Inchcock Today: Sat-Sun 30-31st July 2022

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.Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit

Up all night again. And around 02:30hrs checked the emails and found one from the diabetes tutor. Mega-cock-up. But not all my fault. Meridian was arranging a lift for me to the Bulwell Training Centre for my first session. On Tuesday, I met Natalie in the foyer and asked her if she knew any details yet; she told me, “We’re sorting it!” (Obviously, it has not been sorted for some reason!) She knows about Dementia-Doreen. I said I was worried about missing the lessons. I heard nothing back from them again, and now find the meeting was for yesterday! The email sent had all the dates for all the sessions.
I feared this might happen! And am now in a right self-bashing and angry mood!
Weekend again, so no one to talk to or ask for help with the problem… It’s most  !

Nothing ever works out right nowadays! Why do people who offer to help never get back to me to update things and put my mind at rest? No lift arrived that Meridian was supposed to be arranging. Has the meeting been cancelled? Not according to the email. I’m proper cheesed off! With myself, Dementia-Doreen and Meridian Care, so exasperated, infuriating, and doing my health no good, all this not knowing. Does nobody care? Stupid question, sorry.

Stewing-up inside now. I’m going to have a shit, shave and shower. Pissed-off, befuddled, and self-pitying, totally!

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Well, I stewed a bit more while getting the ablutions done but slowly accepted that I’d been let down again by Meridian or whoever is to blame for not getting back to me about the lift. Realised that there was nothing I could do until Monday. Pressed on with scrubbing up, got five cuts shaving, and… on the sock-glide. I was turning to leave with clothes to go to the laundry bag and dropped some, bent down to grab the trews, and I head-butted the wet room door! What really did it for me; it made me larf it did… then… Had to use the Throne, which caused two sets of bleeding: I found myself laughing out loud for a moment. Cleaned things up and medicated the required areas; made a brew and got on the computer to start the Local News Blog, getting so tired; but more settled emotionally.

I got the and BP done. All results were fine!

Sarah, I think. I told her of the failure to get lifted to the Diabetes session. I was a smidge emotional, I guess.
Blogging for a while, but so tired and confused. Decided to get a quick meal/snack and get some sleep. Some podded peas, pot noodles, bread and a banana. I nearly fell asleep several times eating it. Put the tray on the Carers table, and I settled with my sunglasses on in search of Sweet Morpheus. Despite feeling so knackered, each time I drifted off for a short period, I was waking up so often t]with the Thought Storms raging – usually about the Diabetes transport let down, and not being kept informed… well, it was about that, every time I woke, and there were far too many wakings, followed by emotional turmoil and self-pitying. Eventually, I did get sleep for a couple of hours. Miserable is the best word to describe it.

The final bursting into wakefulness, and I needed the . So, that put an end to hopes of any more sleep.

At least the Throne session went well. No bleeding, mess or pain!
I had a Peripheral Pete right leg dance as I left the wet room. But no tumbling, walking into anything, or injuries, at all. This was due to my depression over my being let down and uninformed about the Diabetes lift and all the ensuing hassle it gave me.
The sky and clouds from the kitchen window looked gorgeous. I got the Canon camera and tried to take some decent shots of the eerie, threatening cloud formations, with the dying sun still trying to get through to the tellurians below. I wonder what it wanted to say? As if trying to talk to us all?
How I love nature.
I noticed I’d dropped crumbs and peas over the carpeting and had walked them over into the hallway when going to and from the Porcelain Throne.
I don’t think Doreen Dementia was too keen on my plans. So, I got the big Hoover out from the junk room and commenced having a careful Metal-Mickey walking-stick aided clean-up. I don’t use this machine often, but I’d forgotten how to free the cord to extend the reach. Also, how to unlock the container to empty it.

