Inchcock Today: Tuesday 2nd August 2022



07:20hrs: I burst back into the world of woes with the regulation jump, jerk and jabberwockies. Realising how late it was, I climbed out of the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, nauseously beige-coloured, not-working, rusty, rickety, crumb-holder of a tatty recliner, was on the way to unlocking the door for Carer Richard and I had to nip into the wet room.
The actual evacuation was even easier than the last three days or so. But messier, you can’t win them all.
It was the worry over the water flood in the room that spoilt my pleasure with the rare good Throne visit. The water does not seem to lessen at all overnight, and, I admit, it made me nervous to walk in the water to get to the sink for a stand-up wash and shave. I chickened out. Cowardy cowardly custard! I can remember a year or so ago when the drain stopped working, and my going in to get the ablutions done… Mostly I remember the walking stick slipping in the water and my falling and entangling myself with the sock glide. The cuts and bruises took ages to clear up.

Hopefully, the maintenance will arrive today to have a look at the shower problem. I hope so because I must be ponging a bit by now, going showerless for so long. I’ve just had a sniff… Yep!

Arrived, and I’d forgotten again to unlock the door for him. He was in a rush this morning, so very little nattering was allowed. A inquired about his getting some sleep, but he was down in the mouth as he told me of the 24-hour gas works outside where he lives still drilling away and partiers making a racket again. Gave him some lager, teacakes and a bottle of Inchcock’s Special Brew. (That be a litre of Schweppes tonic water, with some orange cordial added, and stored overnight in the fridge for him). I thought it might cheer him up a bit; I got the first smile off of him as he left, taking the waste bags with him to the chute for me. Poor lad.

I got out the checking gear for sphygmomanometerisationing and the temperature reading.

I thought it was an idea to open the balcony windows to let a bit of fresh air in while I did the HCs… having not had a shower, no signs of any NCH maintenance man arriving yet. The howling wind encouraged me to close the doors again.

The results were heartwarming, all good readings again, and I was back down into the amber zone! The third time in three weeks!

Back on the computer, Cleaner Esther came in to get the laundry things. And she did not tell me off about a single thing! Mind you, she has to come back with the washing yet, so we’ll see. Hehe! She doesn’t frighten me!

Is back at his hobby, making steam trains for charity. I’m not sure if he makes so much noise on purpose or not. Hope he doesn’t kick off late at night again.

The ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ tune rang from the door chime. My heart gladdened and burst with joy at the thought of the Nottingham City Homes plumber arriving to sort the shower out for me… Humph! It was neighbour Josie returning the things from her Sunday-Monday meal delivery. It was nice to see her, but all I said was not heard nor answered; she had not got her hearing aids in. So I smiled effusively and often. I never did find out if she enjoyed the meals or not. Bless her!

A text message came through on my G6 Nokia Lumia 929 Icon mobile phone. Only joking!
I thought it might be from the NCH plumber (again, I am a fool), but no, it was EE trying to sell me some crap for when I go abroad to save money! Another flutter of hopefulness, utterly destroyed!

♫ Oh, Susana’s ♫ tune rang from the door chime. Aha! Is this the NCH plumber? Nope, it was Esther returning. She explained that she was going to South Africa for three weeks’ holiday but had someone who could cover for her. She phoned the lady, Carol, who came to check me out. Nice lady, an ex-carer, and agreed to do the washing for me after Esther had explained my problems. They left together. Now waiting for Esther to return, and she did. She’d spoken with Deana to see what day they may be coming. Deana has reported it. It’s just a case of waiting now… Fancy that!

With so little sleep, I am getting irritable with myself, I think. Not with others, just with me. Not much chance of catching up on the sleep, well, none! I’ve got to stay awake to have the slightest chance of hearing the intercom when they arrive. If I go into the wet room, I can’t hear it, so, no opportunity to address my filthy stinking body with a stand-up wash and shave… risky (tumbles, slips) anyway with water still on the wet room floor… I’m not a winner, am I?

I got creative when I went to make a brew of Glengettie Gold tea. Ailments have stopped me from taking landscape photographs long since. So I took two snaps of the view from the kitchen window, put them together and trimmed them with CorelDraw. This is the outcome: Rather semi-pleased with this.

After making the brew, it had gone a smidge dark, and I took this picture of the wonderful if dank clouds this afternoon.

Good for Esther to arrange cover for her holiday. Time to get something to eat, methinks. So I did!

