Sunday 2nd October 2022

Government Spin Cartoon

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06:05hrs: I been laying there wondering what it was that was different as I stirred back into imitation life. Then, it clicked! I’d had at least six hours of sleep! Still a deficit overall, but so much better than the night before, with a total of Zero-Hours! Then as I moved my limbs, something else was not normal… There was no pain whatever coming from ! Well, this is a good start, I thought. But refused to go into a smug mode. I’d not gotten up yet, or checked for any Whoopsiedangleplops from last night. Like taps running, stove left on, fridge door or window left open, etc. So, after doing the balance exercises, which went well, I grabbed Metal-Micky, and we looked around. No signs of nocturnal wanderings, tap off, oven off, window shut… Mmm?

I decided to get Josie’s Sunday meal prepped. I’m using the black bean in chilli sauce I got from Bulwell in the rain storm on Friday in it today.
Sliced some tomatoes and chestnut mushrooms, nice and small, how Josie likes them. Then added the 7-vegetable sauce in chilli to it. Put the mince in it, and make some chilli gravy using the smoked chilli seasoning. Later, I added a can of mixed vegetables and some liquid salt.
Made a brew of Thomson’s Punjana tea, and I started on the template for today’s blog.

Jozeph arrived. I’d not seen him for a while. He explained he’d been off work with Covid! And he said he’d had three shots and four booster shots. Doesn’t give you much confidence, does it? I’ve not had a booster at all yet. The Carer gave me a test the other week, and I was clear then. We got the medications sorted, and he had a little natter. He’s got an extra patient to go to. He took the waste bag with him as he departed with a drinkie and a nibble in thanks.

I went to check on the chilli stew, or whatever you call it.
Got all the ingredients into one saucepan and left it on low heat after a good stirring.

Then, I decided to get them done.
I got the Boot’s Sphygmomanometer, manufactured by ZDEAC (Zhongshan Daguan Electrical Appliance Company Ltd) in Guangdong, China.

The was needed, and urgently, so much so, I feared, “I’m never going to get there in time!

I rushed so much to the wet room; the toes were really hurting again, so much. Down on the seat, the action flowed, no pain, no bleeding, but a little messy – Thank heavens there were no leaks, or it would have left me with a right mess to clean up. I allowed myself a Smug-Mode moment this time.

SYS 154, DIA 89 (High). The Pulse was also high at 90 bpm.

The body temperature was also back up a smidgeon, at 37.3°f.

The Excel graph showed an awful lot of reds. Still, compared to yesterday, at least I was down to Hyper-Tension Red one again.
I stirred the saucepan and turned it off to marinate.
I opened the computer and found this photo on the left that I believe I missed putting in Saturday’s blog.
Hard to believe that such an erudite, educated young man as I could forget such a thing. Absolutely beautiful!
Started his enosis iffy again. A persistent dough ball of arrogance, he is. I continued from yesterday, and I started giving the high bookcase a clout with metal Micky in return each time. With any luck, he may have heard it and may come down to complain? He’s impudent enough. I await his calling… after which an ambulance and police may also be calling. He kept it up for hours. My high bookcase may get damaged if he doesn’t give me a break. Hahaha! Oh, it’s gone quiet?

Got the Saturday blog finished and posted off to WordPress. Replied to the flood of comments coming in about the blog. I answered them both.

Oh, time to get Josie’s meal served up.
Did the usual with the chillies; I split it half and half-ish between a porcelain bowl and a lidded tub, so Josie can reheat it later in the microwave. Two meals that way, Sunday and Monday, for the gal to enjoy. Got it delivered to her door.
I remembered to take the Lumix with me this time, so I got a shot of Josie taking the tray.
She posed for me in her doorway. She poses well, does she not? The tray displays the two meals, two cans of plonk, Gin and a Vodka & orange. Teacakes nibbles, Orange Yorkie bar (Josies struck on them), and a pot of Limoncello. Not been able to get any for ages, so that should cheer her up. It didn’t do me any good, though. The last time I got some, a couple of months ago, they were two for £1.40. Now, Morrisons have upped them to £1.89. Tsk!

I got back into the flat and washed the utensils, saucepans, tray etc. and made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana. I’d left the first one to brew up and forgot all about it. A regular occurrence. In fact, I probably make more brews than I drink.

Then onto CorelDraw to make up some tags, then updated a page of the Ode words to use.

McCartney sausages, tomatoes, oven-warmed cobs, and a lemon dessert for the meal. Nothing fancy, I was so tired.
But, it went down well.
Simple food for a simple mind. I did enjoy it all the same.
A worthy Flavour-Rating of 7/10. I ate it all up. Slurp!
Washed the pots, had a wee-wee, washed and .

Blared out from the door chime – jerking me awake from the beautiful deep sleep I was in! It was Carer Aoki.
A little confusion arose from my positive conviction that it was morning, not night! Courtesy of Doreen, and my still feeling half-asleep. The first clue to the truth was when Aoki issued me the tablets that included  2½ Warfarin tablets. I slowly came back to normal. (When I say normal, I possibly should have told my usual sub-normal state) I tried to explain why I got confused, but fear the stuttering in my talking only got a furrowed brow from Aoki. I possibly could have sounded drunk, I think. Aoki chose a non-alcoholic drinkie in thanks. Took the black bag with her as she departed.

