INCHIE TODAY: Tuesday 24th January 2023

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Having got to kip so late last night, I resisted getting up every time the jumping awake occurred… but when I needed to get up… Zzzz!
Thus, it was gone at 07:00hrs when I rose, and that was reluctantly. The first thing needed was to take off the .
Which was containing some urine that looked like there might be some blood in it, judging by the colour. However, my having protanopia (Colour-Blindness to reds), you can decide for me, please.

Then I detached the , and emptied and packed it up for disposal. And the need for the arose. So, I meandered to the wet room.

I found a spoon used last night in the dressing gown pocket. How and why it was in there… I don’t know. But it was. An uncomfortably messy, Trotsky Terence-controlled, gooey splattery session again. still, cleaning it up was not as painful as usual.

I went into the kitchenette and got the kettle on.

Taking this photo while waiting for the kettle to boil. Before it did, I had to nip back again for more activities.
, as it was filling up a bit urgently.

With it being such a small day bag, the smallest ever used; I was concerned that if I failed to check it, an acci-whoop could well happen, and the overfilled bag may burst?

The Ocado order I believed I’d slotted for next Tuesday – arrived!
I am!

I got a call from Meridian’s Tina, asking me to ask if the Urology nurse arrived for her to call Tina. I said I would, and I noted it on the pad.

But it was a treat that I will still eat!

I’m so glad I emptied the part filled now. The bag was really heavy and stretched.

The Urology Nurse arrived.
I told her of the terrible pains and bleeding I was having from Little Inchie. She took a look and was surprised at the amount of blood and puss. She set about cleaning it up. Then adjusted the tubing and clips on the for me. Ah, so much less painful now! I thanked her.
I assumed she had brought some new s for me. She reminded me to keep drinking and then ran Tina. Who came up to talk to the nurse. I could not hear what they were speaking about, though. But I assumed it was about the supply of the bags.
The nurse departed with my thanks.
Tina made me a mug of tea. Then she departed with my thanks.

I took this picture and then carried on doing yesterday’s blog.

As the night began to fall…

I took this photo.

arrived. Gave me the evening medications, and we had a little natter and laugh.

Back on the computing lark.

I thought I heard knocking on the door and found on the floor underneath the letterbox some Ibuprofen and Paracetamol.
I think they were from Jenny. I must ring to thank her.

Arrived, theoretically, to attach the to the … But she discovered that we had no night pouches that we could use!!!
I had no choice other than accept it and stay up awake all night. I believe there is no way the day bag is big enough to cope with all the night wee-weeing without bursting.
Can I stay awake, though? This is going to be an unwanted stressful struggle I could do without!

Can I ever be free of worries?
I suppose not?

Evening night shot from the kitchen window.

With staying up late, I’d lost any sense of time.
And thoughtlessly rang Jenny to thank her for the tablets she’s kindly posted through the letterbox for me earlier.

♫ Food, Glorious Food! ♫

Worra meal!
Taste rating: 8/10

In mu efforts to stay awake and monitor the tiny day bag, I made many pots of tea, nibbled an unhealthy amount of Cheesy Curls and Vinegar flavoured Quavers, and even sat on the end of the £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, none-working recliner, so if I did nod off, hate jolt of slipping off the chair should wake me. It didn’t work!

I fell asleep; I’d estimate at 04:00hrs.
Woke up at 06:00hrs, and I had to empty the tiny catheter bag.

Another day of cock-ups, got through!

8 thoughts on “INCHIE TODAY: Tuesday 24th January 2023

  1. That’s nice that inchie cot a bit of attention from the nurse. Sounds like its not getting on well with the catheter. Right decent looking meal.

      • That happens to me when I start replying to comments some times. It really irks me. You need to go under My Sites, find comments in the side bar and the comment should be under Trash. You can approve it and it goes back to where it belongs.

      • Wees me off, mate, too. Can’t even enjoy a good wee now. Haha!
        Little Inchies Fuingal Lesion has started bleeding as I was typing this – I thought at first the chateter had come out.
        Worra bloody mess again!
        Fed-up? Me?
        Pharmascist misses the painkillers off of the prescriptions… Mystery STabbing Pains in the Ribs are back, the noght bag had about 4floz in it. The second Porcelain Throne Visit was messier than ever before and had specs of blood in it.
        Still, Carer Sexy Sarah called to cheer me up. Had a great laugh and she put me my socks on after emptying the catheter.
        Then, would you believe – as she left with the waste bags and an irresitable smile… I turned in the hallway, and shoulder charged the door frame… then the priority painwise, was Shuddering, Giving Suffering, Shoulder Shirley!
        Still, I mustn’t complain, cause I think Sarah said she would see me later on as she departed… if, I am wrong, I may well go into a sulk-mode! Har-Har!
        Cheers, Sir. All the best to the clan over there!

      • Now Carer Kara just told me she is off on holiday (vacation) and won’t see me for a long time… Darnations! The tubing still pulling on Little Inchie. Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley is going rampant, thus I struggle to type – not that I can see much after waiting two years, one on the list; for the cataract to be done… but only in one eye. And went to get a shave and the hot water has gone off! Argh!
        If things get any worse, I’m going to sulk!

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