I knew it would happen. I fell asleep. No idea if any plumbers arrived and could not get in cause I couldn’t hear the intercom. If I can wake up early enough in the morning, before the NCH plumbers arrive, I will have to risk having a shave and stand-up wash and be ready for the ‘Will they come today’ big wait-in. Again!

Sharon arrived to wake me up. Medications given. Cold drinkies from the fridge in appreciation chosen.

On with updating this blog. Then on the WP Reader, answered a mass of comments came in on this blog. Got them both replied to.

The landline rang; it was Nathaniel from the Diabetes Defence Team. It was hard to hear everything he said, but I think I got the gist of the call. He told me to attend the next session on Friday 12th August.  He would stay behind afterwards and talk me through the missed first session. Being aware of Dementia Doreen, I asked him to please rng Warden Deana to inform her, so she can arrange transport – explaining that I feared I may forget to ask her. He said he would, and I thanked him profusely.
Getting back may be dodgy, might need a bus or tram, then two more buses, to get back to the flats. Being a Friday evening, there will be no Wardens or Carer boss available if there are any problems encountered. I am a worry-guts!

I did it again. Drifted of to sleep, and I was woken by Carer Sarah. Who got the medications sorted, and I forced a treat from the fridge on the gal in thanks. ♥ I checked the texts on the super new G6 Nokia phone to see if any messages had come in from Nottingham City Homes about the shoer repair attendance. Nothing on it, so I hope I’ve not missed them. Sarah said they do not call on non-emergencies after 17:00hrs.

Which got me thinking. I could get a stand-up shave and wash when Sarah has gone. I can lock the front door and dive into the wet room, and if I take extra care throughout, can I still get the ablutions done? After dithering a while, I gave myself the go-ahead.
Worra, good session! I carefully blocked off the flood water with a mop bucket, and I pulled the shower curtain over the other area. Then if I wandered into the danger area without thinking, the noise of either obstacle should alert me to the danger – it worked a treat! Fair enough, it did cause a , but it saved me having a tumble. I was proud of myself for once. No bleeding teeth, not a single nick shaving! Yes! And, just a few small flecks of blood from Harold’s Haemorrhoids and Little Inches fungal lesion had not been bleeding at all – plenty of stinging, of course, when I medicated the little unused other than for wee-weeing thing. Hehehe!

I came out of the wet room, a cleaner, sweeter-smelling Inchie. (Aftershave, deodorant, and the smell of Germoloid and Germolene creams helped. Hehe!) And had o go back in for a rear-end evacuation. Always something, whenever I begin to feel smug! It was a delayed action, a sudden swift and spurting movement, and so messy as things got sprayed to amazing distances. Cleaning it up also needed care to avoid slipping on the standing water. Still, I got it all sorted. Grade Two .

I sky when I got into the kitchen, was looking fantasic. I’ll put the earlier shots I’d taken here, with the latest one last. I’ll make the shots a little larger, so they can be appreciated. What a change!

A feast for the eyes. When I get cataracts done, I can really
relish watching them again.

I carried in with updating and posted this blog off to WP.

Then made the Ode below.

24 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Tuesday 2nd August 2022

  1. Amazing sunset shots. Amazing how you stay so busy with daily woes. I take it the plumber never showed up? Typical these days.

    • Cheers, Tim.
      I just stop sleeping, mate… Hahaha!
      No plumber… no shoer, and ater lays stagnant on the wetroom floor.
      The Diabetes none appearance ofthe transport to get there, is still not sorted for the nexy session… Oh, dearie me! A mess. Still, gonna get my head down, if I can remember how to sleep. Hahaha! Cheers.

  2. A full — and somewhat fulsome — day in 72. Esther was kind to find a substitute for you while she is on holiday, quite the character is Esther, a very interesting person, if a tad or so imposing IMO.
    The misadventures that resulted from the lack of a working shower did indeed require ingenuity on your part to achieve it without falling and without stubbing — a command performance.
    A great many rings of Susana, where everyone in sight shows up, everyone but a plumber. You were dashed with cold water each time, but not a substitute for a working shower in my considered judgement.
    “when I medicated the little unused other than for wee-weeing thing.” Vivid imagery evoked, Sir. Haha!!
    The shots you took of the horizon are amazing, also vivid, if in another way, mind you.
    Your Corel work on the townscape, trees, and bare ground produced a handsome image.
    May the plumber arrive at the earliest possible moment, mate.
    Alles Gute wünscht Billum dir!

