Inchcock Today: Monday 1st August 2020

I’m sorry that I woke up!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

06:15hrs: I woke; I wouldn’t have bothered if I’d known what was coming to me…
I was partly forced out of the recliner, but the need for the Throne to be used. It went tremendously well, as it happens, but as I stood up to get the ablutions done, I realised there was water near the shower drain. I checked the power-point, and it was off. The showerhead was dripping water too? Flummoxed, I turned on the power, I turned on the shower, a little water dripped, an alarm sounded, and a red light flashed, so I turned everything off.
I’ll have to ring Deans at 09:00hrs and Meridian about the transport that didn’t come for the diabetes course on Friday.

Got the health checks done. SYS 142, DIA 56, Pulse 76, and the body temperature was 34°f.
The wee-wees were far too frequent for my liking, but there you are; Ageing and ailments, you know!
Put the figures into the NHS DVT check site and was pleased to see me barely in the red zone.

Richard arrived. With the kerfuffle of the shower Whoopsies, I’d forgotten to unlock the door. Tsk! The lad listened to my problems and filled in the booklet the Diabetes sent me with my details. He read something of the small printed advice note to me, but my hearing was not good, and he spoke a little quickly. Understandable, as he had another call to do, he did his best to set my mind at ease… but nothing less than getting the diabetes mess and shower repaired would ease my mind. On his way out, a lovely lad, Richard, took the waste bag to the chute.

I started this blog template, and soon it was gone 09:00hrs, and I could call Deana and Meridian for help. I rang Deana; first, the call was diverted. Then called Meridian, who was also redirected to their head office. I didn’t want them involved, so I rang off.

Made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana and tried to ring Natalie again. I did feel a fool – I’d intended to ring Natalie and was chattering away and realised I’d rang Deana! to blame. She resisted laughing and kindly said she would ‘pop in’ later to take a look at the shower. Has a lot to answer for, of course; in my younger days, she was referred to as ‘Going-Potty’, ‘Losing-it’, or Blind Bonkers. Hehehe!

The wee-wees were getting more often, and Little Inches Lesion is getting sore at all the handling he’s having – Please don’t start Bleeding, mate!” I think it could be worse, though. How? At least there is only a tiny bit of, very little .

Another bonus is that the fluid retention in the right leg and foot seems to be lessening this morning. Hobbling about is a lot easier than it was yesterday. Got a bit of colour in the plates as well? Good, or not?
Hello, he’s off again. Thuds, clangs, boings, and the usual tap-tapping concerto from the noise maestro above.

I went into the wet room to see if the floods had decreased. They had, but not by much. The water does not appear clearly in the photographs I took on the left. I must remember to ask the expert in photography if my little Canon camera has any settings I can try when picturing a wet view to see the water more. I must remember.
I took this one earlier when I tried putting the power on, then when the alarms and lights lit, I hastily shut it off. Better safe than sorry.
The amount of water on the floor seemed the same as earlier. I’m not sure the drain works without the power on. Then again, there is so much in life that I’m not sure about nowadays. Mainly due to the stroke and  .

Getting on a bit now; midday coming up. If Deana doesn’t arrive soon to phone for help with the shower, I may have to go without it until tomorrow. The shower is brilliant for cleaning the three daily areas that need doing before medicating. The Little Inches Fungal Lesion, and Harold’s Haemorrhoids.

I made another brew, Glengettie, this time. I espied these two dogs having a sniff around in the bottom field. Their tails did a lot of wagging, Hehe! I was well-pleased with this photo. I zoomed in from the 12th-floor kitchenette window.

Snapped this one of the horizons, seeing as far away as the M1 motorway, just out of view furthest away. Basford, Bulwell, City Hospital, Nottingham Prison, the Romanian slave building, and Sherwood. Within this view, there have been nine murders so far this year. There are flats available here if you’re interested, and over 60? Maybe not, though! The sky was almost cloudless but still beautiful. The clouds increased minutes later.
I tried again to contact Meridian Care (Care? Hehe!) Natalie. I got through and told her that the lift for the Dementia Meeting didn’t arrive. Reply: “Yes, I’ve been swamped and couldn’t get through to them!”  I inquired why I had not been informed. She did apologise, at least. But it’s putting me through a lot of anguish, not knowing! When I explained about my not getting help with phoning and reading, deafness, Dementia, and Cataract’s are making life complicated and busy for me. Natalie asked why the Carers were not helping during the extra hour on Fridays. I knew nothing about this. Again a lack of communication. I thought the charges had gone up steeply. Now I know why. If I want any phoning or reading done, I’m to leave it until Friday each week, with no one available on Saturdays and Sundays. And, the Carers can call at any time from 06:0hrs to 08:40hrs. So how can they phone anyone for me?

