Inchcock Diary & Ode to Putin, Tuesday 7th June 2022

Tuesday 7th June 2022

07:30hrs: Woke wanting a wee-wee. I thought it would never come; it must have been 15hrs without one. It was hardly worth it, a painful sprinkle or two. At least the bladder is working again, so fingers crossed!

I set, too, giving myself a medical MOT. And taking ‘As needed’ non-prescription medications. There is no need for ointmentating this morning, No Little Inchies fungal lesion or Harold’s Haemorrhoids bleeding whatsoever! Excellent results on the blood pressure machine, best for ages!

The only thing not so good was the body temperature. That was way down low again. Been under the NHS’s recommended 35°c for a few days now. I don’t feel poorly; I am a lot chirpier in myself this morning. Although I felt so cold when it obviously isn’t?

I took some under-tongue CBS oil. And a Hemp capsule too.

Got the ears well saturated with the Olive oil. Let it sink in, and then I filled up the canals with more. This never seems to help, but I’ve got into the habit of doing it each morning now.

Then took a Dioctyl to help skid up the darned Porcelain Throne evacuations. Messy. Gooey, watery! Eurgh!

I got a few Warfarin tablets ready, so the carers will have some available for the evening doses.

Then, had a bash at syringing both ears. Not only a total waste of time; I failed to remove any wax at all, but I made such a mess I had

to clean up the water that had sprayed out off or missed the ears! Hehe!

Got the kettle on and sorted the laundry, not forgetting that talk-a-lot Esther would give me some hassle if it wasn’t ready and sorted when she arrived later this morning! Not that she scares me an anything like that, of course. Ahem!

I took this snap of the lovely morning sky with its ever-changing hues. Mother Nature, again shows us her beauty! The beauty we have been destroying for years.

Got the computer on and started on the WordPress reader and commenting, and the ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chime brought forth Carer Richard. I thought the lad was late coming; he’s had extra calls on again and was in a rush because he had a four-hour training session later when he finishes work with the Diabetes team to get through. No time for any good natterings today again. I think he felt guilty about it, so I tried to cheer him up, wished him all the best, and gave him a bag of treats. Then, I walked (well, hobbled) with Richard to the lift lobby and wished him well for the meeting.

Took this photo of the car park in front of Woodthorpe Court from the kitchenette window. Made a brew of Glengettie tea and was about to return to the computer with the nug of tea – but circumstances changed…

As usual with Neuropathy Pete, his timing caused the optimum amount of pain and hassle. An involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dance made me drop the cup as I grabbed Metal-Micky and the side of the sink to keep from going over. Once more, it was over in seconds, but I still managed to clout my knee on the edge of a floor cupboard. Which awakened Cartilage Cathy in agony! Humph!

Sorted myself out and took an extra Codeine. And fond this photo of a meal from which I can’t work out? It was not a good photo in any way, shape or form, so it might be one that I meant to delete from the file?

Started on the Snippets blog, and the Iceland delivery arrived. I let him in through the intercom box in the hallway, and I cleared a path to put the bags into.

The driver took the bags through to the kitchen for me. Gave him a choice of plonk cans in thanks. He opted, I noticed, for the Rum and coke. Hehe! Good for him; I hope it cheered him up a smidge.

They sent the Rustlers for Richard, sugar snap peas, mushrooms and some new Pork & Pickle Bites. Three for a fiver, so they must be good. One for Josie, one for Richard and one for Esther. I got some small apples that, hopefully, my lesser-teethed mouth can manage to eat. Har-har! They had no small vine tomatoes in stock but have sent me a pack of large tomatoes, Dutch, that had a sell-by date for today. No charge!

The best thing they had sent was the No-Moo ice creams and No-Bull burgers. The best of any burgers I have tried! The ice cream is by far superior in taste to what one might call natural ice cream. Grrreat Flavour both! I’d have ordered more, but I dared not with Iceland’s record of crap unrelated substitutions!

I had another go at getting the Snippet Ode done. (I did get it finished, but not until I’d been grafting on it, on & off, for another nine hours!) Esther arrived and came talkingly into the room. She still wasn’t near enough for me to hear her, and I feared that she may have something vital as she went into the hall, front, and living rooms.

It’s not so bad when she’s face to face and not shouting at me rather than talking to me. Esther, bless her, has a habit of talking and carrying on. Esther keeps talking to me from the rear of my ear lobes as she turns away… the peace and quiet are nice. But there is always danger in this… She has a great memory and thinks because she’s told me something, I must have heard it and will remember it. (Both are impossible in my condition, Haha!)

