Inchcock Today: Sun 17th Aug 2014

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Saturday 16th August 2014

Got to bed late last night, still managed to get some kip, and only one getup for the WC (No blood)

I woke up with a searing pain at the left back hand side of my jaw. I gingerly moved my mouth and a sharp pain came for the first three times I tried to move it – on the forth it dissipated, and after a while, no pain at all?

Angina, back passage, Arthur Itis, Reflux valve, Ulcer and Kidneys seemed no problem at this time.

Gorrup and started laptop, kettle on and made a cuppa and pot of porridge, then off to the WC again (All okay).

The laptop had still not started when I got back – I fear the old girl might be on her last legs. (Oh dear!)

Stopped drinking tea from here on today: as I was planning to go and see my Sister Jane, and hubby Pete. I intend to take some photos when I get there, to use in Janeyocreating a hopefully funny post about the visit.

Set off to the bus stop, caught bus to town.

Caught bus to West Bridgford. Poddled around the shops and bought some vegetable casserole and a rather tasty looking Mushroom Potato caramelised onion meals that appealed.

Walked to Jane’s, via a different route than normal: eventually found my way and arrived.


We had a good natter, and I remembered to take the photo’s Jane and Pete posed magnificently for them.

JP7Took some of their new posh ceiling lamp wot they got, and the three portraits of rams on the wall. Yes, they are of a rather higher class than wot I am yer know.

Eventually I departed, for the long long walk into Nottingham, via a route passed some old haunts.

By the time I’d gone about two miles, me feet and knees were ahurtin’, and I had to find a toilet.

I took some interesting photos though.

In town, I struggled the last few hundred yards to the bus-stop, and alighted on me way back to the flea-pit.

No yobs about, thankfully.


Finished and Posted blogs, and then just had to get me head down, I wus well shattered.

Sunday 17th August 2014

Up at 0600hrs, after actually getting some sleep in for once. Just a shame I had to knacker missen walking for miles to get it. Tsk!

Still aching a bit in places, but still, at least I got some kip in.

WC, no blood.

Hobbled down and put the kettle on and started laptop.


Made a cuppa, couldn’t face eating yet. Not like me at all?

Tiredness came over me.

JP FueyPete emailed me a photo wot he took of Fuey – their lovely 89 year old in human age cat.

Took me medications, and started to create this rubbish.

I intended to do blogging (or preparation for blogging) all day. Well, I enjoy it yer know, I’m harmless really.

Inchcock’s Visit to Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete


They just had to show off their new £499.99 ceiling lamp, and £249.99 portraits in material of Rams on the wall.

JP FueyAs you can see, I was more interested in one of their cats ‘Mr Fuey’, in human age he is 89 years old, and still going bless him.

Mind you, once I got down to talk to Fuey, it was the devil’s own job gerrin’ up agen!

They (Jane and Pete) made a big mistake though: they asked me how thing were going!

So I told them about me last kidney treatment session at the Queens Medical Centre.

Me new diet wot the GP gave me.

About me haemorrhoids (piles) situation.

My fear of going to the WC. The treatments wot I’m on, and how to apply them.

The arthritis in me hands.

The arthritis in me knees.

The arthritis in me feet.

The Duodenal ulcer, and the consequences of the change in medication wot I’d had, how painful it can be, and reminded them of when I went in hospital to have it removed.

JP002fullThe new aorta valve beating away in me ticker. The failure of the medications to control the Warfarin level.

Me weekly trips to the haematology dept for me blood checks.

Me hearing aids getting old and playing up, how I had to de-coke em, the battery life etc.

Me change in medications and the effect they were having on me.

My new spectacle frames going loose.

The aggressive nature of me new dentist.

How I fell asleep on buses, all nine occasions.

I explained how the new dermatology cream was better than the first one I tried.

My current situation with the local yobs.

How I managed to lose me walking stick in Derby.

How I can go for days without speaking to another person.

Then I explained what I thought were the root causes for me depression and loneliness, starting from when I was five years of age and got thrown in the Nottingham canal.

I then explained how I was managing to fail in search for sheltered housing wot I could afford, how who and when I tried to get some.

Told them about the state of me roof back at the hovel.

The damaged WC, taps that leaked.

What DVDs I’d watched over the last year or so.

Why I’d changed from Frosties, to having Grape-nut flakes for breakfast, and how much better they were for me, but far more expensive. (No offers of financial support were forthcoming)

How my new walking stick needed an end pad that would not make a noise on hard surfaces.

How I broke me bottle of TCP last month.

How I managed to pour boiling water over me hand while making a cup of tea.

How I treated the blister with Dettol antiseptic cream.

The horrendous nightmares I get regularly.

Why I do not read newspapers anymore.

My search for a certain book at Nottingham library.

My thoughts on nepotism and nihilism within politics today.

As their heads hit the table, I realised it was time to go home…