Inchcock Today – Sunday 18th February 2018:

Sunday 18th February 2018

Moari: Rātapu 18 Huitanguru 2018

0130hrs: Another personality woke up this morning. He had no fears, worries or lack of control over his brain’s thoughts. I recognised this condition immediately, but Inchcock’s own mode returned within seconds of this. I suffered dysania as well. I lay, pondering and musing on anything and everything that seemed to have no connection to reality; but soon came out of it, and forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner. Off to collate the laundry room needs, then down with the clothing.

Down in the elevator and got the washing into the machine.

Then nipped outside and took a picture of the front of the building looking up.

It didn’t come out very well, I’m afraid. Just a bit nippy out there today.

Back up to the flat and got the Health Checks done.

Took the medications with a mug of water.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Oh, dear! Not good in any department this morning. The lesion had been bleeding, and the evacuation was, so Trotsky affected, I took a Dia capsule afterwards.

Time to go down and move the gear from washer to dryer.

Back again to the flat and took this picture from the kitchen window. I could see aeroplane lights high in the sky as they flew past. But they did not appear in the photograph for some reason.

Too small I expect.

Got on with the diaries. Started this one off up to here, then updated the Saturday post and got it sent off.

Got carried away again, and forgot about retrieving the washing from the dryer! Tsk!

I hurried down to get the washing, taking this photograph of the display board near the elevator doors on the ground floor.

I was a tad confused when I saw the current weather given as Sunny? It was pitch black outside, as the earlier photograph indicates.

At this point, I decided I’d try to get out later today into Woodthorpe Grange Park, to visit the Tropical Gardens and get some photos and a little exercise.

Into the laundry room, I went and emptied the drum of the clothing, folded them and then got them into the bag.

Another Mystery-Odd-Sock scenario! Looked in the drums of both machines and underneath all of them, but no sock.

Back up to the flat and my hopes wervanquished. I carried out an inefficacious search for the absconded grey sock. Humph!

0500hrs: Went on Facebooking, adding to albums and then the TFZers site. Started on the TFZer graphic.

1020hrs: Got it finished at last! Gosh and golly, that took some time to get something like right.

On Facebook again and posted it. I pray they like it.

Sister Jane rang me and, we had a little natter.

Off to get the ablutions done, and then get out to the Tropical Garden. (If it is open today, of course.) The ailment treatments took a bit longer than I thought they would. The lesion had to be negotiated carefully. Took the midday medications and did the Health Checks, then set off out.

This is the route out and back that I took. Not far at all.

As I got around the back of the building into the park. (See the squiggly lines? That’s where it was very muddy, I tried a slightly different route on the way back to void the slipperiest bits.) I had to do a bit of mud-skating to get through the wet sludge so I could take this picture of the back of the new build erection progress. I could see on the camera screen what a mess I’d made of shooting it. No idea what went wrong, but I tried again, and it looked much better – but the photo did not store? Turned off the camera, took the SD card and reinserted it.

Crossed my fingers the other ones will come out alright.

I went up the hill, and within a few yards, Hippy Hilda started kicking-off, nastily too. Of course, with the route there being all uphill, I could not complain, could I? Hehe!

I turned part-way up and tried another effort at the new build block.

Ah, that was a lot better! I hobbled on through the trees, taking in the wonder of nature and the smell of dog poo! Masses of broken-off branches everywhere – but some of the dogs liked them to take home.

There were many people about in the park today, at first I was surprised at how the kids were being so quiet and the dogs not barking much. Then I realised I’d not got the hearing aid in. But the weather was just grand. Not too old at all, no winds to speak of, or rain either.

The crocuses, or croci, using the Latin form, never cease to amaze me every year.

Here we are in February (I’m quick yer know, note I didn’t need to consult the calendar then. Hehe!) and these purple beauties are forcing their way through the soil, broken branches and dog droppings already.

I think they are purple anyway. Being colour shade blind and all that.

Painfully with Anne Gyna now joining Hippy Hilda in giving me some jip, I pressed on, occasionally stopping to give Hilda and Anne a rest.

I wandered slowly through the unkept part of the gardens, arriving at the compound where the Plant shop is located.

Not that I am au fait with gardening in any conceivable way, but I thought their composed and things were a decent price, and they had apparently just had a delivery of the manure and stuff.

Cause it always gets all dirty after it’s been there a while.

When I got through the doors to the Tropical Gardens, I was greeted by the now mended metal Gorilla.

The spectacles misted up in seconds. I’d forgotten how hot it was in here. There was nothing new from last year as far I could tell, but some stuff had been moved around.

Whatever these plants were I don’t know, because they did not have a sign on them as many others had. But, beautiful they were.

They had a smell that reminded me of Camp Coffee when I used to the unscrew the lid? Are they related to coffee in some way?

I watched the Koi Carp for a long time, but could not get a decent photograph of them, no matter how many times I tried.