I was in the middle of trying to sort this conundrum out, and “Oh, Susan” chimed out, followed by coming into the room. She sorted out the cable and bin mechanisms for me, bless her. Issued the medications and listened as I told her of the let-down and confusion, also the letters I’d had come today from the Diabetes place; Val said, “Well. just ring them up…” It shows that my problems need help from someone who might understand them. My heating on the mobile and phone is not good, and mistakes I have made mishearing, multitudinous! Cataract Cathleen’s input ensured that I could not read the small print on the letter and leaflet. Doreen Dementia forces me into confusion and memory blanks… I’ll shut up now; I’m sick of hearing myself moan! Tsk! I almost forced Valerie to take a thank you in the form of the cold orange juice from the fridge. A well-meaning gal, no doubt about that. ♥ She took the waste bag to the chute for me on her way out.

Taking this snapshot on the left, I had a check-up on the pins and plates. Besides the right foot’s fluid retention worsening, it was to see how improved they were this evening. If they get any better, I may apply for a job as a foot modeller. Hehehe!

I pressed on with this blog as far as here. Then worked on updating the Local News Snippets blog. Got it done and posted by midnight.
Sleep was the next mission. But it wasn’t coming quickly. Wee-weeing needs were not helping. But eventually, I got off into a deep sleep!

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I got a decent night’s sleep for one, so good, I got 6 undisturbed hours once I got off. I woke and broke musical wind at 07:00hrs. Had a wee-wee, the first of oh, so many today. Each session with aplenty.

I took stock of and prepped some of the ingredients for Josie’s Sunday lunch. Got the waste bags made up, and the ♫ Oh, Susan ♫ tune chimed out. It was slightly belated… mot that’s wrong, it’s the weekend, isn’t it? Anyway, came in. Got the tablets sorted, and he didn’t have much time for a chinwag, but we managed a few words before he went. I asked him to take the waste bags with him. Thanked him and wished him all the best.
Got the veg in the saucepan of chilli and got sphygmomanometerisationing.
Darned good results again, as you can see on the left here.
My body temperature was good as well; I let myself go .
I filled the numbers into the DVT site and was in the amber! Yesss!
The air escaped from the rear-end again, and it was off to the Porcelain Throne in a sort of a hurried, wiggled walking style.
Well, that was one of the bloodiest sessions I’ve ever had, apart from the vein-burst when I had the bladder cancer lasered.

Harold’s Hemorrhoids and Little Inchies Fungal Lesion both flowed red. Got things cleaned up and sorted, and putting the Germoloid tube back on the shelf, I had a shirt-sharp blast from Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley. Enough for me to drop the receptacle mentioned above. I bent down to retrieve it and hit my nose on the side of the sink. And that bled… not badly mind, soon had it stopped.

The noisy neighbour kicked off and had a long session today. He seemed to keep dropping stuff regularly; I hope he’s not caught covid or other ailments. Such a nice man as well. As lovely as any other regular, sour, superior-natured, uncommunicative, unfriendly, antisocial, aloof git would be.

A rare spotting of rain was falling, so I got the Canon camera and took these snaps on the left here. The bottom one was through the kitchen window, close up, to try and catch the spots. Not the best I’ve ever taken.

I just started to serve up Josies’s nosh, and the landline burst forth.
My adoptee nephew Jillie ♥ The line was not good, but we had a natter. I mentioned the Meridian let-down with the Diabetes lift and missing the first session. Moaning again. I’m such a helpless wimp!
I had to hurray a bit afterwards; to ensure I kept to the ten-minute window to serve the fodder in time. I made it, and Josie seemed pleased with the look of the meals delivered on the tray. I forgot to take a photo of it as well!  Harrumph & Toadstools!
I was getting a bit uptight with Dementia Doreen! Bashed on with updating this blog for a few hours. Most of my precious time was spent correcting mistakes, making more, and adjusting things again.
“Oh, Susan”, rang out once more. It was Frank, bringing some homegrown tomatoes for me from Jenny ♥ I shall enjoy these with my nosh!
I got some rostis and burgers in the oven. Sliced some tomatoes, gherkins and beetroot onto the plate.
Then, I went on the WP Reader to a renewed mechanic concert from above.
Now, to prepare the nosh.
Some of the Jenny-donated tomatoes halved a gherkin slice, mushrooms, mini potatoes, rostis, veg burgers, and beetroot. A blob of BBQ sauce, some Milk Roll bread slices. A pot of lemon mousse too. This went down pleasingly, and a Flavour-Rating of 9/10 was granted. As I was eating the feast, I noticed the right leg was much fatter than the left one was. So, I took a snap of it.

