Monday 3rd October 2022


Mikhail Gorbachev died at the age of 91

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04:45hrs: I returned to the land of the limitation living. At the same instant, I required the attention of the . So did the balance exercises (that sounds so good, dunnit? Ha-Ha! They take about 30 seconds. Caught my balance, put the slippers on, grabbed Metal-Mickey, and started to go to the wet room? Blimey, the toes were tender this morning!

The evacuation was as soft as grease. No bleeding, and Harold’s Haemorrhoids were not stinging too much. I decided, as I often do on a morning when the Throne is needed so early, to get the ablutions done.
And the went exceptionally well, so much so that a . One cut shaving… did you read that? Grrreat!
Only the situation was of any real hurt. Mind you, I do have two of them, Humph! The fear is that will join in later on. She’s been a right nuisance these last three days.

I got Carer Richards bit on the server top; I just got the stuff from the fridge added to them later. Made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana tea and got the computer on. I was updating the Sunday blog but got another summoning to the Off to the wet room, carefully. I must avoid any stubbed toes now the ingrowing nails have started. What a difference this session! It was only 45 minutes ago when I last sat on the Throne. But this time, the evacuation was reluctant. And it needed much forceful input on my behalf to get it started. Once the bomb started escaping, it gathered great speed, hitting the water, splashing some water up my bum! As I stood to inspect the results, Hehehe! The main thing on my concentration was the pain from the toes – which soon changed. Temporary Boy had it bled! I was concerned about where the blood came from. An inspection, a blind one of course, of the rear end using the kitchen towels, and it soon became apparent that it was , but not the usual deep red, so I assumed it was the internal ones that copped for the tearing treatment? Certainly set off the stinging again.
Washing myself afterwards and , the absence for the best part of a day, kicked off. That was when I realised that Harold’s externals were torn as well… Either that or I cut them when I started performing, Which raised an interesting question; Why can’t I wipe my bottom with the left hand? I’m a lefty at writing? Just a thought, like. Finished up and went back to the computer.

The snotty neighbour from above started his banging, and I replied each time with a bang back on the top of the high bookcase. Childish, I know.

Oh, I forgot to put the photos of the early morning view on the blog. So, here they are.

How does the saying go? Red sky in the morning, Shepherds Warning – Red Sky at night, Shepherds Delight.

Arrived, and he was making out things were not too bad when I inquired if his status. But the lad was coughing, sneezing and yawning an awful lot this morning. He’s got an extra call to make.
Hehe!. I told of Fridays happening in the wind and rain, the Vampire foot girl cutting two of my ingrowing nailed toes, etc. But I gave him the short version, or I might have lost him as he fell asleep.

He left his treats until the next day. Took the three bags of waste to the chute and then returned to say a fond farewell to me. Bless him; he looked all done in.

I got the started.
The figures returned were similar to yesterday.
The body temperature was climbing again.
SYS 168, DIA 77. Pulse was still pretty high at 89.

I made an addition to the Blood Pressure Chart. I put a caricature of me using with a paintbrush on it.
Just for fun!
Another day all in the Red Zone.
This time back up to Hypertension Red – 2.
It’s not looking good.
When I went to the doctor in error last week, I mentioned this High Blood Pressure to Doctor Vindla.
She didn’t answer, speak or acknowledge that I was there.
At least she’s consistent nowadays. Tsk!
I was going to mention Doreen Dementias’ part in my life.
But what was the point?
Then I finally got the blog sent off to WordPress. Made a start proper on this blog and; started on me again. Just as I feared she may. With Anne Gyna, and then when I stand or move bothersome ingrowing toenails, I don’t think I could handle anymore at the same time.
This is bad.

At about 15:00hrs, an alarm went off, but only for a few seconds. It sounded to my ears as if it was in this room. But if it was the fire alarm for the flat, I’d have heard that, alright.

  And her stabbing pains are getting more severe all the time. I’ll see how it goes but I may dial 111 if she doesn’t ease up soon. I took a Codeine; that might help… or burst the duodenal ulcer. Fed up? Me? Hehehe.

