Inchcock Today: Saturday 1st October 2022

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I had not had any sleep to speak of; one horrendous night; With  Thought Storms, and each time I moved an iota, either the or else would wake me up, not that I did a lot of nodding off last night. At around 0600hrs, I was forced out of the discomfort of the £300, second-hand, musty, Haemorrhoid Harold Testing, cringingly beige, crumb-covered, not-working, rickety recliner.
Standing up, and getting to the Porcelain Throne, has never been more excruciating.

I got to the wet room and proceeded with the evacuation. Apart from a little bleeding, there was no struggle or pain involved. I decided, as I have done for several days now, that as I was already in there, I’d get the done. Which I did! I felt sure that I’d hear the door chime music if a Carer Came.
Started with the shaving. Determined not to get so many cuts this time, I went steady with the razors… but that was not working, not around the neck, anyway.
It’s not fair that the hair does no longer grow on the head but is growing enthusiastically on the neck and shoulder tops. I’ve just got to apply more pressure to get the soft twine-like razor-blocking type. I acquired about eight cuts, all on the neck, so I couldn’t see them. Looking in a mirror at one neck hole is impossible with and   jerking you about.

Got around to the medicationalisationings.
Harold’s Haemorrhoids first. Always the easiest one to tackle.
Med HydrThen the worst one, pain-wise, Little Inchies Fungal Lesion. A few, well, many Oohs and Arghs were released while doing this task.
I believe a couple of words describing my hatred of the lesion sneaked out, too!

The farce of trying to put the eye drops in the eye seemed more ridiculous than usual today. I used about a third of the new bottle, and of that, I doubt if much of it actually got into the cataracted eye. The nose, cheek, chin and chest… Yes! No problem with the nose spray. Germolenes the creases in the belly and put some on the neck cuts that were resisting the Brut and were still bleeding. I rubbed some into the hands as well. But there was no way I could get close enough to do the toes! Humph!
I’d have done the toes as well with the Phorpain. But the problem’s the same, isn’t it? I can’t get to them. I think I’ll ask one of the Carers to rub them both in if they would for me.

I was getting the fresh PPs out and realised I had left the trousers in the front room. So I popped in to retrieve them from the computer room;
The evening Care had let herself in and was at the Carers Desk when I limped into the room – naked, I thought at the time! Oh, what a mistake to maker! I hid behind the back of the recliner. Thank heavens that I noticed I actually had put the PPs on! Phew!
The was Sam. It all happened so long ago, it 18:00hrs, and as I say, the fatigued is coming on, so with that, the memory and concentration fade. So things may be short on detail from here on, as I have only my poorly scribbled notes to go by.

I missed putting this photograph of the morning view I took earlier.
Another not-too-great shot. I’m becoming quite skilled at taking these. And also the shaky-+looking pictures. Not to mention the mystery photos that came from I know not where. Oh, I mentioned them!
Noisy-Neighbour Herbert, in the flat above, has been knocking and tapping away on and off for hours now. And this continued until 17:00hrs When I got a blessed relief from them. Must have been having his dinner. I am afraid I am getting pissed off with Mr Untouchable, and for an hour or two, maybe four, each time he kicked off, I hit the ceiling with Metal-Micky. Who has not left my side and has been used so many times? I hope he complains… mind you knowing that ignorant superior, loved by the Nottingham City Homes Management, it’ll be in the wrong, and I’ll get myself thrown out of the flat.

Blogging on and off all day, and as the day progresses, so do my mistakes, errors, Whooposiedangleplops and concentration.

I spotted a bag of prescriptions on the Carers table that will be left for Richard to sort out on Monday.

I keep meaning to ask Richard if Meridian might ask for some Anusol to be put on my monthly prescriptions. Having to pay over £7 for a tiny tube is prohibitive. I hope I remember to ask and that they do add it monthly.
I got the bowl with some Dettol and washing-up liquid in it and gave the feet a good soak.
The toes are just not easing up, pain-wise. Mind you, paying a woman £25 pounds to cut your toenails, and she cuts your toes as well, almost every time you go… Is not good! I shall ask whichever Carer comes tonight (Assuming one does come, of course) if they will rub some Germolene on the toes gently. And Phorpain Gel on the ankle and legs. Surely I must get some sleep tonight after last night’s sleepless nocturnal hours?

Just as I was correcting the multitudinous above passage, there really was a lot of them to do! Arrived and read the above passage after giving the medications. Although she was late, she still agreed to do my feet for me; bless her cotton Socks! She’d seen where the tubes were and got on with looking after me. She’d chatted while doing them and was deserving of some extra treats, which she selected. ♥

HempAh, the feet felt better now! I was not hungry at all? So no cooking; I could concentrate on sleeping. Got the TV on so I could fall asleep when the commercials came on. I took a Hemp capsule; hopefully, that should calm me down, ready for the much-mossed sleep ahead. I thought I had worked out well all that I could do to encourage Sweet Morpheus to visit me.
Got the computer off. Some nuts and bikkies on the Ottoman next to the chair, with a litre of blackcurrant and apple-flavoured spring water.

Now for the challenge! Can I get to sleep?
Will the Thought-Storms arrive?
Will the unneighbourly, superior-natured, snotty, unfriendly, superior-acting standoffish kick-off so late at night again? With his weekend concerts of banging, tap-tapping and thudding again? Or, mayhaps, either or will ruin things for me?
We Shall See. I’ll report back in the morning to finish this blog. Fingers crossed of course.