Put the TV on; the big match was on in an hour or so.
And promptly fell asleep. Woken by the door chime as the Sonia arrived. The TV was going on, and the match was in progress, with no score. I’m afraid my limited attention was taken by the football… don’t recall much of what went on or was said with Carer Sonia, who took the waste bag with her as she departed. Got down to settle and watch the football. I also noticed that the bottom of the food tray had left its impression on the legs. Hehehe! The match, and, as you must know, the score by now… but I loved it so much I put it on here:

I rang Sister Jane to gossip about the magnificent victory for England. (Let’s face it, they are few and far between!)
Got the belated ablutioning done. Everything went well with the teggies, shaving, showering, medicationalisationing, the drying off. No fall, cuts, toe-stubbing, bruisings, or dizziness. A ‘Super Strength’ Class A  

Putting the towel back on, the slow dryer a kicked off. Usually, if this happens in the hallway, as this one did, it’s the safest place possible, having both walls within reach to use to steady any falls. But on this occasion, being entangled in the loops of the air dryer; as we both went down onto the floor didn’t help. Still, no injuries were incurred.

Took a snap of the beautiful sun-setting. Despite my worries and Doreen Dementia’s and Meridian Care concerns, this one held my attention for longer than usual.

I got onto the computer and updated this blog.
Got some tabs made up in CorelDraw and loaded them into WordPress. Of colours to use in tomorrow’s blog.
Finalised this and posted it off. Then tried to get some sleep – it seems an easy quest, doesn’t it?
I’ll see…

14 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sat-Sun 30-31st July 2022

  1. You can shoot for Milestone 2. It’s easy enough t do a search on the what’s and why’s pf diabetes. Valerie is a handy woman. You need one like her around more often. Nice you got a call from Jillie. The food looked good and England won!

      • Wow! I hadn’t read this blog until the past half-hour, being otherwise engaged (as they say). This hit me like an avalanche. Indeed, this crap always happens on weekends. I also try to do the stuff what piles up during the week, so it seems I log in here late in the day on a Saturday or Sunday. No need for me to repeat your words because they speak volumes.
        It also doesn’t help a wit if to offer advice when the offices are closed. Aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Shit on a shingle!

      • Thanks, Billum.
        I’m het-up this morning. Knowing that even speaking with Meridian, and this is rarely achieved, results in a firm no-nonsense reply, and nohting get done, or as in this case, also leaves me feeling mentally poorly, confused and actually scared of trying to sort things out with them.
        Sorry, not good, mate. Anxious, thats the word that’s been hiding from me.

      • You may not be surprised to read that I also suffer from anxiety and a proclivity for panic attacks, actually requiring medication to help alleviate it. The imagined becomes more threatening than the presumably “real”. Before Lisa arrived I would make amorphous piles of papers — notices, invoices, statements, letters, coupons, late notifications, cheques… Shuffling the piles into different piles, all that sort of thing. Quite seriously. Lisa has no problem with such stuff and she enjoys doing it, even while coping with the residual organs hacked away by quack surgeons. More than the Alps separate the days and ways of one from Northern and Southern Europe, Petal and I have quite different dispositions. It is a good thing when two personality types complement.