Oh, Testicles! I took some formatted frame text from CorelDraw to the blog – and lost everything when CorelDraw crashed.
My language was sickening; I was so angry with myself!!! Grumbling, sulking, cursing… Grrr!
It took me over an hour to get it back on track. Then another two hours to get the photographs I prepped for the blog back on from the SD again. Then I start to doctoring them again. and !

What felt like a week later, I got caught up. As if to spoil my pleasure, started again, but at least she gave me a small break… or the CorelDraw disaster may have taken my mind off of her? Then:

So, I’m going to get something to eat, the evening carer will be here in a while. I got some chestnut mushroom on the boil. Added liquid smoke and salt and simmered them for ages. Then got the sausages in the oven.

Lastly, as the other stuff I hoped would be about ready, I heated some Ben’s Korean Style BBQ flavoured rice in the microwave.
This is the first (And Last!) time I’d this flavour. I got the bowl filled with what I thought looked like an appetising meal.
But, Oh, No!
Every single part of the meal tasted so strange, and a flavour rating of 1.5/10 was given after trying to eat it.
The Korean Rice was far too strong for my palette. The mushrooms tasted, I imagine, like leather! The sausages, well, they tasted nothing like the ones out of the same bag that I ate last week? Horrible is the word.
I couldn’t even eat the lemon cheesecake, one spoonful, and I felt sick! I must ask Richard to check the dates in the fridge for me, but he’s so busy.

I dished the more significant part of the meal into a food bag, a freezer bag, and a waste bag. While sealing it all up, I had a mammoth, chest-wrenching sneeze! And since then, has been in attendance! Still with me in the morning as I type this up!

Jodie arrived. Soon got the meds sorted, and I asked her to take my socks off for me, please. Got a raised eyebrow response, but she did remove them, bless her cotton socks. Chose nibbles and a drink in appreciation, taking the black bag with her to the chute as she left.

I took two photos of the view from the kitchenette window in different camera modes/settings.

They seemed to turn out pretty much the same in appearance?

The frames were different shapes.

I got settled in the second-hand, £300, c1968, overwhelmingly-sickeningly beige coloured, tatty, uncomfortable, wobbly-recliner.
The tummy rumbled, and I had to rise to have a wee-wee.
Back into the £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-working recliner. And blow me, needed another wee-wee. Up again and over to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket).
Back yer again into the £300, second-hand bought, c1968, nauseously beige-coloured, not-working, rusty, rickety, crumb-holder of a tatty recliner. Mastered it this time. I was asleep in minutes… Bliss!

19 thoughts on “Monday 3rd October 2022

  1. Testicles deviant to Fudd’s law, what goes in must come out crashes Coral Draw every time. Sorry to hear you lost the work. Excellent sky photos. BP is up a bit. I would have liked that Korean rice I’l sure.

    • When I was buying the Korean Rice, I thought about you, being a Chili-Fan, as well, Tim.
      I’m hoping to get into the Reader today, sometimes its not available, like yester-blooming-day!
      A smidg worried about me not eating. I’ll nibble biscuits and nuts, but don’t seem able to get a meal down?

  2. One cut shaving is rare among Porcelain Throne achievements, but the bomb in the water was a tour-de-farce. When you drop a stone in water a corresponding amount of water shoots straight up. A physics experiment then. Doing the paperwork with the right hand is something I also do. Haha!!
    Herbert is a spoiled child FullStop
    The brush in the BP graphic is a good touch. Could touch up the BP number? perhaps……not.
    That mushroom face looks like a goblin, do it not?

    • Goofnrd me… Did I do a physics experiment, Billum? I suppose I’m lucky in the Porcelain Throne evacuations, really. I never know which type, size, or compostition that the evacuated product will be. Highly vatiable from visit to the next. Hehehe!
      When I took the morning photo of the view from the kitchen window – I had the aids in, and heard many klaxond and sirens, blue light flashing through the trees as the high wind moved them. Innit annoying not knowing what’s occuring?
      Love to all at the Manor Laboratories & TV – Film Production Studios. ♥