I’m back.
I weakened and made a meal of sorts after all. A roasted vegetable Risotto with BBQ sauce added a banana and a pot of lemon mousse. The mousse was not eaten. The fries were added, and I dined while watching the 1968, I think, cup final twixt Coventry City and Tottenham Hotspur. Flavour rating: 8.2/10.

I washed the pot, back into the recliner and soon fell asleep… Bliss!

18 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Saturday 1st October 2022

    • I was wondering too, Doug. Haha!
      Last evening I fell akip around 18:00hrs, the Care came, and I thought it was morning at first. It was actually 18:25hrs. As soon as she’d gone I was off into the land of nod again.
      02:45hrs this Morning, I got up and did the ablutions, visited the Porcelain Throne, then realised the time. I just carried on, made a brew, and got the computer on, and found your comment to reply to mate.
      Do you know, so many years later, I still miss Cyril’s loud in the face purring when I wake up.
      Hope things are olay your end, hows the BP going?

      • My BP is highly variable, in the normal to low zones. It seems to be related to dialysis, where
        the final weight – that is to say how much fluid was removed in the process – affects that range, the more fluid a lower the final dry weight, the more readings are lower and vice versa.

      • I was telling Carer Richard about you low BP this morning in our little gossip, Doug, how we were opposites with the BP.

        It all sounds complicated to me, Doug, don’t know how you cope with it mate.

        Same here when I have to do the Enoxaparin injections, which had not been for months, thankfully. Six stabs a day last time. Doing the injections now would be risky with the Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and the Neurotransmitters shakes on the right side of the body. Why I might even miss my stomach… Hahaha! No chance of that, its big enough. Hehe!

      • I sometimes do have lightheaded moments. I report this as guidance at dialysis. If they’ve drained me too low and there are consequences, letting them know, then they can be a bit less aggressive from then. It’s like being a science experiment, with adjustments here, adjustments there till some sort of balance is achieved.

  1. Little bit of a tricky situation surprising the carer with your naked wonders. Nakedness happens. Excellent looking meal.

    • That’s twice now, Tim, a different Carer each time. Third time lucky? Hahaha! No never again… please!
      I told one Carer what happened, and she offerred to help me shower??? Dhe had a smile all over her face when she said it. Hehe! I love her sense of humour, Sam(antha) I think her name was.

  2. Horrible nights, while already suffering sleep deprivation: a double whammy. So do I opine.
    Fortunately, the fifth NHS Secretary in as many years is there to help. Thérèse Coffey (what gives with those marks above the ‘e’) will solve all NHS problems with a magic wand and incantations such as ADULT SOCIAL CARE DISCHARGE FUND, being positive, and not using the Oxford Comma (which I have just now used. Haha!).
    I am thinking that a small plastic funnel might help with the eyedrops, if you do not drop the funnel of course. Or a folded piece of paper? I tries to help. Or are my Laboratory Manorites providing these helpful hints? No way to tell. 🙂
    Good that you have a chair to step behind while walking about in those nappies.
    Hopefully, Richard will be able to get the Anusol as a prescriptive.
    And finally concocting a good, 8.2, nosh rating appears on the tray.
    Good Luck on Sunday…hold on, it has already appeared.

    • Thérèse puzzled me as well, Sir. Be it off French, or German origin? Beats me? But so does the human race.
      Ah, a danger there mate, using anything hard near the eye Sir. Not being able to see anything that close to the damged Cornea is it? If Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley, Peripheral Pete, or the Neurotrasmitters should kick off. I’m told it is important (EENT), that I do not touch the already out of shape eye, cause they are making a replacement one of the same shape that will be meakeable when glueing it on in the operation. Also, no touching the eye after the op for at least 3 weeks. All tis just confuses me more, you know. One day it makes perfect sense, then not?
      Thank the Lab Staff for trying on my behalf.
      Glad you mentioned the Anusol, Sir, timely done indeed. (Please accept a Merit Star) I’ve now writ a reminder on a post-it note, and put in on the carers folder for when he arrives, I fank you!
      Sontar-Ha! Boro robo.

      • A very important consideration regarding that funnel, Sir. You would need a skyhook to hold that funnel. Please wad up that suggestion and toss it into the computer’s trashcan immediately.
        Hopefully your eye procedure takes place soon.
        I *am* proud of that Merit Star for bringing up the Anusol need, and knowing that it qualified for a Post-it note. Smug mode then…or perhaps half a Smug mode. 🙂
        Sontar-Ha! Boro robo to you, Kind Sir!

      • Please take a full Smug-Mode, Sir Billum. Grade A – Class One! Fully deserved as well!
        But I forgot after all that to ask Richard, Tsk! Mind you he was double-yawning and had an extra call on, so…

      • Poor Richard has gone off poorly. So, no wristlet alarm battery check, medicines not checked, dates of food not checked either. Well, until last night when Carer (Pregnant) Shannon checked for me, and three foods had to be ditched out if date. I’m still not making any meals, just can’t eat them???
        However, this does not affect you Smugness Award presentation, most deserved!
        Fingers crossed for Loki – I’ve not told the family yet… ♥

      • Richard really is the most helpful of all Meridian’s staff. That’s a long list there, mate.
        Am placing the Smugness Award on the Manor’s mantle.
        Mum be the word on Loki then.

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