      • Good heavens, mopre similarities. I cut up with scissors all the used food and delivery boxes. Takes me ages, put them in a seperate waste bag for recycling… I really don’t know why, just a compulsion?
        So, I understand what you sayeth, Sir. Not sure if I’m still on medications, as I leave all that to the Carers now, I was on Fluoxetine, that stopped after the stroke, can’t remember why?
        It’s a little concerning, as twenty-minutes ago, I found an Atorvastatin tablet laying on the floor under their table? I knew it was this type, because they are much larger than any other tablets wot I’m on. Did a Carer drop it?
        The mysteries of 72 Woodthorpe Court, comtinue… Hehehe!
        Keep safe all.

      • I will ponder over a piece of trash, trying to decide if it might make it to the recycling center, will even excise the greasy part of a pizza box and tear the remainder up for the “potential” of saving it from a landfill. Hahaha!!!
        I take Sertraline, a generic form of Zoloft (sounds like it might lift me into the air 🙂 ). It seems to work though.
        I looked up the side effects for Atorvastatin, discovering a goodly list of warnings. My advice: don’t take it. Haha!!
        Safety to all wisheth I.

      • iN A BIT OF A STATE, MATE,,, Hello, capitals, I;ve taken them off. Haha!
        Young Richard is not interested in where the rubbish goes – I found out he is throwing all the bags down into the landfill chute! Saves him going down ni the lift to the recycle bins… if this is true what Malcolm saw, I’ll have to find a way of approaching Richard about it in the AM. It won’t be easy, but lets hope it didn’t happen, it might have been someone else?
        I think Atorvastin might be for blood pressure, maybe, perhaps… no, maybe not, I’m sop tired, it hard to see as the eyes tire.
        Zoloft, German origin?
        Good job I can’t see the leaflet to read then? Haha!
        Heelo’s to each at the Manor Laboratories and Time Machine Garages. ♥

      • Those are some loud CAPS, Sir!
        I wouldn’t even mention it to Richard because he is unlikely to change his behavior. It might also be a sign of how much pain he is going through. I can’t think of anything you can do at the moment…DangThronkity Dung!
        Zoloft does have a German ring to it. Haha!!
        Not being able to read the leaflet is a much-needed blessing in disguise.
        Cheers, cocker!

      • Richard was in such a rush this morning, I frogot to mention th recycling. Just as well, cause you make a good case for saying nowt, so that’s what I’ll do, Billum.
        Movement on the diabetes course, Nathaniel rang me, hard to hear him of course, but it seems I can go to the lesson on the twelth, and stay behind afterwards and he will talk-me-though the first lesson. Now the battle commences to get a lift there… although, I can always get a bus to town, then a bus to Bulwell, and a Tram to toen then bus to Nottingham, then a bus to Sherwwod, then a bus up to the flats to get home. A challenge and a half.
        The Nottingham City Homes shower repairing has see no action yet, so I’m stuck indoors until they arrive. Too nervous to se the sink for shaving and stand up bathing, as there is still standing water on the wet room floor, a risk of Accifauxpas, because I cannot see the liquid. As the 1960’s song went… ♫ Maybe Tomorrow… ♫.
        Besest wishes, Stinky-poo Gerry!

      • Always glad to offer advice, whether you take it is up to you of course, but I appreciate the kind compliment, most kind Sir! Richard is a tough one to understand.
        An Accifauxpas came very close to happening in that moist facility.
        That trip to the diabetes class sounds like a challenge and three-quarters, a pretzel on the map. Would they allow you to eschew the diabetes class in the way of Herman Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener: “I would prefer not to.” One of my favorite stories actually.

      • You are worthy of comlimenting, Sir.
        A seemingly differnt Richard this morning, but doing a lot of yawning again, and he has never stayed so short a period, yet seemed a smidge cheerier. Bless him, they have put a thing on his arm, that hen scanned, sends the results straight to the hospital. Blesshim.
        I am rather fond of Dickens, which makes Christmas a little more bearable when they show his oft repeated tales of Christmasstide. I’m not familiar with Herman Melville, butshall find the time ot investigate and try to find it to watch on YouTube.
        I fanketh you, and all Manor Laboratories personell. The HRH family are resting peacefully, and it is time for out morning gossip, which I’ll attend to now. ♥

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