It dawned on me then that Hippy Hilda and Anne Gyna had both relented and departed from my ailment list activations. Hehe, Hurrah!

And they stayed off, all the way back to the flats. Downhill you see!

Had a few minutes more meandering around and then left.

I really did enjoy the almost pain-free walk back down the hill. And the lack of noise from the ankle-snappers, dogs and radios, thanks to my forgetting to take the hearing aids with me. Tsk!

I took another snap of the flat building.

Taking a different way through the woods to get back on to Chestnut Grove.

The feet were beginning to sting a bit as I entered the lobby doors.

Sat there, waiting for a taxi to arrive, were Jenny, Doris and Frank. We had a little natter that I really did enjoy for a minute or two.

Health Checks and medications were done.

Updated this diary. By now it was late for me, so I got the meal sorted.

Pork Knuckle, tomatoes, snap peas, baked beans and the potato Fritters, rated this one at 8.9/10.

All good. Put the tray on the next chair while I cleaned my spectacles. fell asleep.

Woke a couple of hours later, got the pots washed and settled again to watch some TV. Nodded off.

Stirred again around an hour later, thought it was time to get up. Struggled out of the recliner and off for a wee-wee. Bit of bleeding, so I cleansed the lesion and applied the cream. Then I realised the time was 2130hrs!

Back to the £300 second-hand recliner but could not sleep again. So I put on the TV. Drifted off at the first set of commercials.

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 18th February 2018:

  1. I wonder if it was the heat of the hot house that eased hippy Hilda?
    Lovely photos.
    We have had family visiting and on the first day especially it was so spring like. So warm that I had to remove my outer layers of clothing. The grandchildren were kitted out in waterproofs and went paddling in the river Avil where it runs through the grounds of Dunster Castle. They had gumboots on. They did get very cold hands from retrieving stones from the water.

    • Thanks, Tracey. X
      That’s a thought about Hippy Hilda that I missed gal.
      Lovely to have a family to visit you. So glad you got out and had a good time. I bet the little ones loved it.
      Bertie I imagine, toddled along with you? Bless him.
      I remember collecting stones from the streams when I was about 9 years old. Of course, that was forty years ago. Hehehe! (Little fibber me! Sorry.) TTFN ♥

    • Thanking you gal.
      I really do enjoy visiting there. It is only a small place, but I always seem to see something different each visit.
      Off later today for the Warfarin blood tests, if the flowers are in bloom at the mansion on Mansfield Road, I’ll try to get a photo of them to show.
      Take care. XXX

    • Thanking you.
      Top of the morning to you Sir! (Or whatever time it is over there, 0250hrs here.)
      Rumbling grumbling innards at the moment, again. Tsk!
      Hope all well your end Sir.

      • Hi, Gerry!
        07:55 AM here! I think I’m -6 hours GMT. I haven’t been posting much because our racist Nazi fascist plutocrats are doing a really good job of making laughingstocks of themselves. Right now they are all screaming “You’re just trying to make us look bad! We’re not like that!” After the horrible school shooting in Florida I think the Republican kids are looking sideways at their hateful parents. they are disgusting people and deserve the disdain of their own children. Keep up the good work on your end!👍👍

      • Sad news again, on both fronts Sir.
        I think I am going to be in trouble soon. The computer will not let me post photos to Facebook or email. I did a clean-up and i’ve lost all my passwords. Everything is going in slow motion and I’m feeling a bit.. no, very sorry for myself. No concentration or inspiration left. Cheers Sir.

      • Oh no! This down spell will pass, just give yourself a little time and take a little time for yourself.
        As far as your computer goes, it may have needed a good clean out and you should be able to recover your passwords or easily create new ones by clicking on “forgot your password?” during sign in. Using your email you will be taken through the password process step by step. When you get your new password your browser(s) will ask you if you want the browser to remember the new one. Click “yes.” I use Chrome browser as well and it sync my passwords and “autos fill form data” across all my devices but I have been in your situation many times. If you have a computer virus messing you up you may need to take your computer to the professional “Geeks” for help. This stuff happens to everyone. Please don’t let social media add stress and pressure to your life. over the last 3 years I have dropped Twitter, Instagram and Facebook because they were making me crazy. WordPress is enough for me and if the lazy people on Facebook have an emergency they can send me a Facebook message and I’ll get a notification. I am very much anti Facebook. I can’t see where it has improved anyone’s life or made anyone happier… quite the opposite. if you are having trouble uploading photos to Facebook it’s probably because FB has changed it’s permissions (AGAIN) and you have to check and change your photo upload settings in Facebook. there could have been a permissions change in your email as well or even with your browser. Hang in there, Gerry! please let me know how it’s going and I’m always happy to help in any way I can!👍👍

  2. I’m not up to much this morning Sir.
    I’ve copied and saved your advice to clipboard. So hopefully I’ll be able to refer to it later.
    Thanks mate.

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