cow?
Britain protested to the UN with a catty meow…
President Biden very nearly raised his left eyebrow…
Xi Jinping thinks the Ukraine war’s just a sideshow?
France stopped Russian imports, pickles and marrow!
Sweden is worried about dwindling numbers of sparrows…
No comment from rain-starved New Mexico…
Germanys Steinmeie, has gone off a furlough?
Inchie on the Porcelain Throne… had a follow-through!.

Odes that matter are not easy to write – So I wrote this one!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


0045hrs: I don’t know how I did it, but I’d worked through the night on blogging. It is now 04:00hrs, and I will try to get some sleep. The carer can wake me when they arrive. As soon as they are gone, I must get the ablutions done. Too early now cause of making a noise with the shower. Then get some sleep!

That didn’t last long! I’ve now been up for 22hours. For nearly an hour! Humph! Will I ever get some sleep! I got down in the recliner and drifted to sleep without any bother…

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ rang out! Carer Richard arrived, a little concerned, when he looked at me. Apparently, I was pasty-looking and shaking. I told him I was just tired and why. Inquired about how his Diabetes course went. Alright, the lad said, which told me it wasn’t at all. Again he couldn’t stay too long; he had more calls to do. Gave I’m some treats, and he was off like an arrow from Robin Hood’s bow. Haha! I’d not yet got the computer going and thought it best if I got myself a good shower and shave first. A freshening up should sort me out. Then I can get some sleep… surely?

I made a right and proper mess of shaving duties today. The neck (3), earhole (1) and chin (2) all had a pretty cut or two by the time I’d finished. The Peripheral Pete’s shakes were very minor but still cut me. Showered without any nasty or painful injuries worth mentioning.

Although the regulation toe-stubbing took place as I started to do the next job. Midway through the rear-end Germoloiding, the landline burst forth…

I snapped the end car parkers as I checked the windows. Then gathered the blood pressure equipment needed for the readings to be discovered. This was when I realised I was still in the nude!!! Argh!.

Well, very nearly, that’ll do for me, I fank you! The results for the SYS 142. DIA 67 and the Pulse at 77 bpm were all in range.

My Chinese (Hong Kong) is made by Shenzhen Relee Electronic & Technology Co. Ltd™, contactless thermometer, was playing up a little, not wanting to work? Still, I got it on the third try.

I got the clothes nearby for after the ablutioning, stripped, shuddered at my reflection n the shiny kettle, and went into the wet room… ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ rang out again! It was Warden  Deana to do a wrist alarm battery check. I hope I’d put on some clothing before answering the door! But Dementia Doreen forbade me from recollecting when writing this bit of the blog many hours later.

Back to the wet room and got on with tasks of scrubbing up, teggies, shaving and a good shower. The ankles were not too good; they have been worse.

A struggle to get there before they rang off. I hoped it might be QMC hospital’s EENT about an appointment to get the cataract done… but no! It was a cold-caller whom I could not understand what she was saying. I rang-off.

I really must try to get some sleep again. But no! Esther rang and came in; I just got the pants on in time! It’s nearly noon, and I’ve seemed to have been getting delayed, sidetracked and discovered a plot to stop me from sleeping. Hehehe! And I have not even started on the blog yet!

Esther kindly brought some cord and rethreaded the jammie bottoms that had lost their own string. Bless her. She still talks to me from the other room. Har-Har!

I made a start on the Odeing for this blog. I’m so far behind again and getting self-irked about it! Another long day then; Gawd knows when I’ll get the job done. Interruptions all the time, or ailments delaying me – SLEEP – PLEASE!

I’ve got to get some kip so I can recharge to get this blog done… Around in circles, that’s me! Still, I foolishly thought, at least I’ve made a start on the Ode… Humph!

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chimed out yet again! It was Esther coming back. She’d been to do it for a new client, and their vacuum had broken down, and she asked me if she could use mine. I realised the Hoover was already at the front door, so yes, no problem.

Surely now, I can get the Ode at least done? I checked on what I could have for my nosh, which looked like being eaten again in the early morning hours. With all the faffing about that’s going on. I made a brew of Thompson’s Signature tea and took a small cake from the fridge.

Back to the Ode writing, and… ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chimed out yet again! It was the postman. One of them was kind enough to press the buzzer when he delivered; it helped. The letter was from Nottingham City Homes, Asset Management Team, and Emma Brown. Telling us about an upgrade to the electrical fuse-boards. There will be interruptions to TV signals and laundry rooms. So, that told me two things. One; reason that the workers did not answer my cheery good morning the other day – Because it is an independent company (ECS) doing the work. And number two, now I know why I lost the TV signal thrice last week. Finally, I was making progress with the Odeing. Mind you, it was 16:00hrs by then. Keeping my concentration pretty well…

Esther returned again. To bring the vacuum back and thanked me for loaning it to her. No, bother, Esther, I said. Each week when she arrives, she takes out the plug on a towel airer to use it to recharge her mobile phone. And never puts the power back on… just a thought, like.