I felt I had to make a check of the flat to see if I’d left taps, lights, heaters, oven etc. on anywhere. As I limped around each room, the got more painful. These nails are going to be giving me more and more bother… Humph!
Checked the kitchen out last. The holy thing I found untoward was the fridge soar not shut properly.
The view I caught a little late to catch the sun part of the sunset, I thought adorable, calm and peaceful.
I took this photo, closed the window, and knocked a jar of my beloved vegetable flavourings off the ledge. It broke this time. Getting the smashed glass and sauce from the floor was possibly even more painful than it was. I managed to cut my finger on the bits of glass. And really annoyed the preciously calm , bending down, and she joined in with the angry, pain-giving, with me doing so much genuflecting.

I nodded off quickly enough. But kept waking up with a jerk, repeatedly. It was well gone midnight when the waking-up-jumps stopped. I know this because I had to fumble my way out of the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy beige coloured, none-working, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner, to have a wee-wee. So noted the time.


Inchy to Alto Inchy:

Is life worth living?

Alto Inchy to Inchy:

Living, have you been living then?

Inchy to Alto Inchy:

Well, yea…

Alto Inchy to Inchy:

You could have fooled me, mush!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Taketh Care, Each!

10 thoughts on “Sunday 2nd October 2022

  1. Another sucky Sunday slowly slithers by. That was great looking chili you made for Josie. The sausages you had looked decent enough.

    • Morning, Tim.
      Great mouthful of an opening there, mate. Hahaha!
      I would have… ‘Hello, alrm going off, bett go and check, it’s not in this flat at least – better check on Josie.

  2. I haven’t tried occulting, eclipsing or Alistair Crowley (and is that were the name Crowell originated? Just wondering, of course).
    Zero hours of sleep is something you certainly share with HRH, who is sleeping as I type (without a typewriter even. Haha!)…Hold on, she woke up.
    Metal Mickey comes in handy for grabbing things and for alerting Herbert of your presence, perhaps that might just continue to work with that Cad/Git.
    Jozeph is doing the best he can to ward off the COVIDities. If wearing a mask is even marginally helpful, it’s easy enough to do and worth it. Those viruses are still invisible. So there!
    Broken glass is sharp as F, I once dropped a glass plate into dishwater. Tried to catch it I did, that awarded me with a slashed pinkie finger that required stitches; but I did learn not to try catching plates again. But I did cut my right index finger with a razor while scoring sheetrock. The ACCIFAUXPAS also occurs from sheer clumsiness dontcha know. Gad.

    • Dang cunning viruses!
      HRH awakens, she awakens my mind too, bless her cotton socks. ♥
      Jozeph had a double-mask on when he called, good lad!
      Catching dropped plates, best avoided Sir, a stich bearing activity I fear.
      Cutting shaving has inceased since PN shakes and Shaking-Shoulder-Dhorley began after the stoke. I just expect them now, it’s when I only get one or teo, that Smug-Modes are acquired. Haha!
      I’m still passing wind here, Billum. I fear I might suddenly shoot around the room like a puntured balloon. Hahaha!
      I have been called Cackhanded since childhood, but now being so, I’ve got it off to an almost perfect routine.

      • Double-masking is darned decent of Jozeph, a prince of a chap.
        Plate shards stay sharp. I felt a fool both times. Rolled me eyes I think.
        PN is a real dish destroyer. Tea cups break when thrown and razors cut more than stubble (warning labels).
        Passing wind: a weight-loss technique?
        A shame that we don’t have the word Cackhanded. Can’t think of an equivalent at the moment. I might have included cackhanded in one of my CV’s…perhaps not. Haha!!

      • Decent young lad is Jozeth. I hear that some of the patients are not keen on him calling…?
        Why I can’t understand. I think he’s Polish or Lithuanian, that could be enough for some of the bigots living here? A grand lad, too.

        Love the (warning labels) in brackets, Billum. Haha!

        I wonder which Carer I’ll get this morning? Not much-missed Richard I hope he’s getting some recovery time, he deserves it.
        The wind has returned this morning – PHEW! All I had yesterday was a few nuts and mock-cheese biscuits (which cost three-times as much at the cheese, cheese bisuits – Humph!)
        But I just can’t face eating a meal. The last two were not eaten. Summat amiss here. Billum?

        Cackhandedness, one of my favourite words to use and type. We share this traight? Also smiled at the thought of using it in your CV. Hahaha!

      • Both of our countries have run roughshod over the planet while viewing themselves as the most civilized and generous of all history. While those doing the “menial” jobs are hated as were they nasty invaders while being kind chaps and chapettes. My opine.
        Inflation is hitting the UK far harder than the bulk of us in the US. “Boris Back” sayeth I.
        HRH is the first to admit that many of her dietary choices are not the best, though she *has* been trying some of my plant-derived stuff and cooks (and has me cook) fresh vegetables as much as possible. You had a very poorly rated tray of nosh the other day Sir, one that the trashbin enjoyed. Haha!!
        Cheers despite all, fellow Cackhander!

      • Cheered me up that did. Sir. I gamk you. only got ten-minutes before I have to go for the
        Easy-Link bus, tp the Doctors, Sir. I’m sorry for hurrying. Love yp a;; from the family & I. ♥

      • In the same way that I fully understand your typos, I also fully understand your time constraints. Most particularly because I also suffer the same malady, as Lisa can well attest. Since Petal’s disastrous attack by quack, I have gradually found ways to plan on short notice. It just took 18 years to hone them. Necessity remains the mother of invention.
        Somehow, that was supposed to mean “A reply is never mandatory.” Our trio loves each other that well ♥

      • I feel rude if I don’t teply, Billum.
        Thanks for undertanding, mate.
        A trait we share again?
        I feel that the Sonatarans seem to have time on their hands? What do you thinketh, Billum?
        Sonatar-Ha! Hehehe!

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