Then, a week later, I get an ear-bashing from about 4 inches distance and am informed that “I told you that last week!” telling offs. Luckily I can rest assured that Esther will nip off into the other room to have a nosey around my boxes and occasionally iron a shirt… but talking to me all the time from the other room… still, I knew what to expect. Hehe! Obviously, I had forgotten something or not heard it. I’m glad I got the pork & pickle thingamabobs for her now. Giving her then assuaged her aggression. I joke, of course… Erm? She’s an angel, really.

I got the ready meal into the oven and had roughly 40 minutes before it was cooked. I must not fall asleep!

Back to doing the blog, I trudged. ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ rang out, and I wearily (Mentally) went to the door. It was Josie, returning the tray and things for me from the Sunday meal. Bless her cotton socks; she enthused over the taste of this Sunday’s chilli stew! That cheered me up a bit! She even asked if I used to be a chef? Oh dearie me! My EQ was nervous at this. Naturally, I had no idea why at the time. A feeling of foreboding matured…

I got on with the Snippet blogging again! So deep in concentration… still making errors after cock-ups, though. Then it dawned on me that the food was in the oven!!!

Grade A: It looked like this after I’d burnt my fingers getting the tray out of the oven post haste! Not good, is it? But I was so tired and weary that I still used it and made a meal of sorts out of it.

I added some BBQ sauce to the tray. Got some slices of Milk Roll bread, tomatoes and sugar snap peas onto the tray.

I was part mad at myself, well darned annoyed with myself, and so tired and drained, I didn’t get too agitated. Yet I still laughed at myself as I tried to dismantle the encrusted burnt meal to get at some edible bits of food. It helped in having some bread and sauce to soak some resuscitated bits to eat.

By the time I’d finished burnt food mining, which was tasty, believe it or not, bits of burnt food had been scattered far and wide on my stomach folds, down the pants, on the tray, and on the floor and recliner cushion. The carpet took on a new design; there were many black, ash-like bits of residue on it. I faced a long task in getting things sorted… and the kitchen and oven needed cleaning attention as well.

I was all in by the time I got things semi-put right. I made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana tea and ate a huge bowl full of veggie ice cream! I finished it and lay there as I dropped off to sleep – it was so good that I think I dreamed of sleeping…

♫Oh, Susana♫ Chimed out, and Carer Valerie came in. I’d been up and about for around 12 hours by then, and waking up after five minutes of sleeping was not what I wanted… Hehehe! I remembered to give Valerie her Pork & Pickle whatsits, though.

I felt awful but could not resist the urge to finish the blog. The internet went down… now I was getting annoyed!

I pressed on and got the Snippets blog finished at long last. It stayed that way; it was now gone midnight! I realised then that I had not done the ablutions today!



Is it true that hopes and expectancies are always there?
Putin’s are conspicuous, World Domination, I fear…
He’s somewhat of a Worldwide parcel courier?
Soon, bigger, dirtier packages will be sent, and nuclear…
Where will the scumball strike next? Europe and Asia, it’s unclear…
Anywhere, somewhere, possibly a country that’s weaker?

Is it true that he wears a lemon and pink brassier?
Shags Igor Sechin, his First Deputy Prime Minister?
He laughs at citizens dead or gathered for warmth around a brazier,
The man could not be any more selfish and crazier!

I insult the shithead cause there’s nothing else I can do…
But I would, if I could, send him a can of poisoned Irish stew,
I wonder if he likes it from his minions in his rear?
He’d like to make his competition dead or disappear?
What competition? He’s got more weapons & forces than we do…
He’s more soldiers in Moscow’s Red Square!

We cannot afford to send troops there…
We’ve not got enough, nor has anyone else, to be fair…
I wish we could send him Tony Blair…
Notice he’s not volunteered to do any damage repair?
Putin offers and hopes only for death and despair…
To the rest of the world, we can only die or forebear…
Unless you bribe him if you’re a financier?
Then he just might take a fancy to yer?

Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Diary & Ode to Putin, Tuesday 7th June 2022

  1. Vitals look good, temp is still low. Meals look good. Does the CDB oil have much effect? Great ode to Putin.

    • Good morning, Sir.
      When I first started taking CBD, it was like a medicine! I certainly could not have got through the two day of being up for over 24 hours without it.
      Always a problem with me though – Dementia Doreen! I keep forgetting to take it nowadays. The effect soon lessens when I miss once. If I can get back on-line with it, I must try to keep it a steady dosage, morning and night. It does perk me up a smidgeon, when I take it regularly. No doubt about it.
      Cheers to all! ♥

