Inchie: Friday 9th December 2022

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06:10hrs: woke and visited the Porcelain Throne. A rather successful one this time, I’m pleased to say. Both ends did well, with no bleeding and very little pain. I think I felt rather smug about it. All the same, it was early hours yet.
The feet had morphed a little overnight, especially the ankle ulcers. Not that they were hurtful at all. Just looked like they ought to be. In fact, the bladder was far less bothering this morning. As was , just itching a little, but I knew that any scratching would not be a good idea.
So, I didn’t. But,
I went into domestication mode for an hour or so, then.

I took my chance and tried to get a decent shot or two of the white moon that hung prettily in the dark sky. I snapped several shots of it, but these two on the left here were the only ones that were half-decent enough to put in such a glamorous blog what Inchcock Today is. Hehehe! Shame really. But there you go, proof of my back luck. I had a wide choice of cameras to buy and plumped for the Lumix; that’s the one that keeps rejecting any SH card I put in it and fills the viewer with as many unreadable details that mean nothing to me as I can’t see the screen!!!

Starting with getting the bath towel dried on the flat wire drier thingamabob. This was not a success.
acci-whoop I’d been all calm up till now, and on the fifth time that the flaming airer collapsed on me, I was preparing to lose it!  However, I regained my equilibrium (I think that’s the word?), and carried on reconstructing the damned thing and eventually got it leaning up against the radiator (photo left), with then of the towel up against thereat from it.

My head swaggered with pride at this stage; all I had to do now was to turn on the radiator, and within minutes drying heat would be flowing into the towel on my very-own Heath Robinson-built device. Why I almost went up s degree in Smug-Mode… But…

Nothing I tried to do to get the heater working, worked! All that so-thought-clever, ingenious planning and getting things together had been pointless! & . My bottom lip curled a little and shook. Hehe!

Determined to get something right, I thought the easy job of putting the thick bobble cap onto the stand-up airer should get it dry enough to wear later today.

At least that machine was working. But the hat kept sliding off and ending up on the floor. I would not be beaten this time, mate! (I said to myself…) But, with the help of , I shoved it back on and pulled it as tight as I could on the bendy bit of heated oozyamaflop and forgot all about it for eight hours! When I discovered the hat in a heap on the floor underneath the thingumajig, my language was not exactly within the limits of acceptability.
I was still in an industrious mood! I made up some waste bags, put some potatoes in the slow cooker, and returned to the Porcelain Throne in a decent frame of mind.
The evacuation was back to the tear-producing painfully worst! The blood flowed from . I sat there that long, suffering, and I got the crossword book out. I didn’t get any answers in and knocked the bottle of olive oil off of the floor cabinet, putting the crossword book back on the cabinet top. Things were changing now, like my faith and temper.

turned up. He got the medications done, checked the taps and was soon off. Methinks he was a busy lad.

I had the daily try at winning the competition in the Your Area news magazine. You have to find three symbols; I usually get one.
Got none this time.

second visit. 5 minutes and off, he rushed again. Got a lot on?

The Health Checks were done, copied from the Excel sheet after I’d put the figures in the NHS Howsyerfather thingy.
Still in the Hypertension Red – 1, so no worserer.
Pretty little graph, innit?

??? She was not disqualified from driving due to the impact it would have on her work ???

Am I missing something here? Last week a bloke from Norwich was fined £2000, and banned for a year for speeding twice in a year? Let’s save a lot of bother and scrap the speed limits altogether. Of course, it would impact on her work – if she hadn’t been caught speeding, it wouldn’t have? I bet there are a few folks who read this and curse!

Ah, well, evening first caller is due soon. I’ll add some vegan bacon to my order for tomorrow, methinks.
Made and ate a wonderful bacon and tomato meal. Took a photograph of it served up on the tray.
Caught sight of the snow falling gently outside,, and took several shots of it, which I was well pleased with.

In the morning, the photos were not on the SD card! !!! I’d left the card on the computer! Self-hatred, frustrations and bile came up from the stomach… I hate it so much when I do that with the SD card!

arrived. Great to see her again. Got the medications sorted out. Kara checked the taps, and the heaters were not left on. We had a precious natter and laugh. Took the waste bags with her on her way out. ♥

Sleep came easily got the first time in ages. Just a handful of visits to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket), unfortunately, with a lot of PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling). A few dreams, of which my memory retains so little. (As usual lately) The only bit of one I can recall is I was flying like a bird, searching for something, I reckon… in fields of corn?

Waking up in a fashion like I’ve never experienced before. Details in tomorrow’s Inchie Today.

7 thoughts on “Inchie: Friday 9th December 2022

  1. Hmmm! If the some woman keeps speeding on the same stretch of road, maybe the speed limit is set to low. Nice moon shots. It’s hard to get detail when its all brightness in the dark. Your heater was giving you the cold shoulder? Nice Kara had a natter and laugh with you.

    • I got a fine through the post on the same stretch of road about 1970. I too thought it was 40 all the way through to Draycott, I but they have put in a 30 stetch in the middle. I was done for 38.4 mph. OBviously it must be a money-maker, cause now, 20 odd years later, its still the same?
      The best I ever got, as a parking prosecution from Birmingham. I argued that one cause I had CCTV of my car in the car park at work. Got it stopped.

      New lady Carer, Jo-Anne last night, had natter while the terrible football match was one, with the fiddling ref and filthy dirty French team. The fix of the tournament. But I mustn’t get myself worked up. Hehehe!
      Tattoos every where on Jo-Anne, muscular, sun-tanned, and a right laugh. I like her!

  2. I quite enjoyed that depiction of Putin pulling a Khrushchev on the table — not the extra long one this time around, brought back memories of Nikita’s famous visit to these shores. Haha!!
    Hoping that the CCTV images find those ne’er-do-wells while they are adopting a Smug Mode. Just saying.
    Paroleboarders remain above the law while flaunting it mightily, and in the way that those misbehaving brats get away with anything as a result of Diplomatic Immunity. Which now recalls all the nonsense going on in Qatar everyday during the Cup. I’ve long-lost friends who took on jobs as “tutors” in Doha during the late 1970’s, they told of the extent to which their students would make life miserable for everyone in sight. We were fellow ESL teachers at a private language school in the West Germany of the *early* 1970’s. Interesting times. I have tried on occasion to see if they are still around anywhere, but no luck so far…but what should I expect after the few days that have elapsed since those days. Lisa tells me that I would find an audience who would be interested in reading my memories of them as well. She is right of course. So all I need now is your approval, mate. Worra a world, innit?
    Cheers on a Sunday!

    • Ah, I remember seeing K at the untied nations assembly hitting the table with his shoe, and with a demonic smile – that’s something Putin has not got the hang of yet?
      I partly feel guilty watching the match in aplace of utter disregard for human-rights, Billum. Wonder how your friend got on.
      “Bill Zieglar – His Travels” or The Travels of “Bill Zieglar” Maybe even…
      “Bill Zieglar’s Experiences of Live”? “Bills Life Battles – Revealed!”
      Just food for thought of a series title for blog disclosure, Sir?
      Hello, I just passed wind… and more. Better get cleaned up… as you sayeth, Worra Life, innit!

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