    • Thanks for this mate.
      Well put, on Esther, Sir. I’m beginning to take to Esther. Even if she scares me to death. Haha!
      A command performance… well thanketh you Sire, Billum.
      When I was working on the photo merge, Esther came in, and said “You’ll damage your eye with such close-up pictures…” Then realised they are already damage I thing, she changed the subject. Hehehe! She’s cunning and well practised at that now. She knows I’ll get lost memorywise when she changes the topic quickly a few times. She’s growing on me. Hehe!
      Yet another day stuck indoors awaiting mon plumber… My fear is they will arrive on a day when I’m at the EENT, dentist, DVT clinic or Diabetes session… Oh dearie me. Tody would be a good day for the man to come – then again so was yesterday. Hehe!
      Fingers crossed or HRH Lisa-Petal at the dentist. And may Sweet Morpheus be kinder to us all, we don’t ask a lot of him – which is just as well, cause we don’t get a lot of him.
      Double Humph!
      Ihre Wünsche schätzten Billum und kehrten für Ihr würdiges Selbst zurück. (Thanks to Mr Google)

      • We are newly returned from a fiasco and 7/8ths: appointment time misunderstood, a dismal hotel experience, and a computer left at home. So playing three days of catch up. In other words response time may vary.
        Glad that Esther is growing on you, plaque psoriasis is growing on me (Humira arrives tomorrow. Hurrah!)
        I haven’t read ahead on IT so I am eager to know news of the plumber. Gad!
        SM is in control, not the sleepless who yearn for his return.
        Ich danke dir dafür! I wonder if Google translates Klingon. Haha!!

      • Sorry to hear the news about the cock-up and hotel, Billum.
        Good nes about the Humira, though… hope it comes early.
        I was wondering about the translatore Billum, I tried Santaran, but, nope. Hahaha!
        Bow-row gogo!
        Hard to take in, but the body gave up this afternoon, I nodded-off several times… and was woken up each time by: Food delivery, Esther (poppin in to see how I was? Warden Deana and Julie, delivery of nuts. EVening Carer Joseph. Josdie, and a delivery of a recorded letter. Does SM know what he’s putting us through? Tsk!
        Deans has sorted out as lift for the next Diabetic lesson whatever they are. Bless her! The Meridian Care Natalie told Dean she would come up and see me – Monday, the Wednesday and today… I’m still waiting, they are crap, and costly!
        Good vibes despatched for the Manor Laboratories persons all, and a wave for Lisa, from the family.

      • It turned out that I already had a Humira injector in the icebox, so that was easy. Just had to let it reach room temperature. Injected it after half-an-hour and so far so good.
        That is a long list of stoppers-by to interrupt at the first sign of SM. Speaking of that guy, Lisa is presently watching a film titled “Sandman” by Neil Gaiman, Sweet Morpheus is one of the characters.
        From: The Department of Small Worlds, Lab 9
        Deana is an absolute wonder.
        Good to get the carrier for Monday.
        I posted an op-ed on FaceBook that won’t cost you from The Washington Post on the events of January 6, 2020 as researched and vetted by a genuine journalist (a rare breed) Since I subscribe to that paper, I am allowed to send 10 articles a month over the paywall. Didn’t know that was available until today…no surprise there. Missing things is another of our similarities of course.
        We fank you for the vibes and send you ours!

      • You sound so like me with ‘finding things’, Billum. Hahaha! Cheered that you found the freundlich Humira.
        I hsve been banned frin Facebook, Billum. I was posting photos of the car parking, meals, ankle, views from the kitchen and thay all got took-off, accusing me of breaching the rules ‘Spamming’. Now I can’t even get on Facebook at all! Soddum!
        Ah, missing things, indeed a Billum-Gerry affliction. Hehe!
        SM… even when he wants to come visit me, Tellurians stop him, no wonder he gets confused.
        May the Gods send peace, that’s due,
        With pain relief, to HRH and you,
        I think this is well overdue,
        May all of you never again feel blue…
        Best wishes from the family, too…
        Larry the lamb is missing you,
        So we both had a Glengettie brew! ♥

      • Facebook Overlords’ nitpickers and nannies have become tyrants and Martinets. The entire platform has devolved over the years and is heading for obscurity. FB has needed competition for a long time. What the freaking F qualifies those posts as ‘spamming.’? I post things that are actually controversial, but they don’t ban me. Even Twitter has yet to ban me.
        BlargSnortingBeastly Gits!!!
        On a lighter note, we do pretty danged well at looking for the unfound and finding the overlooked, or something. Haha!!
        Will send Larry the lamb’s thoughts to Petal. I am chuffed to know that Larry also enjoys Glengettie!!
        I would be happy to notify those you follow of this indignation. Also will look about for FB competitors who are not nitpicking nannies.