      • A genuine physics experiment indeed. My bombs are too soft for such a laboratory study.
        Lisa keeps my aids up to snuff and the many sounds out there return the favor. My ears are so shot that turning off the aids acts like placing plugs in each ear, though the right ear doesn’t pick up much. All of my four siblings wear hearing aids. And three of them are Warfarin users.
        ♥ ♥ ♥

      • Keeping it in the family, Billum.
        My evacuations are like the erather forecast. Variable winds, hail, downpours and ayouch of fog now and then. Hehe!
        Must shppt pf, sorry mate. ♥

      • Hello Billum. just back from the Doctors Severe Frailty Test. There & back on the Easy-Link for just £4 – ($10.16). Got to await their assessment of the results.
        Glad to be back in the flat I was… then, Esther, the pocket-searcher and help-herselfer arrived.
        Oh, dearie me!

      • So glad that you have returned from the test, but now warily worrying about Searcher Esther.
        Lisa is presently asleep, after 48+ hours of being wide awake. Nibbles and Dingo assisting. 🙂

      • I had a little pass-on-my-problems time with Nurse Nichole, Billum. So when they get the assessment back, she may be able to convince the doubting Dr Vindla, that I really do need help? HRM convinced me to try telin the nurse, bless her sleeping heart ♥

        Nibbles and Dingo assisting; Now that was so well, put, Bill! And such a welcome report, too!
        And, I fanketh you!

      • HRM is an excellent source of advice, I must admit. And Petal has given me some positive reviews on my vegan cooking. She also likes my writing. Actually, we met by writing online on dial-up computer bulletin board with 1200 baud modems. But you already know that methinks.
        Dingo is still assisting as I type this, Nibbles had duties to perform elsewhere. Hahaha!!!

      • HRM is so Special, as you say Sir.
        I had rice last night, with half a jar of 7-Vegan-Veg (tomatoes, Aubergines, carrot, courgette, onion, yellow & red pepper, sauce added, and a splash of BBQ sauce. Bootiful Tasting! Even that has gone up in the shops. The first one I bought three weeks ago, as £1.59, now £2-49! Groggleturds! They can only go up further, so I got three bottles in – I love them! Dolmio brand, just in case they are available over in the US of A. Haha!
        Aha, carer arrived… it’s Jodie.
        Nice natterer too she is. ♥

      • A very good list of noshables, mate. Grobbleturds to Truss and her lackeys.
        Buying non-perishable standard-stock items is also a good idea. Will research Dolmio Brand and report back
        Jodie, a natterer, a blessing for your kind self!

      • Stayed uo to watch the Ladies foorball match last night. England v AMerica, a win for the English. But to be fair, they were not the best team. It was a friendly match, no nothing gained or lost.
        Jodie again last night, I got her name wrong at first, Tsk! Sam this morning didn’t seem her usual self? Came very late and shot off like lighting… busy gal again.
        TTFNski to all. ♥

      • Football is gaining interest over here under the name “Soccer” for some reason. The concussions in American Football are getting through some thick heads who watch for the violence. In my opine, a bread and circuses kind of thing.
        Hoping that Sam is less hurried next time, mate.
        TTFNski from us guys!

      • I believe Billum, that Soccer was the original name for football. Confusing.
        Football violence reached its peak in 80’d here, Bill. It is still prevalent, but other-issues interest the news people more now.
        Should see Sam again later this morning (04:25hrs now), then again, it may be young Jozeph. Some patients do not like him, because he’s got a Polish name, Richard heard them talking about the lad. He’s educated, patient and listens more then most do – can you believe it, how people are. Humph!

      • That tragedy last week in Indonesia with 125 dead and 320 injured set a world record. Worra world.
        We have that endemic bigotry here of course, and similar arrogant traits of a hazy “exceptionalism” that whitewashes both of our colonial histories. Trump and his sick ilk fuel intolerance and hatred of “the other.” Tragic but True. Be careful out there.
        — Billum in solidarity with you, mate.

      • A lot of clubs are holding a one-minutes silence in memory of the poor devils at the match, Billum.
        The root cause of tradgedies like this, varies. Fans get blames, Police get blamed… but stil they happen.
        I fear they will continue.
        Well said on the histories, Billum.
        Thanks for the support, TTFN.

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