  2. Went in for my INR this morning and was pleased with the 2.8 result, 0.3 points from the goal. Pleased and also chuffed about that. The total number of red spots is at a record low, hoping that this will set a pattern now.
    Fifteen hours without a wee is not the record you are were looking for. Where has all that fluid gone to then? You might want to put out an APB (all points bulletin) or a BOLO (Be On the Look Out), not to be substituted for a BOGO (Buy One Get One). I don’t see many of those at the market recently. Actually, we do not see many sales of any kind, but we do see a bunch-and-a-half of inflation. They (whoever “they” are) are also reviving that old moniker from the 1970’s: stagflation. I remember that one well.
    Those red vehicles seem to be partners in parking naughtiness, do they not?
    Richard’s Rustlers, hope that Richard is rustling up some better color and less sweating. He deserves it quite a lot.
    Esther is one of those people who expect you to jot down every word she utters onto an “Esther’s Wonderful Wisdom” file in your noggin, then she gives you a pop quiz to test your Estherology memory. Holding on a conversation by yelling at each other from a distance of several rooms is something I have never fancied. Is it very common in the UK?
    Thank Jupiter for bread and sauce when you are engaged in burnt-food mining.Yet, you end up having remnants all over yourself, and are well on the way to preparing a novel design on the rug. Tateworthy?
    Putin has just lost two more Generals, same day and same place. His dead General count is now up to a full dozen, a possible new record. And I keep seeing reports that his health is taking a downturn. One can only hope, of course.

    • The lesser Red-Spotted Professor enters Smug-Mode class1. A natural thing to do, with his INR level so good, and the rampant red spots adoring his body far less than a week ago! Yee-Ha!
      The fifteen-hours without a wee section had me in tucks, I fanketh you!
      Ah… Stagflation… sadder world in relation to the financially testing situation, is hard to find. Well chosen, Sir!
      Red vehicle owners, there has to be a reason for these parking transgressions. Mayhaps a word in the ear of your Laboratory 26/RVM Study technician? Haha!
      Richard this morning, was lot more like his usual self (Hurrah!) A chin-wagging marathon, and stories from his earlier years flowed – music to my ears! He got his last Rustler of the week, drinkies, cakies and a massive thank you, to take with him. He later returned with the months prescriptions.
      Sorted out the dates and removed some products. Bless him! Off he went once more, with a box of vanilla and jam rolls, Hope helikes them. They are ones that you open, eat one of the mini rolls… go for another, only to find they have all escaped? Har-har!
      Yelling at each other from a distance of several rooms, is basically an Estherdrome syndrome, I believe.
      Burnt food-mining, something I’ve been rehearsing this last week (Tsk!) As for Tate-Worthiness, I failed to assess its value. Due to all the cleaning up I had to do.
      Putins mental health is a worry, but its comforting to know his physical health is waning… gives us hope?
      Another well composed laugh bringer! ♥ To all.

      • Changing my eating habits one baby-step at a time has brought on benefits by the score, particularly in regard to the Crohn’s that has accompanied me about half a century now. To whit, perfectly formed Tate-worthy turds. Taking all sweets from my diet was the step required. Ineffingcredible. Also have lost six pounds in six days. Will probably be hit by a meteor on Monday, the stuff that happens when you adopt a too-blatheringly smug-unworthy mode.
        Speaking of smug, red vehicles have become the official sign of smugishness. It’s somewhat like a bull visiting a china show where all displays are adorned with a red flag…or is it from drinking to many Red Bull energy drinks? The jury is out…and the cheque is at the post.
        I am very pleased to hear that Richard is rebounding. May it become a normal state for our hero.
        Estherdrome Syndrome, the perfect name for the phenomenon of “conversing” from the other side of the house.
        Mining for burnt food is a fascinating pastime, something not to be confused with Putin’s pastime: mining for poisoned food. 🙂

      • You’ve done it again, Sir. Brought forth laughing out loud to me! Hahahaha!
        An piece to suitable humour, worthy of yourself. I anketh you, I needed that, Billum too.

      • Causing an out-loud larfer (COLL) is the gold standard for myself and all the dedicated labhilarity workers who do my thinking for me. Without their cue-cards, I would have to rely on a random words generator Apple app. At least, it is betterer than opening a dictionary, placing me thumb on one of the words…then repeating the process. On a good day, I do not close the danged dictionary on me thumb more than thrice.

      • I closed a car door on my left thumb in my youth, the nail is still much thicker than the right-hand thumb. It pushed the nail down precisely at the top curve of the cuticle (known, of course, as the TCotC). That cast-iron lid does indeed lay in wait for you to appear with a bit of waste to sate its hunger, do it not?
        COLLs are important for keeping things in perspective…I may have reached a little on how much a COLL can do, but, as I find myself saying: “better than a sharp stick in the eye.” HoHo!

  3. Hahaha! Aha, another connection twixt we two wonders of the world (Ahem!), Billum. My right thumb was crushed in a gate when a youungster. They had to sew it back on. The nail is x3 thicker, the stitches still show today.
    Stick in the eye, no not had that yet, mate… but next month I’m having a disintergrater lazer, hoover and new iris in one eye, Haha!
    Esther due today… Uh, dear…

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