Inchcock Today: Sun 7th September 2014

Up at 0530hrs. More nightmares but I can’t remember them.


18 8 01No blood from anywhere, that’s a positive.

Made cuppa and took medications.

Laptop on (Very slow this morning… me and the laptop Hehe)

Checked emails etc.

My sister Jane mentioned on the phone last night, that they, who live in the County do not get in free to visit Nottingham Castle, here as I, who lives (Using the term in its loosest meaning) in the City, get in free using my bus pass. She seemed rather irked with this. But her mentioning it, decided me to pay a visit to the Castle, especially as it is free for me.

I got missen prettied up and set off on the good walk to visit Nottingham Castle.

I managed to avoid the skateboarders and cyclist Although there was a couple of close shaves), and got into town, and bought a sandwich and bottle of orange to consume on me hobble around the castle grounds.

Usunday02Usunday01I got there, went in – and they charged me £4 entrance. (Flipping sisters eh?)

The feet were stinging and the knees aching by then.

I took many photo’s, until the camera batteries died a death. Went into the Nottingham military museum.

I intend to create a post about the visit, perhaps calling in Inchcock’s Visit to Nottingham Castle, or some other creatively thought up title.

I hobbled into town and caught the bus back to the hoppit.


Put me things away and made a cuppa. Then udated this tosh.

TTFN all the best.

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