Good heavens, it’s bad enough being hard of hearing, having Cataracts, knackering my vision, panic attacks, and Doreen Dementia causing confusion and memory losses.

“How dare they say; “Don’t worry, we’re sorting it”. Naturally, I was so pleased and grateful to hear this. I did stop worrying! – then, not only do they not sort anything but put me in deeper poo with the Diabetic Session transport failure – And not advise me of their let-down? Now, I have got to beg Deana to help me out with the mess and the shower, and it’s gone 13:00hrs, and she has not got to me yet. So, I assume it will be too late to bring attention to the shower today and will have to wait another day at least… Or at best, get a late call which means my already deprived sleep will suffer even more by trying to stay awake; late! It’s not doing my health any good. I am not a happy chappy.

Deana departed, and she is a busy gal. Minutes later, I went to the Porcelain Throne and realised I had not mentioned the flood and shower not working to Deana! So I phoned her and told her. She said she’d call maintenance straight away. So if they do come today, it’s going to be late, and in case they do, I have to stay awake to hear the hardly audible intercom ring when they arrive. If they come tonight, or not, perhaps? I am not a happy chappy. Most likely, it will be in the morrow when they respond. What time is anyone’s guess? I shall remain showerless and stinky, then, I suppose. I am not a happy chappy.

Awaiting the arrival of Meridian’s Natalie, still. If she comes, as she told Deana, she would be doing. Will she be too busy, I think?

Well, I’m going to get some fodder sorted out. Not feeling too bright now, although after Deana’s attention, better than I did earlier. Just maybe some ♫ Food Glorious Food ♫ might help. Nothing fancy, tomatoes and veggie burger should do me. Back in a while… well…
Three wholemeal baps, chips, tomatoes with some ketchup dip, and a lemon mousse dessert.
I put the burgers in the oven, expecting them to be cooked by the time I’d spread the cobs, sliced the tomatoes, and got the plate ready on the tray. Then realised I’d turned the oven on, put the chips (fries) in, but forgot all about the vegan burgers! Idiot, fool, twit, dumbo!

So, ate most of it, scoring 7.2/10 for flavour. Put the food tray down and drifted off into a deep sleep. Until being woken up by ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ from the door chime two hours later. It was Sasha or Sarah… maybe Samantha, but call her Sam. Yes… Sam, I think. Soon got me sorted, slipped her a choice of treats, and did not go with her to lock the door. Why? Well, Deana had not let me know if the maintenance was coming today or tomorrow, or even at all, to mend the shower. So, I have to stay up in case they do call later on tonight.
Christ, he’s banging away upstairs again, at 22:25hrs, now! As inconsiderate scumballs go, he’s got to be one of the most effective! The  Turd!

In other words: Bad Luck Spreading


Droopy, eye-lidded, tired, and struggling to see, I pressed on with this blog and got it posted off to WordPress. Fighting heroically to stay awake just in case anyone arrives to sort the shower tonight. They didn’t.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Could any Monday have gone any klutzier?
Mind you, Fri, Sat & Sunday were no cushier,
To get through these days of such mental torture…
I needed a stout heart, resilience and some tincture!
Let downs, failures, and cock-ups have been friskier!

I just want life to go easier and cushier,
The ears and eyes are worse… as is Doreen Dementia,
I don’t expect to get any healthier or fitter…
But why am I in a state of constant dysphoria?
I expect as I age to feel more poorlier…
Why have I contracted Arithmaphobia and phagomania?

