INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 25th January 2023

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I got away with it; no harm done!

I’m hoping that a  supply of a new , or even a week’s supply, will arrive today. Single-use only the night catheters, the day ones for seven days, I think. But it’s 17:15 hours already. Maybe one or some has gone to the Meridian office and will be brought by a night carer to fit for me? My fingers are crossed on that!

A prayer to get the last week’s two bags of laundry done as well. A talk with Mr G about the possibility of getting the bleeding and pain stopped from . My fingers are crossed on that one as well!

The immediate concern is over my Kryptonite – Sleep!
Two hours was all I got last night – and no chance of catching up on it presented itself today. Dependent on whether or not I can get a or not is vital! If perchance, one doesn’t arrive (Albeit the chances are it will), I’m going to be in dire straits, up the creek without a paddle, up a gum tree, in the soup, harassed, a bag of nerves, and a very tired & frustrated old chap!

And to think, when I met the doctor yesterday to copy for the DNR option, she asked if I’d sooner die at home or in a hospital?
If she knew about the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the ghosts, wraiths, spectres, cacodemons, apparitions, and other grotesqueries that haunt the hallways and lobbies, searching for Inchcock; to curse with bad luck, create ambiguities, abstrucities, perplexities, misfortunes and botherations, to scare. worry and confuse me; she’d not have asked me in the first place. Hehehe!

Anyroad, another getting nothing done day here in Del Trotter Towers flats.
Fair enough, there was the usual bleeding, confusionalitis, frustrations and possibly an increase in moments of self-loathing. But I’m too tired to go into them at this moment. Here is the pathetic Inchie Today Diary.

Misty morning

Computer problems

No idea why I took these two?

Ah, fancy that…
The Famously Crap Internet is down…

Not weeing much?

20:20hrs now.
I’ve put a meal in the heated oven.
Worried about getting a Hopefully, it will come.
And some really needed catch-up sleep.

Back later.
Likely in the morning.
Unless I have to stay awake…

Late Morning Update

Carer Richard Arrived, unfortunately, without any of the bags, so another sleep-depriving night to get through. Still, as it happened, it worked out well tonight. (It was a jumping awake every few minutes session and each time I checked on the . I emptied it only three times.)

Carer Richard Got the medications sorted, and we had a little laugh and nattering session. Shame about the lack of a night bag, though. But it’s not Richard’s fault. He did his best. As I mentioned above, it worked out okay as it happens. I think the storage in the bladder caused the bleeding in the urine again. I reheated the meal and made it crusty line top. Mmm!

♫ Food, Glorious Food ♫

A Spiffing ready-made meal.
Potatoes, lardons, with BBQ sauces and some
Milk Roll bread. I dropped the flipping pot
of soya lemon yoghourt, and it landed in the
waste bin and burst open. I just covered it
with kitchen towels. Fell in the right place?

Got the dishes washed, and I took this picture of the
evening view. Not a good one, but still.

Keep Safe, Each!

12 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Wednesday 25th January 2023

  1. Excellent ode to sanity. The catheter and bag is consuming you. Great looking meal. Jumpy yogurt is always a problem. At least it landed in the bin.

    • Aha, got it back from the Trash bin, and reinstated it. Tim. Took me a while.
      Little Inchie is in agony this morning, bleeding again, fed up with this.
      The Chilllie last night was super-duper tasty! Putting a snap of it on Thur’s
      blog next
      Carer Carole-Anne did the bag swap an hour ago. She made me a mug of tea and
      a pot of porridge and said how poorly I was looking. She was right! Hehehe!
      Cheers, Sir. My Best to all.

      • Good I didn’t get to this one before I mansplained how to get it back. Is it mansplaining if you splain it to another man?

      • ‘Mansplaining’, I like it, that’ll find a space in an ode soon, Tim.
        Just to keep you updated mate; I’ve been up for about6 hours now, and have just had to go for the 3rd Throne visit (So messy again), and empty the day pouch for the 4th time… it never rains but it pours (When you open the valve) Hahaha!

      • You can add “manspreading” to mansplaining. Both terms are in vogue right now. The call of the porcelain throne to worship it and drop those sacrifices. It’s insatiable.

      • Well, blooming WordPress just took me another screen telling me I’m all caught up while I was typing.
        Could have been SSS making me hit a wrong thinamajig, Cataract Katie causing mayhem, or Dementia Doreen laughing at me?
        I wrote this bit already, before they (WP, or one of the ailments) moved me:
        Well, that brought a much needed smile to my mush, mate!

      • If you get your cock up with that tube attached, the you will have a real cock-up on your hands or in your hands, whichever the case my be.

      • Which reminds me, Tim, of another problem; being close to the prettiness of ladies – I have to whistle, change the subject, or pretend to go to the toilet… Why? If you knew the agony of a hard-on while the tubings in situ… Hahaha!
        Bleeding all the time, hell of job cleaning it up. (And finding it – Hehe! It’s the fingal lesion that does not like hte yube rubbing up against it and letting me know. (I think)
        The bag is nearly full again… at least I’m peeing betterer today.
        Oh, the pain! When i told the soctor that the ones given were not cutting it – the next month there were none at all sent with the prescriptions???????
        Maybe the weight on a full bag is causing things to pull more? Not that the doctor was interested. Only two carers cared enough to let me have extra PKs. I’m well dosed up now mind you! Codeine, Paracetamol and Iboprufen all taken in excess.
        Yes, I think I’ll empty the bag and have a sulk, Tim.
        Tsk! It’s bleedng again, better get it sorted… if you happen to hear any ARGHS, Ouches or CHRIST sounds coming across from the little island, it’ll be me!

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