Carer Valerie arrived to sort the medications. Took the waste bag out with her. Boy, is it getting late now! Gragnangles! Definitely going to be another 24hr day.

Absolutely gorgeous clouds this evening. pareidoliaised, at my leisure, finding three figures in these beautiful clouds. An animal’s mouth and jaw, a tongue sticking out of a mouth and what looks like an iceberg to me. When I returned, not exactly full of fervour, to carry on with the blog, a weird happening happened to happen. Happenstance, one might say?

I saw dozens of seagulls flying left the right at about the same level, four or five times, through the balcony windows!

I hastened to get the Canon in hopes of getting photographs of the birds; they sometimes came close to the windows.

I sat in the recliner to have a drink of spring water, a nibble of some potato sticks, and, most importantly, to relax for a few minutes. But, No! As I got the camera turned on, the flock broke up and was long gone! Tsk! Then, something caught my eye that I’d not noticed before…

On the wall, where the electricians left a pretend made patching up job of the power-point they had knocked off of the wall, the uneven imitation plastering was showing me an ambiguous visual pattern. Hewn in the lumpy rough plastering.

I shan’t say what I can perceive in it, but I would love to know if you can visualise anything in it? Or is it just me and what?

Got ready to try and get some blogging done. And once more, the ♫ Oh Susana ♫ tone rang out from the door chime.

It was the pens being delivered. I tried them straight away. It said in the advert that they both had darker black inks and smoother, softer writing nibs. Brilliant! Best Biro’s I’ve ever used, and I can see the writing better now too.

I  titivated the Tuesday Diary, and I got that sent off. I know you are thinking, why has the dumbo not done this yet? Am I write? Erm… Right? Ask Doreen about Dementia? Hehe! I’d got myself into a pickle again mentally.

I made up some spring water bottles, added a drop of orange or lime cordial to each one, and put them on the ottoman’s tray. Also, fill a pot with some potato chip nibbles for later.

I took these close-up too the kitchenette window shots of pattering down rain. That came on quickly; the sunshine was blasting through the curtains a few seconds ago. (They are a bit thin!)

Carer Valerie arrived and got the medications sorted out. We even managed a little chinwagging tonight!

I got the nosh sorted out. I’m afraid it was not one of the more successful or tasty meals I’ve ever made or eaten. Not by a long chalk! The Morrison’s potatoes letters made sure of that. They were abysmally tasteless! The cheese & onions pasties were not too bad. The peas and mushrooms left over from yesterday were passable. The pot of strawberry cheesecake was nice. Overall, a dismal 5.5/10 Flavour rating!

Well, that was better. Almost solid this time. But I’ll not get too excited.

Into the kitchen to get some of the marvellous tasting No-Moo brand ice cream to nibble.

The view from the window was most impressive. Although it was not bright or vivid, the hues and shades were, to me, anyway, reminiscent of oil paintings. Which started me off thinking about how amazing Mother Nature can be… and I forgot to get the ice cream from the fridge for my evening snack. Grobbleturds!

Washed the pots, had a rare wee-wee, not that much sprinkled painfully out. Then I got down in the £300 second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, haemorrhoid-testing, uncomfy, easily-falloutable, unfit-for-use, not working recliner.

And to my satisfaction and pleasure, I fell asleep within seconds!

Only to shoot awake with a jump a couple of minutes later! Grumblecronknackers! Graptitties! Schluberdubers! Globblegripes! and Grangleboggleisations! Naturally, the sudden awakenings continued for hours! Varying twixt after two minutes and ten!

Not All Sleep Is Restorative
By Raj Dasgupta, MD

Experts continue to study the sleep process, but they’ve found evidence to suggest your body & brain perform a lot during sleep, including muscle repair, protein synthesis, & tissue growth.

Oh, Good!

I got up and went back to blogging – Humph!

14 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Diary with Ode, Wednesday 8th June 2022:

  1. I keep telling you that you need quit that shaving and go full caveman on us. Right dangerous that shaving is. Great photos. We did not get rain. Too bad on the food fail.

    • Cheers, Tim. I might give the electric one another try. I’ve got a feeling I gave it to Carer Richard, though?
      Sad on your rainless front, Tim.

  2. Sad to find Richard the Caring Hearted rushed off early in the day, they schedule tightly at the Meridian Office of Scheduleisation. The way most business is conducted worldwide, is it not the case? Rush, rush, rush…reminds me of that classic Twilight Zone episode “Willoughby.” Rod Serling was also writing about the way studios rushed him with tighter deadlines all the time, so you

    Spoiler Alert

    step off the train and find yourself in a hearse.