      • Cheers, my Lord of the Laboratories!
        FB is no longer an option, but I’ve lost contact with my beloved TFZers. I’m still baffled by why they kept blocking my photos? But they will no more, I can’t send an anyway – blocked, that’s me! Hehehe!
        Gives me a little time to do do the bloggingm though. But that is reliant on WP, Mr Fries smoke & mirrors and Liberty-Global, and Grammarly, of course.
        Had a tumble today, and comicality was involved, just posted the blog with the details on, Sir. It could become famous amongst the Periphral Neuropathy sufferers who read it… but I don’t think any do. Haha!
        The or something seems to git the bill, Bill, for us. Har-har!
        Uh, and Cragknagles to FB.
        I hope you and HRH Petal-Lisa have recovered from miss-timed trip, mate. ♥

      • FB does seem to become crazier every day, so we shall find a way to reinstate you or discover a better place in the ethersphere. If you want I can try to send a message to the TFZers if it is not a private group (Hoping to Help Mode).
        Lisa was able to secure a new dental appointment this coming Monday, so we depart tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at a betterer hotel and at a betterer price. On that mistimed trip we also had no access to our computer tablet and chargers — they were in a dark-colored Rücksack on a similarly colored pillow cover. We didn’t know they were missing until 75 miles away. I even got lost in the dark while fetching some nosh without the GPS on the phone, the phone I had left behind in the room, of course. Stopped at a different hotel to get directions. So, getting lost is something I do very well, Sir!

        And Cragknagles to Janus-faced facebook ♥

      • It’s a closed group, of old folks, Billum. I am getting used to and partly enjoying not bothering about Facebook. Several of our members had had suspensions for various things, I don’t really want to fight them.
        Fascinating getting lost and losing things tale of woe there, Sir. How do we do it? I’ve no idea, but we are masters at it, no doubt. Haha!
        Just a thought, Sir… is the slide rule safe?

      • They are not worth tuppence, are more hassle than needed. I bet they might regret knobbling me. Hehehe! Bless Lisa ♥
        I went for years without having anything blocked, then about six months ago it suddenly started, every time I posted – four of you post are in (something) of out rules, seemed ‘Spam’. All photos, meals, me ankle ulcer, views drom the window… Argh!
        I can report that that Back-Pain-Brenda is easing nicely now, an extra Codeine worked wonders. I hope you see the funny side of the accifauxpa. Even I saw it after the timble, and on my way on my hands and knees to get to the recliner to get perpendicular again. Hahaha!
        Love to all, and thanks! ♥

      • Lisa is the best interceder ever, no one comes close of course. We shall see what happens and go from there. Meanwhile, I shall see if FB blocks me as well.
        At least Brenda has the decency to relent to that extra Codeine. The pain-management place I employed shut down because the doctor who owned the practice wrote prescriptions for support staff, who would then hand the vials to the prescribing physician. Of course, the word got out and was immediately closed under police order. Worra World!
        Love and thanks to you, kindest Sir!

      • Gotten himmel, unt pickle meine Walnüsse, whats going on medially speaking lately? Nottingham has had toe surgeon who tried to kill a co worker, another one who raped patients under anesthetic, and a surgery closed down cause the head honcho doctor was supplying drugs to local policeman? Hotten Gimmel!
        Keepeth safe, Cheers

  3. You know I wrote you a major TOME before and I hadn’t seen the Demential Doreen Ode. Remember, the parts you feel you are losing and heading towards nothingness is not what is real. You are all there, you are always going to continue on and I will get out in the Ether and find your sassy self! Then we can become water in the brook blending our spirits with any and all we choose. If we can so easily do this from thousands of miles away, and by reading books written with the spirits of those centuries dead yet still living when we find their words, how much of a leap is it to believe our souls our spark of life will exist beyond our physical self. Songs we hear from long dead artists have the same spiritual presence whether they are in body now or in spirit. Our physical body including our brains, will not last. But the spark that makes life will continue always and find its way to join the stream of those gone before and to welcome those we precede. Nothing of the special man you are is missing my Darling! It is scary but the bridge from our perception here to the expansion beyond is as sturdy as the spark that allows you and I to share this note. Love to you Dear!

    • Kind words, bless you back,
      HRH, my female patriarch,
      Who gives me hope, despite the cataract…
      I love how we etherly interact,
      Love you so, and that’s a fact ♥
      Wish I could sent you come Armagnac…
      And roses, chocolates and lilac…
      Cause your words are ambrosiac. ♥

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