Cost of UK Living Price Forecast for 2080

PricesInchPenny01The Inchcock Gazette Financial Correspondent, Penny Banks, has been looking at the cost of living in the UK. Working in harmony with Juan Inchcock, they have finally finished editing the piece, that Compares the actual cost of products in 1951 compared to 2011, and then assessing the difference % between those years, she forecasts what these items will cost (if still available at all) in 2080.

With some scary results – especially for the ankle-snappers of today.

Let’s face it, would the now older generation ever have believed in 1966 what things would cost in 2000 if anyone had told them?

No, we’d have laughed at the thought of a loaf of bread costing over 10p (2/- Two shillings).

I recall the utter disbelieve from my father when he found out that we had to pay 3d (1.5p) for a bag of chips, up from 2d (1d)

It was even worse when he got the shock of of his bottle of IPA (Indian Pale Ale) from the corner beer-off, went up from 9d (4.5p) to 11d!

When petrol went up to 2/3d (10.3p) a gallon, well, you would not want to know what Dad said about that price increase!

For simplicity she has converted all old £ s d prices to the new currency.

They are all average costs, not calculated using regional prices.

PricesDaz Daz Soap Powder

1951: 3p

2011: £2.48

2080: £204.84

12 Eggs

1951: 10p

2011: £1.00

2080: £13.00

800g Loaf of White bread

1951: 1d

2011: £1.25

2080: £125.34

Pint of Milk

1951: 1p

2011: 65p

2080: £42.25

Pricessugar2lb Granulated Sugar

1951: 5p

2011: 90p

2080: £16.23


1951: 4p

2011: £1.25

2080: £27.50

Semi Detached House

1951: £280

2011: £223,121

2080: £2,499,432

PricesSmithsSmiths Crisps

1951: ¾p

2011: 25p

2080: $16.04

MPs Earnings (with unfiddled expenses & running costs paid) per week

1951: £8,489

2011: £86,788

2080: £424,488

Highest Priced Penthouse in London

1951: £624,000

2011: £135,000,000

2080: £29160,000

PricesCiggies20 Cigarettes

1951: 5p

2011: £5.30

2080: £567.00

Average weekly Pay

1951: £10.52

2011: £311.34

2080: £11608.61

Average Single Persons Unemployment Benefits with less than the saving limit in the bank.

1951: £2.43

2011: £119.34

2080: £4,214.05

Cost of Petrol per litre

1951: 17p (Rationed)

2011: £5.77

2080: £196.18

PricesChipsBag of Chips

1951: 4p

2011: 69p

2080: £20.22

2 thoughts on “Cost of UK Living Price Forecast for 2080

  1. That’s some really impressive research Mr Juan-inch-cock.
    Let’s hope that the world just crashes into the moon before a bag of chips costs us 80 spondoolies!
    Then we could hopp off this blue rock and go inhabit the dark side of the moon.
    Yes, maybe we could set up our own, in fact, the very first English chippy on the moon! We could call it, ahhh, English Moon chippy!!
    Wow, that is a really great name. So creative!
    Anywho, we will talk about our new business venture a little closer to the the time yeah?

    • Hahaha.
      Luckily I wont be around then, it’s bad enough surviving now. Tsk!
      You can advertise the chippy as ‘Eat at Henry’s Chippie – for a brand new atmosphere, and Planetoid Plaice.’
      No? Never mind then.
      TTFN taketh care.

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