    End of Spoiler Alert

    Today’s color begins with all those red spots of blood on that cloth, followed by our sponsors: Red Van Man and Red Car Naughty Parker side-to-side with RVM. Red car is even jostling up to the chevrons, RVM is red car’s hero.
    Advert: Do want to be noticed by parking illegally? Purchase a red vehicle and let it do your thinking for you. We now return to reply mode…
    I just nodded off (acting mode) and visualised Esther appearing with an oversized megaphone, so you do not miss a single word of Esther…waking up now…
    Now the clouds speak. I see a great white tongue to the left of a couple white eyes. You also have two clouds that look like the Hindenburg dirigible, the passenger cabin hanging below. Watch for electric power lines…
    I see the word CAD atop that loaf o’ bread. Tasteless as a CAD.
    And jumping awake…Grobbleturdlets…

    Just finishing this last night, but ended up sleeping before sending…Sorry, Sir!

    • I’ve just managed to get to the comments on WP, Bill. OF course, next time, they may have disappeared again. Been using Blogger, but it’s an unreliable bogger of a blogger! I’ll see how it goes today; try to get the Snippets started on WP, but with bated breath?
      That was an exceptional smile bringerer of a comment, thanks, Bill. Bless!

      • I never quite know where a comment might take me, it seems to take on a life of its own between the first and the last word. Blogger does seem to chug along, held together by odd bits of string and baling wire. It couldn’t be as useless as Michael Fries’ product…and it is also better than a sharp stick in the eye…May bated breath save the day with a grand stroke of good fortune.
        Bringing an exceptional smile makes me day, it certainly do, Sir!
        May Tuesday treat you with at least a modicum of respect.

      • I’ve got a DVD here with that episode on it, Billum. Got to find time to watch it, mate. Busy day today Sir. Ethelistis, Sunglasses to use after the cataract procedures arrived from Amazon, crushed through the letterbox, and arms held together with a plastic gripper, that I may need the help of one of the labs or Alan to help me fathom out how to open. Haha! Then a letter from the Doctor (Who’s that then?) I’ve got to ring to book a 1-hour Severe Frailty Revue with them. Also the Police want all details updated for the Pegasus file. The INR nurse came to taketh the blood (beautiful lady!) ♥ And an email has arrived from Lisa. I’m struggling more with the sight, and everything is taking so much longer to get done. I shall now giv sue attention to the email, and leave you with my bestest wishes. Sonar Ha!

      • Dr. Who never gets old does it? I might be jealous of those time lords who easily maneuver through both time and space, overcoming every manner of impossible feat from within a police call box that everyone notes as somewhat bigger on the outside than any call box that they have encountered. Boundless imagination and a solid grasp on the finest wit requires a tiny bit of what is known as “willing suspension of disbelief” — an expression created by Sam Coleridge.
        It is great that the parts are coming together to deal with those cadish cataracts, not ever to be confused with dogaracts mind you!
        Now, to move from the Doctor to Star Trek: we need to install a transporter in Lab 72 so that you could have a way to allow the inimitable Alan to lend you opening advice. He uses a curious tool that is not as dangerous as a knife when he opens cardboard boxes from Amazon and So On. Yesterday, he observed me using a kitchen knife to open a box of kitty delicacies. So he ordered one for me. He knows about my inimitable clumsiness and how easily I find it to open a new wound on my arms. A highly considerate lad, he is. He was only five when his mother died and he has no memories of her at all.
        Yes. Just Who is that doctor?
        I should enroll in a Severe Frailty Revue for myself, that is what!
        I am sure that Lisa’s email is helpful, since they always are. It is what being an HRH is all about.
        Sonhar Ha to yer as well, Kind Sir!!

  3. What’s it called Bill? Regenerating? We could do with a bit of that methnks (Lab244 Emergency). Haha!
    Great opening, Sir! Wry smiles regenerated!🤣
    I’ll settle for cataracts Sir, nto that I have anything against dogeracts, of course. Merely a preference.
    I didn’t get to watch the DVD (Sob😢), waiting up for the Amazon delivery, that in the morning was coming today, by 1500hrs… the 17:00hrs, then 21:00hrs… finally by 22:00hrs… by 23:00hrs it had still not arrived, sp I got my weary head down. Then this heute morgen, checked on the tracker again, it will now be here between Mittwoch unt Freitag? Hey-Ho! (Hope I spelt them right, Bill?)
    HRH has all the qualities of an Angel, and you of carer without match!
    Severe Frailty Revue! Blimus, I forgot to ask Warden Deana for help on the phoning… ARGH! I’ll ringeth her straight away…
    Sontor Ha! Hahaha!
    Thanks Bill.

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