I fear I may have also got habromania…
My brain and memory have both caught ecdemomania!
A Covid outbreak in the flat’s got folks in a fluster,
Anymore Whoopsiedangleplops, and I’ll go dafter,
I hope my insanity is only a temporary squatter.
On the bright side… there must summat for sure…
Ah, yes! I’m bald, so, no need to pay for a coiffeur?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Monday 1st August 2020

  1. Do they insist that you take the bloody course at the risk of collapsing on the way? I continue to hope that it is an optional affair.
    The shower is a more important place (if that course is indeed optional, or they will call the police?) to express alarm, that is an essential. Perhaps they expect you to sit down with wash cloth and sop up water? Deana does appear to be trying all she can, being thinly staffed makes everyone miserable.
    Nine murders within that single view, more than foreboding that.
    Dogs at play are always better than watching for a tenth murder.
    Why isn’t there a rule about making loud noises at that time of night? One that is actually enforced.
    Tomorrow we see a pain management doctor for Lisa who, we hope, is not a quack. He is not far from us, so our fingers are all entangled as we hope…

    • I think the course may have to be forgotten, only if I get more problems from them and th transport cannot be provided after Deana’s efforts. Read all through section six and eight beofre attending it said “Read by Richard this morning” The print is too small for the eyes to decipher – I can see myself somehow gettng to the meeting and having not red the aforementioned sections, at a loss, being looked down on again, maybe thrown out… Fair enough! Tsk!
      Deana is probabl the bsiest of all the support workers, how she get through so must amazed me, I think of Lisa when I meet her – they share a compassion for others.
      You don’t know how watching those dogs, and getting a decent photo form so far away, cheered me up. Also, the promised to Deana visit to see me tonight to explain what went wrong, did not mature, fancy that!
      After 20:00hrs until 08:00hrs is supposed to be the no noise period daily, but Herbert is so well in wiht the upper management, they seem to adore the git???
      I really hope Lisa’s nre doctor will be so much better than the last ‘Herbert’! I shall entwine my digits for HRH, immediatley… Argh! Can’t really see what I’m typing here, hope it comes out readable, mate, Grammarly not workin on comments for some reason. When you need it you don’t get it, wen you are doing well, you get messages all the time Well done! That was Easy! etc. Hehe!
      Idom’ believe this, there was just a thud from Herbert above? Or was it from elsewhere? 02:15hrs. No I don’t think it as him, it just went again, sounded from putside that time? The dreaded Hum, is as loud as its ever been as well, whats going on? Hehehe!
      How can I find time to get housework done and go see the Doctor? She must be faced, to get some relief and help… What am I saying… silly me!
      Anothe clump thump noise that soulded close… Might be yobboes in the park having a ‘do’? Crikey, again, that one seemed to be outside for definite, I shall turn of the lights anf go int o the balcony for s Sherlockian investigation… Dang, fang, dang-dang!
      I really would like good newd about the new quack and HRH to get some proper relief. ♥

      • They could have simply sent you a URL to a site and saved trouble for all involved and affected.
        Deana and Lisa do share remarkable similarities, another pair of persons with notable coincidences. 🙂
        Herbert the Horrible.
        Lisa and I get enormous therapeutical benefits simply by watching videos of animals on GEO, The Dodo, Bondi Vets (Australian) among others. Bondi features animals domestic as well as wild that become injured or ill for any number of reasons. You would enjoy them, unless you already do of course.
        Good news to you, mate!

      • Evening, Billum.
        We have two programmes that I dp try tp watch, but fall asleep at the first set of adverts and usual wake up with the end credits scrolling… Tsk! Cats that behave badly, and Dogs that behave Really badly. Also the RSPCA documentaries, sad, but intstalls respect for those doing the rescuing jobs, and even prosecute some owners.
        Herberts been on and off today. Esther was all nice to me, which was scary! She’s off on a three week holiday to South Africa, and got a retired carer to cover for her.
        I couldn’t half do with a shave and shower, and use of the spray to clean certain bloody areas of the body.
        Yours, ever more confused UK cyber-mate, with bestest wished to all at the manor, groundfloor and underground. Hehe!

      • We shall investigate the availability of that program at the Manor. Sounds like a fun one. We’ve seen programs just like that, perhaps under different names. The way that pets are treated by people of far lesser character than those pets chills me. Prosecution is absolutely in order.
        One doesn’t know how crucial a working shower is until it *isn’t* And “certain blody areas of the body” qualify as über crucial.
        All lab folk wish you a rapid shower repair!!

      • Merci Mon Ami!
        Much appreciated that.
        I’d like to bet, that “All lab folk wish you a rapid shower repair!” has never been sent through the ether before! Hehe!

  2. That’s a heck of a note on coursing. You are one of many they would probably rather not deal with.

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